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Which of them will take the place of caliph?


Which of them will win a place of honor in the Islamic world? The Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan as caliph, or Iranian President Ahmedinejad as the leader of all Muslims, Sunni and Shi’ite? Or someone else altogether? I do not know.

Maybe they are going to put together a great Islamic state. Or will they first sort out all the enemies of Islam and then start to try to understand each other? The latter option is more likely when one examines all the facts.

Some time ago, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly condemned, and even threatened India, if the leadership of that country would not reduce its purchase of crude oil to Iran. But is India a member of NATO? Is India a strategic partner of the United States? Would it not be better for the U.S. to deal first with its partners, and then with…

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When Syria will Fall..

Civilisation occidentale ou monde islamo-communiste : à vous de choisir

…remember :  The Jews and The Crusader  by Osama and some others.

This is the way they put it. And as their network are well in our societies, who knows when and how things gonna evolve …

But where that you don’t need to be a prophet or an Intelligence Officer to see, and see what is going on…and where does it lead.. and where it from..

Year after year… some voices try to one listen.. things go worst.. and again no one listen..

Even when Their Ways will be done.. people still won’t listen..

Egypt last problem : The Army
It will be deal with.. as turning the people against them.. and by turning the army into jihadist,
Goal -> : Power and destruction of Israel

Maroc : Little problem there but the infiltration going its way, when the time to turn people come.. all the Repression will be turn against the King..

Jordan : The King knows..  his population is under threat of slaughter.. keep smiling to the world but powerless otherwise

Syria : As nobody understood ALL what is going on here.. (and should because ALL element are in Syria !) The Regime live its last time.. by somehow a Grace from God, Syria is The Clock.
Link here Lebanon and Iran

But funny one in this Syrian matter is the good old Turkey which put himself as a Thanksgiving budy…lol.. but show all his salmonella potential..

Welcome To Europe said the new French President !

Everyone as his views

That one got his own : Bashir or Allah ..

At least we know Bashir..but that’s me again.. 

When Syria will Fall..

English Subtitles : It is Months That I write On This Subject Telling Everybody “Look at Syria” … I what I got..  in return..

It’s sort of..  See The Bad Guy Ruling Syria… Yes I know.. and I never said he was a good guy, but see further what is going on..

Thanks !


Edit :

Haniyeh: No future for Israel in Palestine
This entry was posted on May 19, 2012,

More moderation according to the EU and the UN…wake up people…

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told an international pro-Palestinian delegation on Friday that there is no future for Israel “on the land of Palestine,” Gaza news portal Al-Resalah reported.

Haniyeh was speaking at a meeting in Gaza with delegates from several countries including Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

“We must live up to our motto.. .which says, we will not recognize Israel,” the Hamas-affiliate quoted him as saying.

He reportedly emphasized the importance of the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and lauded the “victory of the Palestinian hunger strikers.”

Israel and Palestinian security prisoners signed a deal to end a 28-day hunger strike by the inmates on Monday. According to the terms of the agreement, Palestinian prisoners committed to refrain from dealing with “activities against security” within prison confines. In exchange, they will receive benefits from the Prisons Service, including the end of separation from the general prison population, and family visits.

The Hamas prime minister also thanked the delegation for their efforts, “to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people in  the besieged Gaza Strip, and strengthen their steadfastness on their land.”

Maximus Videos Maximus Interest

Maximus Videos Maximus Interest

Thanks Maximus !

Europe without Christianity – The end of faith in Europe

While Christianity is still very relevant in the United States, and is exploding in the developing world, Europe today has sunk below unbelief, and is now labeled “Christophobic” and “anti-religious.”

The Islamisation of sweden

One source estimates that Britain’s Muslim population rose from about 82,000 in 1961 to 553,000 in 1981 to 2 million in 2000—a demographic change roughly representative of Western Europe as a whole during that period. According to the London Times, the number of Muslims in the U.K. climbed by half a million between 2004 and 2008 alone—a rate of growth ten times that of the rest of that country’s population
For while some immigrant groups in Europe, such as Hindus and East Asians, enjoy relatively low unemployment rates and healthy incomes, the largest immigrant group, Muslims, has become such a burden that governments have made extensive cutbacks in public services in order to keep up with welfare payments—closing clinics and emergency rooms, reducing staff in hospitals, cutting police and military spending, eliminating course offerings at public universities, and so on. According to a report issued last year by the think tank Contribuables Associés, immigration reduces France’s economic growth by two-thirds. In 2002, economist Lars Jansson estimated that immigration cost Swedish taxpayers about $27 billion annually and that fully 74 percent of immigrant-group members in Sweden lived off the taxpayers. And in 2006, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise warned that Norway’s petroleum fund—which contains the massive profits from North Sea oil that have made the nation rich—could wind up drained to cover outlays to immigrants. (This in a country whose roads, as a report last year indicated, are in worse shape than Albania’s.)

Victims of multi-culturalism

Some of the victims of multi-culturalism which you will not hear much about in the media because obviously the left wing biased media like to purport that racism is a one way street but in fact racism cuts both ways.

The Fraud of Multiculturalism

Mark Steyn talking about the fraud of multiculturalism, which he calls “a cult of ignorance”, on The Michael Coren Show.

