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Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime Parody

Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime Parody


Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime (Official Video)




Wilhem Arrow : Surfing The U.S.A.


Good Evening..

The Two States Solution For America Is Going To A Stand By As South And North Is Disputing Donald Trump For Its Presidency; Going Back To A Sessession That Will Bring Back America To Their Own Hypocryt Expectations, That Used To Expect Them To Be… American.
The people…The “Communities” Are Suffering, Facing A Too Complicated Individualism To Like A Same For All, Much More Adapted.
Washington State Consider DC As An Occupied Territory. DC On Its Side Won’t Take Anymore Anyone With A Refugee Status. Since The Refusal Of More Talk For The Boswash Council On Coast States, Creating The Victimisation Of Washington State, An Untorable Situation, That Will Get Appeal In Supreme Court.





Pamela Geller … Staying Alive !

Muslim Hollywood Event Warns Against Showing Muslim Terrorists and To Fight “Islamophobia”

Muslim Hollywood Event Warns Against Showing Muslim Terrorists and To Fight “Islamophobia”






Liberal bookstore #Boudica_Bpi

Liberal bookstore #Boudica_Bpi

Liberal bookstore

Oldest computer #Boudica_Bpi

The state justified its existence with roads, historically, but has slacked off recently.

LOL, Excellent !


The state justified its existence with roads, historically, but has slacked off recently.

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A Pagan Christmas At My Godfather House


A Pagan Christmas At My Godfather House

Well All Started On The Six Of December To End On The Six Of January. If You Ask Me It’s All Pagans But Well December The Six, Saint Niklaus Day, Or Day Of His Death, Patron Saint Of Sailors. Merchant, Repentant Thieves And Pawnbrokers. No Wonder Coca-Cola Took Him For Santa Claus Well Some Say That Is “ The Secret “ So Well Garded.. But Just Forget About It..
We Did Need A Sacrifice, Hanni Lekter Were Making Food, So My Cousin Chris Went Out To Take A Neighbor In << Hey ..You Shall Love Your Neighbor As Yourself, So What.. I Wasn’t.. Feeling Good, .. Hating Myself.. Thinking Of Suicide..You Know ..>>
Sure That When My Other Young Cousin Vinny Put The Head On A Stick And Scared The Whole Neighbourhood With It. My Godfather Did Have Some Explaining To Do. << What You Never Been Young, Making Mistaskes, You Never Know What Those Kids Have In Their Mind In Ours Days ! Who’s Gonna Throw The First Stone..
So Came The 21th December “ The Real Christmas “ The Day When The Darkness Start To Shade Away. And Light Is Winning On Days To Come.. Nature Will Rise Again Shine Under The Creator Of The Universe..Yes God. I doubt If Be Quiet The Same For My Godfather…
Like They Say, You Can Always Choice Your Friends But Never Your Families. Well The 25th Christmas Is Made For That, For Families To See Each Other, Exchange Gifts And Drink Coca-Cola. It Was True That People Could Live Far Away From Each Other (Often A Wize Decision)
Today There Is Skype..Have A Nice Skype Christmas..Can’t Say No..Or A Flue Or A Virus Just In Time. Finaly I Have A Coca-Cola Thank You!
31th Of Decembre The Saint Sylvester Day..Eating Pork Should Be On The Menu And Drinking Wine..Until Some Mistaken It With Saint Valentin’s Day… Massacre…
I Have To Say If Look At The Aussie Folks You May Go Early But The “Real Time” Is At Time Square.
You Must Have Wishees For The New Year. Some Even Go Into “Promesses” I Woudn’t ..
I Think That Is The Worst Part, Where People Loose Some Kind Of Honorable Things Of Ours..
In Other Words : Break A Leg.. But Don’t Promise Anything.
Then, At Last “The Day Of The Kings” On The 6th Of january. I Believe If there Are Gift To Be Given, That Be That Day But It Is Not!…It’s A Day To Eat A Crown In Butter Bred, Where Inside Is Hiding A Plastic King, That When You Get It Swallowed Or In Between Teeth, You Get The Right To Wear A Paper Crown For The Rest Of The Day.. And I’m So Glad That Jesus Is Called The King Of Kings. To Ya My King My Saviour..

The Psychedelic Furs : Heaven

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Real Housewives of ISIS (Parody)

The One Finger Sign….

The One Finger Sign….

The gesture is alluding to tawhid, the indivisible oneness concept of monotheism in Islam.All adherents to the Muslim faith believe in tawhid. Thus, many mainstream Muslims believe that ISIL militants have corrupted the meaning of this symbol, which has a history of being used in a non-violent manner …

Break on Through








“I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”



Dakota Johnson SNL – ISIS Commercial (plus original commercial snippet)



H/T : Louyehi

In The Air Tonight “Cover”











Résultat de recherche d'images


Résultat de recherche d'images




Tears Of Blood …


It is With Tears Of Blood That I Cry on The Lebanon Christians, The Syrians protected by Bashar Al Assad a Man, The Only Man who cares about this situation, Others Are Savage until the U.N.! The Christian of Irak sometimes protected by The KURD..and of course Turkey say that they are Terrorists, Terrorists that Save Lives ! That Something !

