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Is Erdogan Inciting a Holy War Against Christian Europe?

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Is Erdogan Inciting a Holy War Against Christian Europe?


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Islam – The Undeniable Truth – A quick lesson in the history of Islam – Brigitte Gabriel.


WTF Got 5ve For Eating A Pork Pie !

WTF Got 5ve For Eating A Pork Pie !

Those Crazy Bastard Who Want The Queen To Convert or ….Go

We Know Now Who’s Gonna Arrest Her… The “NEW ” Scotland Yard

Kinda A Shift In Police And Criminality don’t you think ?


Freedom Defense Corps Patrol …



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“Pig Resistance” : 3 Years


UK: Four Brits Jailed Sentenced 3 Years for Leaving a Bag in Mosque Parking Lot with a Pig’s Head –

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Young Couple And Child Accused Of Racism And Kicked Off Bus For Singing Peppa Pig Song


Blythburgh Free Range Pork

Schweizer befreien Schweine

The Ban Is Over…



Further Proof Of A Corrupt System Chelsea #Lambie #NWI #SDL


lambie cruik 4

We wrote about this the other day :  PLEASE READ: Free Chelsea Lambie.

PLEASE READ also the Blog the above screenshot came from:
Chelsea Lambie: The Bare Faced Facts Of A Corrupt System.

A political martyr at only age 18.
There will be more! SO many more!

lambie cruik 1

Where is the Justice?

NFSE. Shelly xxx

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Geico insurance commercial piggy (Sharia Free Commercial)

7 Video  :


How to Stop a Mosque From Being Built



“Pig Resistance” : Israel, A problem of pork on one side, a solution pork on the other !

“Pig Resistance” : Israel, A problem of pork on one side, a solution pork on the other !

An limited Industry :

The contemporary history of the pork industry in Israel is fifty years old and date when the Knesset passed a law banning pig farming in the territory of the Jewish state. This law among the most controversial in the history of Israel-has been designed with a legal loophole allowing the pig in predominantly Christian regions of the north, as a form of concession against religious minorities in the new State of Israel.

That’s why cities populated predominantly Christian Arabs have become areas of swine production. If the ultra-Orthodox politicians have repeatedly tried to ban pig farming in Israel, the law limits the expansion of this industry while protecting the interests of Christians producers.

Pork, stress index :

In Israel, when pigs are at the heart of the news is that the political situation is very tense. To casual observers of Israeli policy, it could appear that the government cares about the welfare of their pets. But moving pigs Israel likely to deprive Christians of Israel from pig and could mean the beginning of the end for both the ham made in Israel and the Arab Christians Pig Farming.

Pork, humiliation tool :

Pork is generally considered more prohibited as shrimp or crab (which are not kosher) for thousands of years, many people have persecuted Jews using it taboo to humiliate and punish them.

Pork is much more than a forbidden food in Israel is symbolic of a great conflict which stirs Israeli society, reflecting issues of food habits, but also the question of the balance between the religious and secular Israel.
For years the Israeli religious and secular divide and tensions around religious restrictions imposed on society are constant sources of political wrangling. The pig is a particularly thorny issue in this regard: many secular Israelis consume openly, while many ultra-Orthodox are trying to do simply ban – and try to do for decades – as they tried to to prohibit the movement of buses on Saturdays or point the finger at women who dress inappropriately.

A problem of pork on one side, a solution pork the other:

At the slightest indiscretion terrorists sanction: the pig!

One could, for example, as a bomb bombed by aircraft pieces of pork in response to attacks “Palestinian” by the Israeli civilian population.

Jews were not allowed to eat pork, but nothing prevents them from using it as a weapon of defense against their enemies!

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Pig’s head at Cheltenham mosque: Simon Parkes jailed + Released Story

“Pig Resistance”

Pig’s head at Cheltenham mosque: Simon Parkes jailed

Posted: August 30, 2012 in  H/T : eastangliandivision

A former soldier who tied a pig’s head to the gates of a Cheltenham mosque has been jailed for four months.