If you want to watch the entire show; check out my playlists. This one is called: “Mark Steyn on The Michael Coren Show”.

The Big Multicultural Lie

The British have been lied to by the people we should be able to trust. Our government, our political parties, our democratic mass media and our educational system. And the lie has been a big one. As big as they come. We have been told that we are all benefiting from living in a multicultural society, a society we as a people chose.

Alan Watt – EU abolishes Christmas

EU abolishes Christmas
You might think this to be one of the ‘Euromyths’ – rights up there with straight bananas, the re-classification as the carrot as a fruit and the EU-wide harmonisation of condom size.

Except that the European Commission really have produced a new religiously-correct daily planner (aimed, naturally, at school children) in which it really is always winter but never Christmas.

Or always Diwali, Hanukkah and Eid but never Christmas, to be precise.

His Grace is loath to exaggerate or distort this story in any way, lest it be classified as just another Euromyth.

These daily planners, of which three million have produced (courtesy of the taxpayer), include the holidays of Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus, but there is not one mention of Christian holidays.

Despite Christians manifestly constituting the vast majority of the European Union.

You might expect them to omit Ascension Sunday, Lent and the Feast Day of the Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman.

But Christmas and Easter?

The page for December 25th is completely empty, and at the bottom is the following message:

“A true friend is someone who shares your worries and your joy.”
That’s nice.

And evidence, if any were needed, that Christians have no true friends in the inner sanctuaries of the European Union.

It is even more astonishing that this planner not only includes the holy days of just about every religion except Christianity: it also mentions the secular key dates of significance to the European Union, like ‘Europe Day’.

Johanna Touzel, spokesperson for COMECE (the pathologically-federalist Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union) found the planner ‘unbelievable’.

It is even more incroyable when you consider that our President is a devout Roman Catholic who sees the EU as a ‘Christian club’.

Doubtless he will gloss over this a typo.

To omit one Christian festival may be regarded as an error; to omit two looks like carelessness.

But to omit all of them looks like conspiracy.

Or at least incontrovertible corroborative evidence that the EU is a God-less, Marxist, secular, religiously and politically-correct, totalitarian, omnipotent beast quite antithetical to Christians, Christianity and the message of Christ.

LOL My Brother From The Cold !!!
All In BURKA !!!
It Seems to keep coming back from different places and countries lol..
All Cover by a burka… No More Islamization….You can eat what you want under that.. carry what you want… Is Burka Freedom for Men ? as it Jail for Women ? The Burka Passport For All ?!
No more Paparazzi ? The End of Stars Press ! Movie gonna be boring…but a Western all in Burka…take the guy a good five minutes to find his gun under that sheet, when the other just walk on it and fall over..
We are not Dreaming : R.E.M. was Right !

Radical islam in Norway

European and their hope to prevent their own Discrimination in Eurabia !

Amnesty International and Muslim Discrimination in Europe


by Soeren Kern
May 10, 2012 at 5:00 am

A new report from Amnesty International lashes out at “widespread discrimination” against Muslims in Europe. The report directs particular ire at laws banning Muslim veils in public spaces, and excoriates European politicians for helping to “foster a climate of hostility and suspicion against people perceived as Muslim.”

Amnesty International omits, however, all instances of discrimination initiated by Muslims against Christians and others in Europe who have taken them in, and who may well feel dismayed by what might be seen as an escalating procession of Muslim demands, threats and attacks.

The report also fails to explain why growing numbers of Europeans are increasingly skeptical about Muslim immigration; it also fails to mention that in country after country, Europeans have been going out of their way to afford Muslims special benefits, rights, privileges and provisions that do not apply to native-born Europeans, and that are establishing the Muslim population as an entitled class in European society.

The 123-page study, “Choice and Prejudice: Discrimination Against Muslims in Europe,” says that “Muslims in Europe face discrimination in several areas of life because of their religion,” and this “blights their individual prospects, opportunities and self-esteem and can result in isolation, exclusion and stigmatization.”

It continues, “[D]iscrimination against Muslims in Europe is fuelled by stereotypes and negative views;” and calls on European politicians to “adopt a more rational approach” and stop portraying Islam “as a system of values which denies gender equality or a violent ideology.”

Amnesty International, perhaps welded to notions political correctness, also further fails to mention actions by Muslims themselves that might well have been responsible for fuelling the “stereotypes and negative views” that it accuses Europeans of having.

Consider Belgium, where radical Muslims have launched a propaganda and intimidation campaign aimed at turning the country into an Islamic state. Muslim neighborhoods in Brussels — the so-called capital of Europe — have already become “no-go” zones for Belgian police officers, who are often pelted with rocks by Muslim youths.

In Britain, hundreds of Muslim children every year are subjected to forced marriages. In England and Wales, more than 65,000 Muslim women and girls have been the victims of female genital mutilation, and another 24,000 girls under the age of 15 are believed to be at a high risk.

Also in Britain, tens of thousands of Muslim immigrants are practicing bigamy or polygamy, possibly at times to collect larger social welfare payments from the British state. At the same time, radical Muslims have launched a campaign to turn twelve British cities, including London, into independent Islamic “emirates” to be ruled by Islamic Sharia law.

