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In The Story Of The English League of which I’ve been an Offspring and now more like an Orphan. Ideas Doesn’t Die Easily, our Struggle is far from  reaching an end.


In a faraway time, The EDL did look for a Political Voice, and I think It was a good idea at the time. Still is.


Some talks with Britain First Been Made…But for some reason didn’t lead anywhere.

And The EDL Find Itself With The LibertyG.B. and Paul Weston see video.

I believe Paul Weston to possess all qualities necessary to step in the Political World.


Back To Britain First, it has keep going, growing stronger, I believe they have to do with the fact Anjem Choudary been arrested. I believe that Britain First has push to the system to look into matters as Children Grooming, it did take 14 to 15 years….of horror, to at last open the eyes on this subject.



In today’s Bradford Telegraph & Argus, Prime Minister David Cameron is reported as branding “the far-right” English Defence League as “hateful”. He said the resignation of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll proved how extremist the organisation is.

Bradford Council leader David Green has apparently written to Mr Cameron calling on him to tighten up the legislation around EDL demonstrations and, in response, Mr Cameron said: “The police are allowed to ban marches on certain grounds, that’s set in law.”

Under the glaring eye of press and television, Tommy made some blunt comments about extremist factions within the EDL. He regretted his remarks later and apologised, explaining that he had not meant to suggest that everyone left in the EDL was an extremist or a neo-nazi, but that was enough incentive for the newspapers, television, Marxist organisations and politicians, left and right, to attempt to demonise those of us who are determined to continue the fight against Islamic extremism.

We would respectfully remind Mr. Cameron that our rights to peaceful protest are enshrined not just in English law and tradition, and in that precious English heritage we are struggling to preserve, but in European and international treaties and agreements. We are not knuckle-dragging hooligans who can be slandered and pushed aside. We are ordinary people, normal people, the English people, and our voice will be heard.

This coming weekend we will take to the streets of Bradford and we will raise our banners and our voices against the child sex grooming gangs that your authorities, Mr. Cameron, would rather pretend did not exist because to investigate them might upset certain parts of the community. We are not ashamed to expose these disgusting practices and the motivation behind them.

We are not racist, not violent, just no longer silent and we will not surrender!



One For The Lads. One For All

One For The Lads,

As Seen On  :


One For All : Great Drums


WELL DONE : Lee Marsh’s Speech from the EDL Northwest alliance in Manchester 2nd March 2013

Marshy’s speech from todays demo #edl #manchester

+ WELL DONE + From :

Lee Marsh’s Speech from the EDL Northwest alliance

demo in Manchester 2nd March 2013

March 2, 2013 by scousenationalist Permalink.


“I’m not a public speaker so don’t expect work worthy of Shakespeare or a massive monologue of educated speech, because quite simply it just isn’t going to happen.

There are plenty of reasons that were all actually here today. Mine put simply are that I am a British Nationalist, a Loyalist and a Patriot like all of you here today. I am quite rightly proud of my country, my Queen and the Flags that fill me with pride. I’m standing on this stage today because I have a few words which need to be said and heard by everyone and where’s better to do it than here, in the North, OUR NORTH!

The First thing I want to challenge today is that for any of these Demo’s or Marches to make an impact in the future or to make that difference we need not only numbers but Solidarity between Nationalists, Patriots an Loyalists alike. Over the past 2 years we’ve seen decline in numbers from the first demo’s and marches and most of this is due to petty bickering and division which either occurs pissed up, on Facebook, pissed up on Facebook and people being sent down for crap on Facebook.

Facebook isn’t the reason were all here today, were all here today, many different organisations united under a common cause. The sooner people grow up and realise they need to leave their crap to one side for the greater good the sooner we can increase and put bigger numbers out once again. Saying that, I’d sooner stand here today with all of you united under a common goal with solidarity than 10,000 pissed up bickering Facebook idiots who can’t keep their traps shut and fingers still.

I WILL FIGHT and I am prepared to Bleed for my Country, my Queen, Flag and Brothers and sisters stood before me

I don’t stand here as a member of the EDL, the NWI, CXF or EVF I stand here as me, a concerned citizen for this country. A country you’ll all agree which is in great decline a country were all having to watch go down the shitter and stand idle. The left stood over there opposing us quite happily and proudly stand by, support and promote their views their ideology and their hate. They’ll quite happily see an end to British Values, Traditions and a future for the Western man. Why they hate their heritage puzzles me all I know is that I WONT STAND BY WHILE MY HERITAGE IS RESIDED TO THE HISTORY BOOKS.

It’s not about the 3 Letters of the group you’ve chosen to align yourself with or follow, it’s about an entire movement of British Citizens in OUR country.

This Movement is bigger than any of these groups and more important than any member or any of the groups. No member is bigger than the cause.


Look around at all the groups stood together here in unity. We do have the ability to stand together, work together an if needed FIGHT together! Side by side, back to back.

All Loyalists, Patriots an Nationalists need to remember what it is they stand for and think about the big picture, what’s important why they got involved.