Simon Parkes, 45, from Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire, also sprayed racist graffiti during the attack in November 2010, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

Parkes, who had admitted racially aggravated criminal damage, said he was angry Muslim extremists had burnt poppies at a Remembrance Day service.

His actions were “blatantly designed to be insulting,” Judge Jamie Tabor said.

The judge told the former soldier: “You deliberately set out to not just insult another religion, but inflame and increase racial tension at a sensitive time.” :

Oh Yeah.. and burning Poppies ISNT ?! WHAT ABOUT THOSE FAMILIES OF SOLDIERS, DO THEY HAVE RIGHT OF RESPECT !!! In This SENSITIVE TIME ! They can go over and die.. but once they back better shut it.. lucky you are Sir Tabor Sir, that YOU can insult Soldiers like that and get away with it !

Parkes, who was wearing a mask when he went to the mosque, had written the word Allah on the pig’s head, the court heard.

‘Appalling criminal behaviour’ : Oh dear… Let’s look at it that way, He didn’t make any Cartoon did he ?…so we’re fine..

The court was told he had carried out the revenge attack on 13 November after Muslim extremists had set fire to poppies at a Remembrance Day service in London.

A spokesman from Cheltenham Mosque said: “This was a very shocking incident for the whole community, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.” :

Yes but, bolo, nobody did get arrested did they ? or it cost a fifty quid or so.. But Mr Parkes got Jailed..see how the community is shock now ?

The Masjidul Falah mosque in Cheltenham was targeted by Simon Parkes

Tim Waterhouse from Gloucestershire Police said: “I hope this sentence sends out a clear message that this sort of appalling criminal behaviour will not be tolerated. :

Behave yourself, criminal ? and you investigate whot ? .. Who killed the Pig ?

“Although this disturbing incident happened nearly two years ago, a painstaking and difficult inquiry has led to today’s sentencing.

“The message is clear that we will not stop in our determination to target criminals and keep people and our communities safe from harm.” :

Good We are safe now ! And can all go back to eat our Christmas Ham ! Praise The Lord !

Parkes, who served in the Falklands, Northern Ireland and Belize, also admitted a public order offence.

via BBC News – Pig’s head at Cheltenham mosque: Simon Parkes jailed.

H/T :

Parkes, Sir, To You..


“POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS”: Simon Parkes, of Bishop’s Cleeve, before his court appearance

Parkes, of Crown Close, Bishop’s Cleeve, admitted causing religiously aggravated criminal damage and causing religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress when he appeared before Cheltenham magistrates. The crime was committed on November 13, 2010.

Parkes, who had served in Northern Ireland before being demobbed in 1993, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, his solicitor Andrew Twomlow  said.

CCTV footage showed Parkes park a hired car in Granville Street before walking to the mosque with the pig’s head and spray paint.

Sharon Jomaal, prosecuting, said: “He left a severed pig’s head with Allah written along the side which was attached the front gate.” She said he also wrote a racist slur in red spray paint along the front of the mosque. Parkes later posted a picture of himself at the scene on Facebook.

Mr Twomlow, in mitigation, said Parkes had been struggling at the time. He said Parke’s mother was dying from cancer and he had problems after leaving the army.

“It seems he was never given treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder but it is clear he was suffering from it,” said Mr Twomlow. “He had a peripatetic lifestyle, mainly involving heavy drinking and a nomadic existence.

“During a remembrance service on November 11, 2010, a group of extremist Muslims burned poppies.

“It was that incident which triggered Mr Parkes. He had lost colleagues in the army and he felt personally humiliated and insulted by what was being done so decided to make a stand. He was not thinking straight at the time.”

He said Parkes had never been a member of any extreme organisations.  The only group he has ever belonged to is the Manchester United supporters’ group.

Parkes has now stopped drinking and has offered to write a letter of apology.

Magistrates committed the case to Crown Court for August 30. He was released on conditional bail.

: well At Last Some Senses !!!