In Denmark, Muslim criminal street gangs have taken over large parts of Danish towns and cities; in Copenhagen, some suburbs have also been transformed into “no-go” zones, off limits to non-Muslims. Meanwhile, over the past decade, the number of Muslim immigrants living on social welfare benefits in Denmark has increased almost ten-fold.

In France, where there are now more practicing Muslims than practicing Roman Catholics, there are 751 Sensitive Urban Zones , also off-limits to non-Muslims apparently because they are too dangerous; in these French “no-go” zones over which the French state has lost control, an estimated five million Muslims currently reside.

In Germany, thousands of Muslim women and children are the victims of forced marriage every year. At the same time, Islamic Sharia courts are operating in all major German cities, and German authorities say they are “powerless” to do anything about them.

In the Netherlands, nearly half of Moroccan immigrants in the country between the ages of 12 and 24 have been arrested, fined, charged or otherwise accused of committing a crime during the past five years. Further, as Islamic legal tradition holds that dogs are “unclean” animals,

a Dutch Muslim politician in The Hague, the third-largest city in Holland, has recently called for a ban on dogs in the city.

In Italy, Muslims have been commandeering the Piazza Venezia in Rome for public prayers; and in Bologna, Muslims have repeatedly threatened to bomb the San Petronio cathedral because it contains a 600-year-old fresco inspired by Dante’s Inferno that depicts Mohammed being tormented in Hell.

In Spain, a high school teacher in the city of La Línea de la Concepción was sued by the parents of a Muslim student who said the teacher “defamed Islam” by talking about Spanish ham in a geography class. And a discotheque in southern Spanish resort town of Águilas (Murcia) was forced to change its name and architectural design under duress after Islamists threatened to initiate “a great war between Spain and the people of Islam” if it did not.

Elsewhere in Spain, Muslim immigrants were accused of poisoning dozens of dogs in the city of Lérida, where 29,000 Muslims now make up around 20% of the city’s total population; again, according to local residents, as dogs are considered “unclean.” In the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia, Muslims have deployed “morals police” to ensure that practicing and non-practicing Muslims comply with Islamic Sharia law.

In Switzerland, an immigrant group based in Bern said it wants the emblematic white cross to be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol it “no longer corresponds to today’s multicultural Switzerland.” Further, leading Islamic groups in the country announced that they want to establish a “parallel parliament” so that all of the country’s Muslims can “speak with one voice.” Based in Basel, the new parliament would straightforwardly operate according to Islamic Sharia law.

These developments in Europe have been occurring during just the last eight years in addition to, of course, the bombing by Muslims of commuter trains in Spain in March 2004; the bombing of public transportation in London in July 2005; the attempted bombing of the Glasgow airport in June 2007; the attempted bombing of the Barcelona metro in January 2008; the attempted bombing of several US-bound airplanes, including that of the “shoe bomber” Richard Reid in December 2009; mass riots caused by the reprinting of the “Mohammed Cartoons” in Denmark in 2005 and 2006; Muslim riots in Malmö, Sweden in December 2008 and in Strasbourg, France in June 2010; and Muslim threats to mobilize 10,000 demonstrators onto the streets of London to prevent a democratically elected member of a European government, MP Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, from entering Britain in February 2009; and Muslim attacks on German police in May 2012.

Muslims in Europe also murdered the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh in January 2004; tortured and murdered the French Jew, Ilam Halimi in January 2006; attacked the Swedish artist Lars Vilkes in July 2007; tried to murder the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard in January 2010; killed French servicemen and Jews in March 2012; and attacked Spanish politician Josep Anglada in April 2012.

Muslims in Europe have also been attempting to muzzle free speech, including by “lawfare,” the malicious use of costly court trials to intimidate Europeans into silence to shut down the discussion of Islam. In the last few years, Muskims have initiated trials against Geert Wilders in the Netherlands; Suzanne Winter and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria; Lars Hedegaard and Jesper Langballe in Denmark; Jussi Kristian Halla-aho in Finland; Brigitte Bardot, Michel Houellebecq, and Marie Laforêt in France; and Gregorius Nekschot in the Netherlands;

Muslim gangs have also been found responsible for “Rape Waves” in Britain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Although Amnesty International lists in its report a litany of “discriminatory experiences” faced by Muslims in Europe, it does not acknowledge that most European countries have granted their Muslims minorities a host of special privileges, all in the name of multiculturalism, and that Muslim values are increasingly influencing European public policymaking.

In Belgium, for example, the government now pays the wages of more than 200 imams in 100 mosques in a bid to end discrimination against Islam. At the same time, dozens of Christian churches are being turned into mosques as Muslims demand more places to worship.

In Antwerp, the second-largest city in Belgium, an Islamic Sharia law court is now mediating family law disputes for Muslim immigrants. The self-appointed Muslim judges running the court are applying Islamic law — rather than the secular Belgian Family Law system — to resolve disputes involving questions of marriage and divorce, child custody and child support, as well as all inheritance-related matters.

In Britain, the largest university in London plans to ban the sale of alcohol on campus to accommodate the “cultural sensitivity” of its Muslim students; and the British Broadcasting Corporation admits that it treats Islam with more “protection and sensitivity” than Christianity.

