Muslim Brotherhood “The Project”

Muslim Brotherhood “The Project”

2012.09.25 – TheBlazeTV – The Glenn Beck Radio Program – You Need To Understand ‘The Project’

Glenn reads some pieces from The Project documents that detail plans for the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the United States



‘The Project’ Part I — All Totalitarian Ideologies Are Threat to U.S.

Is there a government cover-up at play?

A 2001 raid in Switzerland unearthed a chilling manifesto now dubbed “The Project,” a detailed Islamic blueprint for infiltrating, subverting and ultimately defeating the U.S. and the West. Today, 80 file boxes worth of evidence submitted during the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial — the largest terror financing trial in U.S. history to date — including “The Project” documents, are being withheld from the American public by the Department of Justice.

On Wednesday, September 26, TheBlaze documentary unit released the first installment of this chilling two-part series outlining how the current administration has stonewalled repeated requests by Congress to release the disturbing documents and for allowing the Muslim Brotherhood greater entree into American government. Further, the documentary reveals just how close American-Islamic operatives from groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) have been to subverting the U.S. and Israel.

The Holy Land Foundation trial

The lynchpin of documentary is found in the Holy Land Foundation trial, which was brought to bear by the Justice Department first in 2007 and then again in 2008 against the Holy Land Foundation, a “charity” that was later found to have funneled more than $12 million to the terrorist organization, Hamas. During the discovery process for the trial, prosecutors submitted 80 boxes of Islamic material including the The Project document. Strangely, the documents were deemed inadmissible as evidence and since sealed from public view.

During the trial, five Islamists were convicted, including a founding board member of CAIR. The documentary also delves into many of the key players and American-Islamic groups currently operating against U.S. interests and discusses other un-indicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

Soviet and Nazi parallels

The first half of the documentary provides background on “The Project” documents and how the Muslim Brotherhood has been successfully waging a “propaganda” campaign in much the same way the former Soviet Union did before and during the Cold War. One such push advocated by the Brotherhood is to purge the U.S. and its government of anything deemed offensive to Islam, including teachers, lecturers and library books.

Among those interviewed for the series was Rep. Michele Bachmann, member of the House Intelligence Committee, who likened the “purging” of people and material critical of Islam as akin to the type of purging that was carried out in Nazi Germany at the behest of Adolf Hitler.

TheBlaze documentary team also drew stark parallels between the current climate surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of U.S. government and that of the Communist infiltration of U.S. government during the Cold War. The documentary reminds viewers that after the Hitler-Stalin pact — a non-agression pact between the two nations during WWII — was violated, a contingent of Americans began a Communist “outreach” effort, believing it prudent to incorporate Communists into the U.S. government, including the Treasury Department and the pre-cursor to the C.I.A.

To place the Islamic threat in its proper context, the documentary notes how the Communist Manifesto, by all means nothing more than a minuscule pamphlet, became the greatest “life and death threaten to the Western world” until 1990. Likewise, Hitler’s book Mein Kampf (which, ironically means “my struggle,“ the same as ”jihad”) provided key insight into the führer’s political ideology and goals of world domination long before he put his “Final Solution” into effect.

Juxtaposing World War II and the Cold War with the current war on terror, the documentary also points out how critics of Islam today are being vilified in much the same way as was Republican Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and, ten years earlier, Democratic Senator Martin Dies Jr.. Ironically, both Dies and McCarthy were correct in their assertion that American government had been breached by those who championed a totalitarian ideology anathema to U.S. interests.

Today, those who question the Islamist-influence on U.S. government, or who call terrorism and Islamic extremists by their rightful names, are painted as “bigots” — much like those who questioned one’s Communist affiliation was dubbed a “Red Baiter.” This policy of shaming Islam-critics in the public square is a propagandist tool engineered to stifle honest and open dialogue.

Ironically, one of the panelists noted that were President Ronald Reagan in the Oval Office today, he would have considered Islamism a far more grave threat to the United States and greater Western world than was the Soviet Union.

Dr. Nabi Fai

As the “The Project” uncovers, there are more insidious ways of espionage than the traditional use of spies. Directing affairs of the state and influencing its operations may not be “tangible,” but that is what some Islamists are currently doing.

With this in mind, the documentary also explores the story of Dr. Nabi Fai, director of the Kashmiri-American Council who was exposed as a member of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), a Pakistani intelligence agency officially listed by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization. Fai received over $1 million from the Pakistani government to donate to the various political campaigns. In the end, he contributed to the campaigns of President Barack Obama and Senator Dick Durbin among others. Andrew McCarthy, chief prosecutor of the “Blind Sheik,” noted, however that such donations and corruption are both widespread and bipartisan.