Speaking after the case, ex-soldier Dave Martell, who now works with the Cheltenham branch of Royal British Legion, said: “The biggest challenge is for former service personnel who have suffered stress to recognise there is a problem. There must be a willingness for them to receive help for it to be successful.”  He added: “It is very difficult to guess somebody’s mental state and that is part of the problem. But there is help out there, and the Royal British Legion and the Combat Stress charity work hard to offer assistance to those that need it most.”

“Pig Resistance” Operation Cochon

“Pig Resistance” Operation Cochon

Vous avez aimé Operation Cochon Villefranche.

Vous adorerez Operation Cochon Bordeaux.

You liked Operation Cochon Villefranche?

You’ll love Operation Cochon Bordeaux.



Pig Brother’s Watching You

Pig Brother’s Watching You


Relgious tolerance runs amuck as novelty pig calendars and toys have been banned in a United Kingdom council office in case they offend Muslim staff.  – The Sun October  6, 2005


Now This Song Is Dedicated
To A Special Kind Of Person
The Kind Of Person That’s Hiding
Under Rocks And In Closets
Wherever You Go
Behind A Guise Of Respectability
The Cowardly Journalist
Who Hides Behind His Typewriter
Exploiting People Who Can’t Fight Back
The Assassin
Who Strikes People By Surprise
The Sickie Sadist
Who Hides Behind His Police Badge
To Commit Crimes Of Violence
Against Other People
Whatever Role They Are Playing
These Creeps
Are Always The Same
A Pig Is A Pig
And That’s That

(Ichi Ni San Shi)

Your Stinkin’ Lies Are So Lame
Your Stupid Ideas Are The Same
A Pig Is A Pig
And That’s That
You Know Who You Are

Your Phoney Pose Is So Old
You’re Just A Product From The Mold
A Pig Is A Pig
And That’s That
You Know Who You Are
I Can Predict What You’ll Do
’cause Everyone Else Is Like You
A Pig Is A Pig
And That’s That
Stupid Mean And Ugly

Down In The Dirt Where You Go
Lower Than You You Can’t Go
A Pig Is A Pig
And That’s That
Big Brother’s Watching You

You Can Dress Up In Disguises
You Can Try To Mesmerize ’em
You Can Surround
Yourself With Friends
Who Tell You What You Want To Hear
But In The End No Matter What You Do
You Will Come Shining Through

The Plasmatics – A Pig Is A Pig (1984)

Anti-Muslim Protest at Dearborn during the Arab American Festival 2012


Eye witness account of the violence of Islam on the streets of Dearborn.  No Qurans were burned to incite violence.  The young Muslim youth who were filled with hate and rage waited till the Christian preachers would move and then they would attack from the back, throwing crates, glass, bottles, cans and anything else they could find.  Adults did nothing to prevent it and only till the violence escallated did the police step in.

Before you attack the preachers, remember: Muslims of Dearborn have reacted the same way to every approach of spreading the gospel, from arrests and video confiscation over David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi (a Muslim convert to Christianity)
asking basic questions about Islam, lawsuits from passing out tracts and attacks for preaching the gospel.  Can we still call Islam a religion of peace when the residents of this Muslim stronghold in the US act this way?  Where were the parents?  Where was event security?

I did not come with this group, but I support their rights to free speech and there is no excuse for the behavior of the people of Dearborn.  When I asked adults what they thought of the conduct of these young people, I was told that they were proud the youth were resisting and attacking these preachers who they also hated with a passion.  They, their parents and the adults of the neighborhood should all be ashamed of this conduct and their condoning of it.

What’s in store if we don’t take a stand against these attrocities?  Sharia law, public stoning, hangings and beheadings might be next!

Who will stand up for freedom?  Who will stand up for righteousness?

What about you?!

Jack Webb Schools Obama on Democracy

Jack Webb Schools Obama on Democracy

Jack Webb Schools Obama on Democracy

On Orwell and the U.N.

On Orwell and the U.N.

Published by UN Watch at July 3, 2012


War is Peace

UN Watch testimony delivered by Hillel Neuer before the U.N. Human Rights Council, July 3, 2012.

Thank you, Mr. President.

This year we mark the 64th anniversary of two monumental texts.