The British Girl Scout Association has designed new uniforms for Muslim students who had “issues” with the existing range of clothing. Across Britain, municipal swimming pools are being closed to the general public to host Muslim women-only sessions.

In British courts, Muslim defendants are frequently the beneficiaries of favorable judicial treatment which does not apply to British defendants.

In Denmark, primary schools will soon begin teaching Islam to all students in the first grade.

In France, all of the slaughterhouses in the greater Paris metropolitan area are now producing all of their meat in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. France 2 television reports that much of the religiously slaughtered meat known as halal is not labeled as such and is entering the general food chain, where it is being unwittingly consumed by the non-Muslim population.

In German courts, judges are increasingly citing the Koran in civil divorce cases that involve Muslims. Muslim employees in German supermarkets are now exempt from handling alcohol on religious grounds. Municipal authorities in towns and cities across Germany have agreed to allow Muslim girls to wear “burkinis” in public swimming pools.

The city of Mannheim is planning to rename a Muslim-majority neighborhood, giving it a Turkish name. At the same time, German taxpayers are paying for four new Islamic theology departments in Tübingen, Münster/Osnabrück, Erlangen/Nürnberg and Frankfurt/Gießen, at a total cost of €20 million ($25 million) to train Muslim imams and Islamic religion teachers.

In the Netherlands, the National Police Union says Dutch police will not enforce a new burka ban. A court in Rotterdam has decided that Muslims may remain seated while all others rise when a judge walks into the courtroom, because Islam ostensibly holds that all people are equal, while the Qur’an and Islamic Sharia law also hold that women and non-Muslims are not equal.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands, dentists open their clinics in the evenings and nights during Ramadan because Muslim clients “cannot swallow their own saliva from sunrise to sunset.” Insurance companies and pharmacies offer special “Ramadanchecks” that offer advice on how to take medicine during the month of daytime fasting.

In Ireland, the government recently introduced tax legislation for financial products that comply with Islamic Sharia law.

In Italy, the southern island of Sicily is about to become the proud new home for a multi-million euro mega-mosque, which its supporters hope will become a reference point for Muslims in Sicily as well as the rest of Italy. In Milan, the city council says it will recognize a dozen “mini-mosques.” In Rome, the Higher Judicial Council (CSM) recently ruled that on religious grounds, Muslims may wear a veil in Italian courts.

In Spain, the city of Barcelona recently announced plans to build an official mega-mosque with a capacity for thousands of Muslim worshipers. The new structure would rival the massive Islamic Cultural Center in Madrid, one of the biggest mosques in Europe. The Barcelona mayor’s office said the objective is to “increase the visibility of Muslims in Spain” and to promote the “common values between Islam and Europe.”

In the Spanish capital, the government has authorized two radical Islamic television stations to begin 24-hour broadcasting to Spanish-speaking audiences from new studios in Madrid. The first channel, sponsored by the government of Iran, will focus on spreading Shia Islam. The second channel, sponsored by Saudi Arabia, will focus on spreading Sunni Wahhabi Islam.

In Sweden, the Social Democrats state that they want to turn Ramadan into an official Swedish holiday.

In Switzerland, the army has drafted guidelines outlining special conditions for meals and prayers for its rising number of Muslim recruits. The canton of Aargau has issued a 17-page guideline for accommodating Muslims in public schools and public swimming pools. The cantons of Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt, Lucerne, Solothurn and Zürich have all quietly changed municipal regulations to allow Muslim women to wear the “burkini” in public spaces.

Also in Zürich, the international governing body of football, known as FIFA, says female footballers can wear headscarves when playing in official competitions. The rule change, instigated by the brother of the King of Jordan, Ali bin al-Hussein who is also FIFA vice president, is due to come into effect on July 2.

While Amnesty International has put the entire onus for “Islamophobia” on non-Muslims, nowhere does it call on Muslims to accept responsibility — not only for problems brought about by the refusal of Muslims to adopt the values of the majority, but also for their efforts to displace these values with their own.

As the Dutch politician Pym Fortuyn put it in a television interview the day before he was killed for criticizing the rise of Islam in Holland, “I think the guests are trying to take over the house.”

Amnesty International has missed an opportunity to help Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Soeren Kern is Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group


We should “ALL” ban the burka


Police told not to make public unveilings when French burka ban enforced next week

There is a mosque in the East Midlands, an impressive building, exuding a sort of muscular serenity. Almost next door, is a private girls’ secondary school, an offshoot of the mosque, where, from the age of 11, the niqab is a compulsory part of school uniform. Just across the street is an advice centre that offers rulings to the community on points of Islamic law.

If you go to the centre’s website, as I did yesterday, and click on Women’s Issues you will find the Islamic equivalent of the Cathy and Claire problem page. Only instead of an agony aunt, we find a chap called Muhammad offering solutions to those tricky, girly dilemmas that keep us awake at night. Women Exposing Their Arms Whilst Driving – Should It Be Allowed? Are Tampons Permissible to Use Before Marriage? Can Women Travel Without a Male Relative? The Female Voice and Singing (is…

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Pamela Geller : WE ARE AT WAR !!!
Yes MAM We Are ! 😉

U.S. State Department Witnessed 1974 Birth of Eurabia
We Swiss People Should Very Well Understand Our Implication in This. And That Our Neutral Country been and still in Use for Matter that involve Submission in other Country; And this is fully Against our Commitments to the World. That we are a platform to bring peace and goodness it’s a great thing, but all we do in doing or letting others do to bring just the opposite, should be our First Commitment to this world as it is hypocrite to help in one hand and do the opposite in the other, and As this Happen on our Soil; Once again that a logical thing to do, to clean our door steps FIRST ! . W.T.K.