Our Biggest enemy is ourselves, our words, our actions and Facebook.

The Cultural identity of our Generation, our Culture, our past and our future is at great risk of becoming non-existent. We as a modern society. Should take the time to respect, an celebrate every religion and culture, which is not a bad thing I might add. But the favour must be returned. Why should we accept their culture in our country when they don’t respect ours in our own country.

It is 2013, not 1813. However…. what about our Cultures an traditions, why do we not educate an celebrate them?

It has become almost Taboo to say that you are true English an you are proud, you are almost automatically labelled as a racist, fascist or Nazi.

George Orwell once wrote “In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman, and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true, that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during “God Save the King” than stealing from a poor box”. George Orwell

We all bang about Islam but Islams not the only issue we should fight head on. Yes were all in agreement its a barbaric hate filled paedophillic cult. The imposition of Sharia Controlled zones must be met with British grit, we’ve all seen the videos. Islams just one problem we face, admittedly it is the probably the most dangerous due to what is preached and educated against the west.

But we also have the Bedroom Taxation, we can’t let the left be the only ones to face and fight this farce we must unite under a banner and fight back too. Its a taxation on the working class in a effort to make the poor poorer and rich richer, we have the banks ripping us off. Banks we own, IMMIGRATION and racial division.

There’s plenty to face, plenty to talk about and plenty to do.

Here we stand united, no 3 letters to divide us not one banner nor flag were, The United Nationalists, Patriots and Loyalists of Great Britain. English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish united for a common a goal a common cause and under the Union Jack. Were the foot soldiers of Britishness, British Values, Traditions and the Guardians of our nations future. The battles and bad times of today are for the better thoughts of tomorrow.

“A nation which has forgotten its past can have no future.” Sir Winston Churchill

That’s enough me, thank you. WHOS FUCKEN STREETS?”

EDL Manchester 2013 (the march)

+ NS + NR +


“A nation which has forgotten its past can have no future.” Sir Winston Churchill”


+Scotland is Rising+

KEEP IT TRIBAL ! EDL, Keep It Tribal !

KEEP IT TRIBAL ! EDL, Keep It Tribal !

Beware False Patriots

Posted: December 8, 2012

Keep it real peeps, keep it EDL!
There’s some real exciting stuff coming up for the new year so have yourselves a great Christmas, recharge, and then the gloves are off, no more playing Mr Nice guy with a religion that continues to be in a perpetual spiral of offence, hatred and violence, the so called moderates and reformers have had their chances to stand up and be counted, your silence still deafens us and your unwillingness to take action and deal with the scumbags in your midst means that somebody else will have to, so I suppose that means we will. No more namby pambying around the sensitivities of Islamists, a spade is a spade, and if you don’t like it then feel free to move to a sharia driven hellhole where your backward 7th century beliefs will be accommodated.
This people is England, this people is about real patriotism, this is a new phase for the English Defence League and it’s going to be lively!
Stay true, keep fighting and never ever surrender your children’s futures, not now not ever!
"Keep It Tribal" : English Defence League True Colours

It’s all confusing ..just the part about Britain First ..BF is not BNP or NF.. they say Patriotic and not Nationalist ¨

They haven’t say anything against EDL or members of EDL.. it’s like a movement among other movement, nothing wrong like Casuals, like CxF,, like EVF, Like Infidels United and so on.. Diversity is Unity = Strength!

And not like taking away the diversity to be an Unique movement that will claps into divisions .. (what nearly happen by the way) The Critics of the BNP was disgusting and all that shame go back to them !

But a Motto : Could Be :KEEP IT TRIBAL ! EDL !, Keep It Tribal !

You can’t “convert” a Tribe to ONE movement, but by the : RESPECT of every TRIBE, create a FORCE ! Every Tribe getting its own differences (and respect those differences) That when all force are combined …Then You Got The Numbers.. that is more and more Lacking This days.. in any movement. Those who are chilled by this or that, don’t get the reason to be chilled anymore because they represent their own Tribe !

If you hear PP, (a personal Friend) EDL loyal figure, marching with MFE, obviously marching with BF.. and probably marching with other that I don’t know of. I don’t believe he has turn his back on EDL, NEVER ! On the contrary he show the way on How an EDL Tribe Leader behave, by been there, it is A part of EDL who’s there, he represent The Tribe ! As any member of EDL be doing so, by been a part of all Demos or Happening all over Britain that goes into The COMMON CAUSE ! No Surrender !


W. T. Knox


VIDEO: Southend-On-Sea “No more mosques!”

North West Infidels Stop IRA March Liverpool 18/2/2012.CXF

The annual ‘March for England’ procession

EDL Norwich November 10th 2012.

English Volunteer Force


+hold fast+

Public Image Ltd – Rise


Well It Look like Right…And It is Great To SEE THEM GOING ALONG !!!

Members from North West Alliance, English Defence League, Casuals United, Scottish Defence League, North West Infidels, English Volunteer Force, South West Alliance and North West Front Line was present at the demo!