The first is the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Three years after World War II, the founders of this council created the Universal Declaration, in response, as stated in the preamble, to atrocities that shocked the conscience of mankind.  They reaffirmed that every human being has the right to life, the right to be free from torture, persecution and discrimination.

The United Nations must live up to that declaration.

Regrettably, too often in this body we are reminded of another great document from that same year: George Orwell’s classic on totalitarianism, 1984.

The novel portrays a dystopian universe where truth is turned on its head. War is Peace was the slogan.

We were reminded of Orwell most famously when the government of Libyan Col. Muammar Qaddafi was elected chair of the U.N. Human Rights Commission; and then again, only two years ago, when, despite our appeals together with the appeals of Libyan victims, Qaddafi’s regime was elected a member of this council.

We were reminded of Orwell yesterday, in this session. In the book 1984, everyone was forced to undergo a daily Two Minute of Hate.

Yesterday, contrary to the principles of universality and equality, and contrary to the plea of the Secretary-General, one nation was once again singled out for an entire day of vitriol.

And we are reminded of Orwell this week, in the proposal that is before us for a declaration on “the right to peace.” The draft report would recognize a “right to resist and oppose oppressive colonial, foreign occupation.”

That is the language used by terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Mr. President,

The notion that War is Peace was an Orwellian slogan. It should not be the law of this council, or of the United Nations. Human rights should not be turned on its head.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Pig caught in the middle : The Pygmalion Effect Controversy

LAST Thursday morning, two pigs’ heads were found at the construction site of the new mosque in Nanterre Avenue Georges Clemenceau. Two pigs heads lying on the ground, one inside the other outside. The association filed a complaint and an investigation is underway. In a statement, the president of the association Irchad expressed his outrage at this despicable and shameful act

This is the second mosque desecrated in a week. A few days ago tags Nazis were inscribed on the facade of the mosque in Montigny Ostrevent.




A WAR AGAINST PIGS ON ONE SIDE AND THE OTHER SIDE PIGS AGAINST WAR. And this War is not a joke !  Far from it ! People are living from Pigs, by working and eating. But The Muslims Won’t Let that be..  It is against Their Rules.. They Hate That Animal So Much, that everything from it or touching become unholy sort of speak. If George Orwell knew that for his Pig’s Farm Book, I don’t know. But Who Are The Pigs I have No Doubts !!!

The Pygmalion effect :

“The inability of a human being to be objective is the ultimate source of this bias”

Introducing Halal to the World
(For Health Reason !)
Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Family Pig Take Action
Today, I am urging you to join hundreds of thousands of NaturalNews readers, DrudgeReport readers and InfoWars listeners across the country in taking action to loudly and aggressively denounce the Michigan state government’s actions in terrorizing farmers and forcing a slaughter of their traditional animal herds.

Farmers into Felons that could face four years in prison
March 28, 2012


A number of small family farms in rural Michigan may be shutdown by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), after they passed a new law thatbans farmers from raising certain breeds of free range pigs.

The DNR issued a declaratory ruling that says any pig that displays certain characteristics, characteristics that almost all free range pigs show, be deemed a feral pig that must be destroyed. Anyone that refuses to kill their pigs will be effectively turned into a felon that could face major jail time.

Beginning April 1st 2012, Michigan’s “Invasive Species Order” (ISO) makes raising certain types of free range pigs a felony crime punishable by up to four years in prison. The order allows the Michigan DNR to seize and destroy the free range breeds without compensating the farmers whose pigs are killed. Remember, these are the same type of pigs that small family farmers have been successfully raising for decades in Michigan. In fact, the order is so brood that almost all pigs, with the exception of those raised in large commercial slaughterhouses, would be effected.

These farmers are now stuck with only two choices, face the prospect of becoming a felon or see their farm shutdown and their livelihood taken away.

Bakers Green Acres vs. Michigan DNR – Family Farm Under Attack

Then can watch the Propaganda Video that I did put already :
Why pig is prohibited in Islam ?

Treatment of Pigs In Egypt

And What Happen With Pigs Happen With People…

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