I came across a State Department memo from the U.S. embassy in Madrid, dated September 19, 1974 (1974 Madrid 05880), declassified June 30, 2005. This document reveals that the U.S. was fully aware of the advent of “Eurabia,” precisely as self-characterized in an official European socio-political journal bearing the title Eurabia.  It seems serendipitous in the midst of GeertWilders‘ visit to the U.S. warning of the consequences of Europe’s ongoing Islamization.

Eurabia was the title of a journal published in the mid-1970s  by the European Committee for the Coordination of Friendship Associations with the Arab World.  Eurabia”s editor was Lucien Bitterlin, president of the Association of Franco-Arab Solidarity; the journal was published jointly by Euro-Arab associations in London, Paris, and Geneva.  Eurabia served as a Euro-Arab Dialogue mouthpiece.

The formal Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD) created an alphabet soup of European Community — and…

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Global War on Christians in the Muslim World
We hear so often about Muslims as victims of abuse in the West and combatants in the Arab Spring’s fight against tyranny. But, in fact, a wholly different kind of war is underway—an unrecognized battle costing thousands of lives. Christians are being killed in the Islamic world because of their religion. It is a rising genocide that ought to provoke global alarm.

la secte islamiste Bobo Haram (qui signifie en langue haoussa: « l’éducation occidentale est un péché ») qui a fait plus de 1000 morts chrétiens depuis la mi-2009 dans l’indifférence la plus totale des ONG humanitaires et de l’ONU, est bien entendu pointée du doigt.

Espace détente, poésie, judaïsme et lutte contre la désinformation

3957094 500x281 Les musulmans n’aiment pas que les chrétiens aillent à la messe : bilan 20 morts

Attaque à la bombe, tirs à l’arme lourde, c’est ainsi que les musulmans ont fait passer un message aux chrétiens de Kano, la plus grande ville du nord du Nigeria, peuplée majoritairement de musulmans, qu’ils sont priés de faire comme en Turquie, comme en Irak, comme au Liban, comme en Egypte, comme à Bethlehem, ces régions au passé majoritairement chrétiens et devenus musulmans à coups de sabre. Le message est le suivant : « la religion d’amour de tolérance et de paix vous dit : dégagez. »

Les messes se déroulaient en plein air sur le campus. Aucun bilan officiel n’a encore été diffusé, mais des journalistes sur place ont dénombré une vingtaine de victimes. Des témoins indiquent que les assaillants ont surgi à bord d’une voiture et de motos, ouvrant le feu et lançant des bombes artisanales. Des fidèles qui s’enfuyaient ont été abattus.

L’attaque n’a pas été encore revendiquée, mais…

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Muslim Brotherhood in America

Muslim Brotherhood in America


10 / 10

Part 1 :

The first section of this briefing explains what shariah is according to the authorities and institutions of Islam and as promoted most aggressively by an organization called the Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 1: The Threat Doctrine of Shariah & the Muslim Brotherhood

Part 2 :

The Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy for realizing its mission of “destroying Western civilization from within” was described in an undated 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document entitled “Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan.” In this part, we investigate what they’re doing to implement it.

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 2: ‘Civilization Jihad’ in America

Part 3 :

With this grounding in the nature of shariah, the goals and activities of the Muslim Brotherhood to impose it worldwide and an introduction to the latter’s civilization jihad against the United States, let’s take a closer look at one of the Ikhwan’s most successful influence operations: its penetration and manipulation of the Republican Party and the conservative movement in America.
Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 3: Influence Operations Against Conservatives & the GOP

Part 4 :

If we are to understand the full nature of the threat posed by the likes of Suhail Khan, which is — as Sun Tsu admonishes — a prerequisite to counteracting that threat, we need to examine the Khan case study in closer detail.

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 4: Suhail Khan, A Case Study in Influence Operations

Part 5 :

The next part of this briefing offers some illustrative examples of the myriad ways in which Grover Norquist and his team are still very actively and purposefully promoting the Islamist agenda — with considerable, and toxic, effect.
Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 5: The Organizations Islamists Are Using to Subvert the Right

Part 6 :

In this part, we consider how several individuals with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or other Islamists have been groomed to run for office as Republicans. The careers of Grover Norqust proteges Kamal Nawash, Faisal Gill, and Imad ‘David’ Ramadan are given close scrutiny.
Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 6: Electing Islamist Republicans

Part 7 :

Building infrastructure and running candidates helps with the third part of Grover Norquist’s ongoing Islamist influence operation: advancing the agendas of the civilization jihadists or, at a minimum, promoting agendas that serve the Islamists’ interests.

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 7: Advancing the Islamists’ Agendas

Part 8 :

Team Obama & the Islamists

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 8: Team Obama & the Islamists

Part 9 :

In the closing days of the 2008 presidential campaign, Democratic candidate Barack Obama declared that he was poised to begin “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He has certainly done so with respect to policies favored by Islamists.