Be sure to tune into TheBlazeTV or DISH channel 212 Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8:00 p.m. ET for the release “The Project” and while watching, consider the following Abraham Lincoln quote:

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

‘The Project’ Part II: Civilization Jihad

What if you were to discover that in existence are 80 file boxes full of evidence — including a jihadist manifesto dubbed “The Project” — mapping out an Islamic plot to infiltrate and take-over the U.S. and the West? Now what if you were to discover that those damning documents were being withheld from the American people by the U.S. Department of Justice? If it sounds too unbelievable to be true, think again.

On Thursday, September 27, TheBlazeTV released the second and final installment of the documentary series, “The Project,“ which takes viewers into the world of ”civilization jihad,” an elaborate yet simple (not to mention successful) campaign to infiltrate the U.S. and the West.

Nada’s documents

“The Project” documents were the work of Islamist Youssef Nada and became Muslims’ blueprint for defeating the U.S. by controlling speech through shame, coercion and blasphemy laws and by endearing Islamists and Islamist-causes to the U.S. government. The goal is to subvert the U.S. in a way that would be gradual, yet permanent.

Anyone who sees the parallel between Nada’s plan and how the U.S. government has recently latched onto the term “Islamophobia,” using it as a catalyst for purging FBI training manuals of information on Islam, or how Muslim Brotherhood members have been given entry into U.S. government, can see “civilization jihad” is already in full swing.

The document was drafted in 1982 and discovered during a raid by authorities in Switzerland in 2001. They were submitted as part of 80 boxes worth of evidence by prosecution during the Holy Land Foundation trial — the largest terror-funding trial in U.S. history to date — but were ultimatley not permitted for reasons that remain unknown. Today, “The Project” documents have been classified and are withheld from public view by the Department of Justice despite pleas by members of Congress to unseal the records.

Calling on experts like Stephen Coughlin, Andrew McCarthy and Rep. Michele Bachmann to name a few, The Project provides key insights into why Americans are currently witnessing an increase in political correctness where Islam is concerned, a U.S. “policy of appeasement” in the face of terrorist acts, and how members of the current administration are warming to a host of Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.

The documentary also points out that in 2012, ISNA demanded the purge of government training material on terrorism that contained items considered “offensive” to Muslims. At the end of the day more than 700 documents and 300 presentations were deemed by “unusable“ by alleged ”subject matter experts“ because they were too ”offensive to the Muslim community.” Even the FBI was denied the identity of who, exactly, these so-called subject matter experts were.

Since Nada’s blueprint was discovered and translated earlier on (and is provided below), his blueprint for what is essentially a global caliphate is clear. What is not clear are the details contained in the rest of the file boxes, or why the administration appears to be protecting those who seek jihad against the U.S. and the West. At the end of the day, lawmakers and experts are adamant that the documents belong not to the Executive Branch of U.S. government, but rather to the people.

Andrew McCarthy, the assistant U.S. attorney responsible for prosecuting the “Blind Sheik,” weighed in throughout the series, saying he did not see “any valid reason” nor any “legally compelling reason” to withhold the evidence.

Perhaps the most ironic point to note is that defendants in the Holy Land Foundation trial had access to these documents as part of the discovery process, yet when members of the House Judiciary Committee on oversight called on U.S. Attorney General to furnish them with the same, their attempts were stonewalled.

To note, the Holy Land Foundation was found guilty in 2008 of providing $12 million in funding to Hamas. Named as un-indicted co-conspirators in the trial were the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), both of which have documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference

One of the ways in which Nada’s plan is currently manifesting itself, is through the Organization of Islamic the Conference, an international body comprising 56 Islamic states and the Palestinian Authority dedicated to Muslim economic, social, political and religious solidarity. In other words, a modern-day caliphate.

The largest undertaking by the OIC to date is, according to experts consulted in the documentary, to restrict U.S. First Amendment rights particularly with regards to slandering Islam. Sound familiar?

To this end, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even attended a summit in Turkey to meet with the head of the OIC as he was garnering support for United Nations Resolution No. 1618 concerning defamation of religion.

Experts consulted agree that Clinton then “committed to a foreign entity” that she would use a classic method of shame and peer pressure to coerce all those who would stand in disagreement with the resolution.

Many forget that the caliphate, as embodied by the Ottoman Empire, existed less than 100 years ago. Experts consider the OIC a modern-day caliphate and it is already seeking the implementation of sharia law with regards to blaspheming against Islam through the UN Human Rights Council. In fact, the OIC proudly dubs itself the “Ummah,” or Muslim community. It should also be noted that the Obama White House has even appointed an OIC special envoy, Rashad Hussein.

A caliphate too close for comfort.

As explored in TheBlaze’s multi-part report on Islamists’ agenda, The Project reaffirms the jihadist “frame of mind” that seeks to perpetuate violence and escalate tensions across the Islamic world against the West in the hopes of advancing its totalitarian goals.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood, which presents itself as the voice of Islamic moderation, is in fact the parent organization of Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda and other militant sects who have perfected the art of terror. As the Brotherhood plots its “grand jihad,” will it take the Islamist group setting off a dirty bomb in Boston to wake the administration up to the fact that civilization jihad is already underway?

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