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Wardruna – Dagr (Lyrics)



I hail the sun!
Rising from darkness,
up into Day.

From the void of Ginnunga
Yggdrasil, ash.
In your light, fields shall grow.
In your darkness, fields shall die.



Muslim invasion part of global agenda, aimed at destabilizing and destroying Western nation states

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A friend recently emailed me an anonymous comment allegedly posted on Facebook by a History professor, which tells “another side of the story” that has been constantly spoon-fed to us by the mainstream media regarding the so-called “refugee” crisis. This inspired me to pause and gather my thoughts on this portentous matter. You make of it what you will.

I started by revisiting several questions that have been nagging me, for instance: why is it this so-called “refugee” crisis sprung up all of sudden, while wars have been ravaging the Middle East and North Africa for several years?

There is no doubt in my mind that like the so-called Islamic State that suddenly sprung fully formed and equipped out of the deserts of Syria and Northern Iraq, this new crisis has been engineered and orchestrated by some of our occult rulers (represented by the likes of George Soros) to…

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Crusader wreck tells tale of Crusader Holy Land conquest

CHRISTIAN knights and Mameluke warriors were fighting on the walls. Now the wreck of a 13th century ship reveals the desperate bid to save the Holy Land.

The port of the city of Acre was a vital lifeline for Crusader knights and settlers alike. Through it streamed European pilgrims, horses, fighting men and manufacturing goods, all vital to sustain Christianity’s tenuous hold in what would later become Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

In return, ships carried precious cargoes of sugar, spice and exotic textiles.

But, in 1291, it all came crashing down.

The Egyptian Mameluke Sultan Al-Ashraf Khalil — leading an army of 100,000 men and horses — rolled back the Christian defences, weakened by almost two centuries of fighting to maintain control over the Holy Land.

European interest was failing — despite efforts by Pope Gregory X to summon reinforcements. And the militant orders — international organisations of warrior-monks…

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Cornish church saved from ruin

With the heavy rain proving the church roof is now definitely watertight, a small gathering greet the grant representatives from Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund which contributed over £70,000 towards the costs of re-roofing and repairs. From left: Archdeacon of Bodmin Ven Audrey Elkington, roof repair fund programme manager Sarah Palmer and grants officer Sarah Drewell, roof and tower restoration project team members Laurence Harvey, Richard Cavin and David Attwell. Picture: Peter Glaser

A CORNISH church founded by the Knights Templar has been saved from ruin thanks to nearly £90,000 of grants and huge efforts from the local community.

St Catherine’s Church lies in the wild hamlet of Temple on Bodmin Moor. It has had a chequered history from its origins as an outpost for the secretive medieval order of the Knights Templar to its reputation in the 18th century as the Gretna Green of the South West.

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Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven

Justice For Chelsey Demo – May 13th – Sunderland : Victim Of Muslim Gang Rape Failed By Police

Is Islam a Cult?

Christmas Spirit Is Not What You Drink..

Merry Christmas Everybody


World Record Basketball Shot 180m (593 Feet)

On only the THIRD attempt, Derek breaks the Guinness World Record for the highest basketball shot ever, swishing one from a massive 180.968m (593.73 feet) off the top of Mauvoisin Dam in Switzerland!


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Is Europe Doomed?

Anonymous – Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal


Taking Back America

Published on Apr 19, 2016

Anonymous – Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

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Islam’s 20-Year Plan for the U.S. Written by an Arab-Christian Pastor in 2003!

Socialism is not the Answer


Family Security Matters


Dr. Anis Shorrosh, a Evangelical Christian pastor (born in Nazareth), author and U.S. resident, speaks from experience as he warns Americans about the danger presented by Islamists in America.  Shorrosh has received numerous death threats from Muslims and escaped several attempts on his life.

In 2003, Dr. Shorrosh revealed a 20 year Caliphate Plan for Europe and America.

The plan, which has clearly proceeded apace, is provided below.

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Huma Abedin: The Enemy Inside the Gates

Great Work Sharia Unveiled !!!

Cold Wave Killing Moon

Cold Wave Killing Moon   4/4


The Sect Of The Moon God, Spread Its Violence Over This Damned Earth, Not That They Didn’t Contribute To That ! Can’t Take A Plane, A Train, A Bus and Now Not Even A Bycycle A Truck Might Run Over You …  ” To bring fear into the unbelievers “

…Beat, Mechanical Beat, Sentimental Atrophied, Hi-Bye, The City is Too Cold, Blade Running Down the Street, Where The Flats Got No Name. The Bomb Forecast Says, A Few Home Made In The North-East, And A Few Jacket Type In Town Center,To Be Avoided If You Can.. Beat

Cold Cities Cold Heart Cold Wave Under The Heat That Consume You, Nuclear Mushroom Bringing Its Rash, Your Head is Safe In The Sandglass.Wash Your Hands From What You Haven’t Done, Keep Your Mask On  Under The Killing Moon..




The Last Muslim On Earth ..

Cold Wave Nosferatu

Cold Wave Nosferatu  3/4

Fair Game Without A Fight, Bleed Those Victims, Will They Ever Get Over,Getting Walked Over, Will It be Over and Over Again Until We make That Is Over For Good..

As The Sun Come By, Blood Suckers Ask Themselves Have They Done Enough Evil On The Disbelievers, Endangered Species Hostage In Their Own Country ..

What’s Left, Empty Body, Receptacle For Any New Way Of Thinking, The Day Will Pass.. Opening The Night Mist, Leaving Plenty Of Coffin Wide Open ..



Cold Wave The Village Of The Damned

Cold Wave The Village Of The Damned  2/4

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "village of the damned"

Europe just need a few dead rats and mute as a plague creating an Empire of Death And Desolation…The Black Death

Virus, new ones, more effective, more attractive, easy to get, easy to catch, move in your body as a foreign corps …changing …moving

Warriors training with their space suit, for battle on earth, mustard gaz and agent orange, Sarin.. Sarin and Sharia

A War with no geneva convention, with no Nuremberg, left us with the wild landscape that start to be common to us .. The Sneaky War

It is the nature of islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet. — Al-Banna




Cold Wave Fade To Grey

Cold Wave Fade To Grey  1/4


Jean-Luc Godard ; born 3 December 1930 is a French-Swiss film director, screenwriter and film critic. He is often identified with the 1960s French film movement La Nouvelle Vague, or “New Wave”.


The lack of color, bring you to basis, forget the landscape, anyway it’s City like, a kind of grey.

It is the human which is important, its realities. 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, 8 hours to do the rest..dividing days after days.. the same day..or so

..Bringing The Cold in the Wave, the annihilation of the being, more cruel the cities more strong the herœs like gotham Got Mit Uns of The Super Being which bring all the rest in a position of Victims.Taking away their will, their guts, just like awaiting the halal slaughter.

..Mouvement, a kind of : catch me if you can, keep on moving ! The Camera’s running, smile !

Exit the scotch and jazz-bar, skip the blues and country, surf, surf the Wave, back to the ice age..l

Hopefully at one point all go beserk, and the Invisible Population, the ghosts that full public transport pass from invisible to indivisible and take front, forget the sit that you will never get.

Stand !

A Victory Of Love – Alphaville

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