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 9: Team Obama & the Islamist Agenda

Part 10 :

How to defeat the most serious and imminent of such dangers in our time: the Islamist doctrine of shariah and the efforts of its adherents to impose it world-wide, on Muslims and non-Muslims alike, through violent means or by stealth
Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 10: What’s To Be Done?

Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Overview

An Inquiry Into Islam

In that Enormous Silence, Tiny and Unafraid
The following was written by Henry Rochejaquelein, a community organizer based in the Vendée region of France.

Anders Breivik
THE WORLD’S long wake for Norway has been hard for every friend of freedom. We should avoid self-pity by remembering those who suffer much more than we: the family members of those unarmed civilians murdered by a drug-addled, video-game obsessed plagiarist who still lived at home with his mother. There are a few sick souls out there who have expressed admiration for Anders Breivik; some racialists at the anti-Semitic site Occidental Dissent have taken to comparing Breivik to Batman — a self-made millionaire who bravely took action to save Gotham City. The fact that these people, like Breivik, take their inspiration from comic books speaks for itself. Like him, these cranks raise their sedentary pulses through boyish revenge and power fantasies. Like him, they should stick to dressing up like Jedi knights and dueling with plastic light sabers. They should leave questions of life and death, culture and the future, to those whose emotional age has at some point exceeded sixteen.

But once we have prayed for the dead, and grieved with the living, we have every reason to consider the implications of this slaughter — not so much for ourselves, since most of us are doing fine, but for the next generation of Europeans and Americans who will have to face a continuous escalation of Islamic self-assertion. The signs are clear: In just one day, the New York Times reported that (as columnists here had glumly predicted) politicized, intolerant Muslims now dominate the Egyptian revolution, and that the last batch of secular officers had resigned from the Turkish military, freeing its pro-Sharia president to remake that NATO member (and would-be EU member) as a militant Muslim state. Two countries which the U.S. had counted on bastions of moderation and allies in the “war against terror” are now being transformed in the image of Saudi Arabia and Iran. Syria, whose despotism for self-serving reasons has long protected some religious minorities, is sliding toward the brink of collapse, whose outcome will be a Sunni sharia state. Terror attacks continue to escalate throughout the world, from Nigeria to Pakistan, while radical clerics exploit Western liberties to remain at large.

Meanwhile, the peaceful efforts of patriotic citizens of Western countries to limit the assertiveness of orthodox Muslims who favor sharia have come under a terrible, blood-red cloud thanks to the actions of a single, vain pseudo-intellectual, who was willing to kill in order to draw attention to himself and happy to tarnish the reputations of dozens of non-violent writers and activists, whose ideas he shoplifted to provide himself with a manifesto. Just as Nat Turner’s (much more justified) rebellion set back by decades the cause of anti-slavery activists in the South, so Breivik’s murders have for the moment threatened to smear us all with his gore.

Robert Spencer has shown by example the right response: Express honest horror at the attacks, point out how they were in no way grounded in anything any reputable counter-jihad scholar or activist has ever written, and refuse to play the game of media hacks who are trying to silence us. Just as Martin Luther King did not fold up his non-violent movement when some black nationalists shot at cops, so we will not shelve our pens because some sociopath took up his gun.

Does the fact that some maniacs will murder for a cause spoil it? Think back to John Brown, who butchered pro-slavery activists in their beds; to the U.S. soldiers who as they crushed the army that raped Nanking collected human skulls as souvenirs; to the anti-Communist death squads funded by the CIA; to the city-busting thermonuclear missiles that targeted hundreds of millions of Russian civilians, preventing Soviet conquest and deterring World War III. Men have used dubious means to promote every cause in human history; was every cause thus unjust?

One of the things we so object to about Islam is that its own sacred scriptures endorse, even enjoin, the use of such evil means. To reject them for a Muslim is to make himself a heretic. That simple, ugly truth is so shocking to Western sensibilities that slothful citizens and cowardly politicians find it more convenient to pretend it isn’t so — to claim that when freedom-fighters like Robert Spencer, Bat Ye’or, and Geert Wilders simply report on acts of violence or their origins, they are inciting similar violence. Afraid of the mortal message, dhimmis would kill the messengers. In fact, they know perfectly well that real counter-jihadists aren’t dangerous. (No editor lives under 24-hour guard for publishing a Robert Spencer cartoon.) We are, in cold fact, a religion of peace — and we won’t kill you for saying otherwise.

I have seen some men on our side slide close to despair, or calculate that they must save their skins in the current purge by denouncing innocent allies. Some commenters on this site (Jihad Watch, where this article first appeared) have openly wondered if Islam might not be doomed in fact to win. So Whittaker Chambers feared of Communism during the Cold War. When our own society is fractured and unsure of itself, and its elites are dominated by those who seem sympathetic to the enemy, it is easy to conclude that the totalitarians will prevail. They are so much more disciplined and motivated. They are willing to die for their cause; on our side, men are frightened to write a letter.