Turkey Profit of the situation and send well trained people among a few women and kids, and what kind of Terrorists, The Terrorists that Save Lives ! That Be Something !


Those brothels and what those body parts smuggling ? Oh they will stay..Oh they are Christians they won’t make it to the Boat … I See… NATO Doesn’t !

The Pope could have send a thousand of his followers walk through Greece until the Camps and further until Churches and other Monastery.. I See… VATICAN Doesn’t !

The RED CROSS, The Red Cross is not allowed  It is The Red Crescent…well don’t need to Say More..

I just hope for Some Eyes to OPEN !


Take up the White Man’s burden

Send forth the best ye breed—

Go send your sons to exile

To serve your captives’ need

To wait in heavy harness

On fluttered folk and wild—

Your new-caught, sullen peoples,

Half devil and half child

Take up the White Man’s burden

In patience to abide

To veil the threat of terror

And check the show of pride;

By open speech and simple

An hundred times made plain

To seek another’s profit

And work another’s gain

Take up the White Man’s burden—

And reap his old reward:

The blame of those ye better

The hate of those ye guard—

The cry of hosts ye humour

(Ah slowly) to the light:

“Why brought ye us from bondage,

“Our loved Egyptian night?”

Take up the White Man’s burden-

Have done with childish days-

The lightly proffered laurel,

The easy, ungrudged praise.

Comes now, to search your manhood

Through all the thankless years,

Cold-edged with dear-bought wisdom,

The judgment of your peers!

Rudyard Kipling, “The White Man’s Burden: The United States & The Philippine Islands, 1899.”

Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

Dead Christian Children in Syria Courtesy of Barack Obama and John McCain's Muslim Brotherhood Buddies and their Al Qaeda Affliates

Dead Christian Children in Syria

“The killings have begun. The world does the least it can do.”

Meaning for Christians NOTHING for Muslims EVERYTHING … Are We Gone Mad !!


A COLD CASE …. (Heath Campbell)

Interesting subject That I can ‘t let pass.

Where is the Limit ? where it’s reality where is fantasy and where plank serious.

The Nazi Outfit is more something that you find in a Theatre costumes, than what was wearing during the War. If to be situated, it be from the Wehrmacht  (Regular Army) and not SS or Gestapo. Don’t know if it is a choice, but at the end of War American Troops did shot without questions any SS brand Uniform which did bring many to change to a Wehrmacht Clothing and receive a Geneva Convention treatment. So to get his clothing doesn’t fit and is probably home made. There is a Passion here, like hearing in the background Hitler Speeches.

The Names given by those Parents To Their Kids, will be hard to carry during a full life time.

But Adolf as well as Adolph (e) is a common name, still today in Germany – Austria – Switzerland. But to name his Son Adolf Hitler..that’s too much I think, for the Girl Aryan Nation is totally nuts, why not “kitchen table”.. “Credit Card” (I never travel without) sure not be forgotten in a shop or other.

Is Freedom allow such thing to happen ? Well if you take away WWII and stick to a Fantasy, I know Star Wars fan, Who live a Star Wars Life I don’t think they did go until Chewbacca but Leia or Leia Organa that I know and I spare you Star Trek or who might get (give) something else, create a new world where no neighbour has been before, your own stuff, your Private Idaho.

Well to take a baby just born from the Hospital, must have been a shock, what they did save is may be an Eva Braun or an  Hanna Reitsch. I feel that the Government went a bit too far here, totally inhuman !

And yes, I am gonna speak about Islam (the history of the name they give to their children base on Genocide, Terrorism…) The Hate They Told Them About The Jews… Do New Jersey Take Their Kids Too ??

And this is not Sci-Fi Convention, but The Invasion of Your Neiborough, It’s No Idaho but Michigan.


Father shows up to family court hearing wearing Nazi uniform

Heath Campbell entered a New Jersey courthouse Monday dressed in a full Nazi uniform, donning a trimmed mustache reminiscent of Adolf Hitler — the man he named his firstborn child after.

Fascist statement: Heath Campbell, 40, appeared at a New Jersey court today to try to reclaim custody of his children, wearing full Nazi regalia and accompanied by fellow Nazi Bethanie White


Wilhem Arrow : Ringing a Bell ?


Anita Ward – “Ring My Bell” 1979


Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells – 1973 – Original

AC/DC – Hells Bells

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – The Road To Babylon (1976)



Conservative admits ‘global warming’ is real by Wayne Allyn Root

Conservative admits ‘global warming’ is real by Wayne Allyn Root




Islamic State operative speaks about Australia, Courtesy P. Geller

An Islamic State operative, in Abu Bakr’s inner circle, talks about his experiences with Australia






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