But consider how hopeless the following good men’s causes seemed at various low points:
William Wilberforce, as he fought entrenched financial interests, attempting to end the British slave trade, only to be slapped down again and again in parliament and find himself vilified as the enemy of his country’s prosperity.
Ludwig von Mises, who had demolished socialism intellectually in the 1920s — as he watched the Soviet Union expand, and new forms of collectivism rise to power all across Europe, while “planned economics” became the new orthodoxy in the democracies.
Charles de Gaulle when France surrendered, and Britain sank its fleet in 1940.
Cardinal Mindzenty, after the Soviets crushed the Hungarian revolution, who sat for decades watching Communist tanks from the windows of the U.S. Embassy.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, as he wrote little scraps of The Gulag Archipelago in a Soviet labor camp.
Lech Walesa, when the Polish army cracked down on Solidarity.
Ronald Reagan, who began fighting Communism among the Hollywood labor unions in the late 1940s—and was ridiculed, blackballed, and shunned for his efforts without ceasing, right up through the second term of his presidency. (Remember how “mainstream” analysts denounced his “Evil Empire” speech as a piece of warmongering madness?)

The strength of totalitarians is always much more brittle than it seems. Also, and this is central to remember: Our goal is not to persecute Muslims or drive them out of their faith. If demolishing a 1.5 billion man world religion were our goal, we might indeed be right to throw down our arms. By contrast with Islam, Communist ideology was always a fragile fantasy. Marx’s messianic dream was incompatible with our species. In its promises to blow up the cornerstones of human society—private property, religion, the family, the nation and the state — it wrote its own epitaph. Islam is a profoundly corrupt theological compromise with the vices of Wrath, Vanity, Greed, and Lust — all of which it “baptizes” and directs against unbelievers, promising jihadists rewards for conquest, subjugation, looting, and the taking of sex slaves. In this sense, it is far less delusional than Communism, and more resembles the Nazi ideology — which promised its adherents not an earthly utopia but piles of loot and peasants to plunder. The Communist ideal demanded that man (at the point of a bayonet) remake himself as an angel. Islam reaches down to groom and congratulate the thuggish primate inside each one of us. It will likely prove as stubborn as slavery.

But our success does not depend on reforming Islam from the outside, or winning Muslims for Christ or Richard Dawkins. We simply seek to contain it, in the hope that its adherents in the West will somehow make their peace with pluralism and learn how to live in our midst as non-aggressors.

What we fight is something much more bizarre, unnatural and fragile than Islam: We are fighting Western dhimmitude, and the multiculturalism that enables it. It is not in fact natural for men of one race and religion to surrender their country to another. It is profoundly uncharacteristic of Frenchmen, Germans, Englishmen, Dutchmen, etc., to pervert their legal systems to suit the crude mores of alien colonists. It is not typical of Christians to water down their creed to the point where they imagine real common ground with intolerant, apostate-murdering Muslims. It does not come naturally to feminists to cooperate with wife-beating, honor-killing polygamists, nor for Jews to apologize for defending themselves from mobs intent on pogroms. The psychological games such people are playing on themselves are surely exhausting — as wearisome, finally, as denying Stalin’s terror famines and defending his purge trials proved to Western Communists. As pessimistic as Orwell’s 1984 was, doublethink is not sustainable for the masses over the long haul. It cannot even endure forever among elites. Just as so many liberals “mugged by reality” turned into neo (or even real) conservatives, and so many Communists hit the breaking point and “flipped,” so we will keep on reaping a steady stream of educated defectors to freedom’s cause. Meanwhile, the voters in one Western country after another will get their fill of national masochism, and rally for faith and fatherland.

We must soldier on, keeping our hands clean and our hearts pure. We must preserve and pass along a sane and humane movement of Western self-defense that can channel popular feeling in peaceful directions that honor the rule of law. When madmen (or simply bad men) arise and do evil acts, allegedly in our name, we must simply denounce them and keep marching forward. We should treat the smears as what they are: psychological warfare. The sheer baroque complexity of the lies required to believe the dhimmi viewpoint metastasizes with every jihad attack, every “hijacking” of a “democratic revolution” by sharia. In the long run, it will prove as impossible for honest men to accept as the fabrications of Holocaust deniers, or the economics of Karl Marx. And as each such man wakes up, we will be waiting, to welcome him home.

From :

A non-racist, unbigoted inquiry into the core teachings of Islam and what it all means (if anything) for non-Muslims

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Atlas Shrugs : — Truth Gets A Hearing In Dearborn


Atlas Shrugs : Victory: Full House In the Belly of the Beast — Truth Gets A Hearing In Dearborn


(Pictures above are my own responsability : Swiss Defence League : Wilhem)

I am still traveling and so this can’t be extensive — look for my full report on tonight’s Jessica Mokdad Conference on Honor Killing in Dearborn, Michigan this week in World Net Daily, but here is the 411. The day started with an anti-truth, pro-honor killing rally under the deceptive guise of “Islamophobia.” According to infidel infiltrators, it was nothing but a stealth fundraiser for the stealth jihadis, using our conference as a fundraising tool. The irony is thick here, because their talking point was that we were doing the work and fighting for freedom just to “get rich.” Really? I must have missed that course in the University of Monetizing Islamophobia. They cited the bogus propaganda “research” of “Fear, Inc.,” fallaciously asserting that I was the recipient of some of the $42 million distributed to several anti-jihad organizations over the last ten years. We barely can rub two nickels together. But truth has no price. It takes guts for the recipients of millions in Saudi petrodollars to make a claim like that.

They went on to exploit the fictitious narrative of the fear and paranoia that counter-jihadists “exploit,” without ever addressing honor killings, FGM, or the millions slaughtered in 1,400 years of jihad warfare, cultural annihilation, and enslavement. The irreligious imam who incited his herd to hatred against me during Friday prayers assured that crowd that “Geller and Spencer will fail because they are against God, they are against America, and people will not get with them.” Apparently he was also selling pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge.

What is noteworthy is that the mayor, several local politicians, and Congressman Conyers were there. Is it any wonder that they feel empowered? They intend to create a “superfund” to defeat the evil Republicans. The main thrust? The left, the Democrats, and the Islamic supremacists must get together to defeat the forces of good. I will have video of these remarks within the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

But all of this nonsensical rhetoric disappeared into the ether when hundreds converged upon the Hyatt, a full capacity crowd, to join Robert Spencer and me and a full roster of luminaries to educate, elucidate, and shine a light on the ugly and brutal atrocities under the Sharia. I explained the reasons why we came to Dearborn to stand against honor killing, and why all free people need to stand against this atrocity. Then Darwin Jiles, a close friend and confidante of Jessica Mokdad, exposed the mainstream media lie that she was not killed in an honor murder: Darwin spoke movingly of how Jessica confided in him of her fears that she would be harmed for not following the rules of Islam, and how her worst fears came to pass.

Robert Spencer then provided facts about why 91% of all honor killings occur among Muslims: its sanction in Islamic law, the relaxed penalties for honor killings in many Muslim countries, and more. Then followed Nonie Darwish with harrowing firsthand accounts of the mistreatment of women in Muslim societies. David Wood then explained how Sharia is also leading to oppression in the United States, detailing his experiences being bullied, silenced, and unjustly arrested for preaching Christianity to Muslims in Dearborn. Robert Muise, his lawyer, showed riveting film of the case, in which David’s colleague Nabil Qureshi was arrested for “breaching the peace” simply for discussing Christianity with Muslims at the Arab American Festival in Dearborn.

Michael Coren then offered accounts of how the same spread of Sharia is happening in Canada, as well as in his native Britain, while the mainstream media remains silent, indifferent, and/or complicit. James Lafferty told tales from the trenches in Northern Virginiastan and offered practical tips for how free people could fight to defend freedom, coinciding with the advice I give in my book Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Simon Deng then rounded out the program by elucidating just what Sharia can do to a society, and to a human being — as he saw, and lived, and suffered through in Sudan.

The crowd was rapt. No one left during the entire three-hour program, and no one’s attention was ever diverted. The questions that followed were informed, pointed, and illuminating. The crowd left energized to stand against the barbarity of honor killing, and the infringements upon freedom that Sharia is bringing to our nation. It was, against all odds and fierce opposition, a victory for freedom.

It was historic, gamechanging moment for those who love freedom and the unalienable rights of every free individual.

La Chaim!

From : Atlas Shrugs

“It’s all about long term goals and gradual Islamization of America. The groups such as SIOA, EDL etc… Are all mainly groups to be used to create enough hype in society, psychologically and naturally any hype dies off after some time but this in itself creates curiosity and an opportunity to explain Islamization convincingly.”





























Hard to tell for me about this :












Just the flag of the U.N.  is unfortunatly in a place that I see more and more his own.

But still NOT EVERYBODY in the U.N. is Corrupt sort of speak.. The Battle for (in) the U.N. from due sources is on, but far at this moment to have capitulate to A World Caliphate. I believe something like that is in the HOPE of a FEW but a few only..unless thing goes quicker then we think.

To Resume I’m no convinced by this, but still find it very interesting reading.

From :

See the videos I put in Comments and Comment if you like… There is something that touch some Center of our Islamization..

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Operation Crossed Swords Double Cross sm

Today is your lucky day…

The UMN Intl, is a political group and is linked in the American Govt. System.

The CIA is headed by a devout Muslim codenamed (roger) ask Pamela Geller even she will confirm it (no jokes), “agent roger” he is also a member of the United Muslim Nations International and forms part of their UIA agents (short for United Intelligence Agency aka “The Anonymous Group”)

You have to understand geo-politics and the global financial situation to understand it all but anyway it all boils down to the 21st Century Caliphate (see CIA and MOSSAD official publications about the inevitable Caliphate). American society is being prepared for the establishment of the Islamic State of America via a strategic plan using the Anti-Islam groups to create enough fear of Islam and Muslims so that the Govt. can get the public to freely give away more rights and freedoms…

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Allen West :
A looking back to understand way islam seeks to take over
Tak Brüder 😉

I Am Denmark : Danish People’s Party’s Please Watch

Thanks for the person who made me discover this link, Cheers !

I Am Denmark

Svensk domstol vägrar äktenskap enligt sharia. Från The Local.

Documentary aired on Norwegian Television, Nov, 2010 (English subtitles)

Documentary aired on Norwegian Television, Nov, 2010 (English subtitles)

Stop Islamization of the world
Defend our Freedom! ACT NOW! – Stop Islamization of the world


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