A unified movement demonstrated in Manchester yesterday (2nd March 2013).


Keep It Tribal EDL ..And All Tribes Will Come as A Strength, that a single one may crack, but all together it Stand Unbreakable!


New Kids on the Block – Meeting the English Volunteer Force (EVF)



Sure isn’t. But understand, that what Happen Here, is BIG, It is a Turning Point. Or for the very least a THINKING POINT.


Yes there is lot of work to DO.

And I will put (one among other)  “My Trip To Walthamstow” By Zoe

While some end up in Camden Market ..???.. still have that one to understand ! Blue is Blue But Not every ble..

Ok, Some too decided to go “by their own”.. The Area is in such, that you can very easily get from a to place an other, as long you are in “Southern Walthamstow”…which were the case.


This a fact, and probably I’ll be not here writing what I’m writing..


May be it is not to me to UNDERLINE THEM.. But there are PLENTLY !!!













My trip to #Walthamstow by Zoe #edl

by casualsunited

We had a bad feeling about this demo, could not understand how the MET were allowing us to march through the streets of Walthamstow and we KNEW it was going to be a massive stitch up. For this reason my sister and me decided to travel to Walthamstow on our own and wander about to see what was what. There were gangs of pyjama wearers on every street corner, eagerly awaiting the chance to attack the EDL. Some of them even started praying in the street such is the grip of the brainwashing they have had imposed upon them. We sat on a wall and watched as lefty gimps who looked like schoolteachers ran around rabble rousing and trying to sell Socialist Worker papers LOL. Town Square was totally infested with Commies and Muslim youth were running around excitedly. We wandered through the streets and could see Muslim youths staring at us suspiciously as we innocently walked around. Knowing that if they knew who we were they would have murdered us was a whole lot of fun. What a buzz. A town called Malice.

When the EDL march appeared in the distance that was it. We were barged out of the was as Somalis and Muslims rushed from every side street to attack with stones and bottles. Fair play to the police they were battling it out with them in the backstreets and there were a lot of angry scenes in the streets away from the march. We could see the EDL fighting to get out and have a go back and police steaming into them with batons. We got into a park and hordes of Muslims were running along throwing eggs and stones. This was heavy now. The EDL were near the demo area but it was infested with Muslims and Commies. They had sat in the road with their kids and were refusing to move. Tommy and co were being bombarded with rocks by the crowd of about 500 hysterical Muslims and their Antifa pals. The police started marching the EDL back as they couldn’t get them to the demo area as the Commies were so close there would have been a full on riot. This was bad public order planning and you have to think it was deliberate. Cars full of young Muslims started turning up and the Commies Social Worker types started to drift away as the atmosphere was becoming positively nasty. We felt like some of the Muslim youth were looking at us and some Commies suspiciously, no doubt they weren’t truly happy to stand next to Kuffar while defending “their area”. Weve got a lot of pics and will sort them out shortly.

We decided to “do one” and flanked the EDL march back down to Blackhorse rd. They again came under sustained attack and in the back streets hordes of Muslims and some blacks were on the rampage, fighting the police. The EDL were still chanting and trying to have a go back and we were totally proud of them. At the end of the day, patriots had marched through an area which is basically a multicultural hell hole, come under a massive attack and were walking back out with heads held high. Well done everyone who attended.

Back at Blackhorse road a smaller group of lefties were there screaming and shouting and talking about “Cable Street” YAWN. They had obviously decided this was safer than further up the road where if they had stayed any longer they would have probably been attacked by angry Muslims who were fuming that they couldn’t get at EDL.

Police then decided that they were going to arrest the whole EDL demo, it looked like approx 350-400 people for a suspected “breach of the peace”. If they had just put them straight back on the tube the whole situation would have been diffused. Instead they kept them there for hours. We heard a coppers radio say that hundreds of “youths” were on the rampage an d that a bus had been set on fire. We decided it was time to get away.

I notice that the police have not told the media about the vicious rioting we saw, or that they unlawfully arrested possibly 400 people. They were heavily criticized after arresting 172 on Armistice Day and I expect they’d like to cover this one up. Not on our shift. Becki is working on a complaint letter and advice on making complaints and on suing for false imprisonment, watch this space. Police have apparently told the EDL they can expect the same treatment on any future London demos. They also admitted they cant use dogs against Muslim rioters as they find the dogs offensive. I find police dogs trying to bite me offensive, and I found Somali and Pakistani youths attacking my friends pretty offensive too.

Well done everyone who made the trip. What is the point of liason when this is how they treat you? Whoever made the decision to detain the EDL at this stage has made a serious error of judgement.



…There Always Will Be an ENGLAND.. I believe that all my heart, but it might be I haven’t realize still yet.. that it might be somewhere else then in the actual ENGLAND..




Wilhem T. Knox


Next Post

Same here…
I have notice that I’m a sort of ban from your blog.. it is ok.. not first time my sense of humour has ban me from other place
Whatever.. we agree ! The difference is just One who try to BUILD and One who try to Destroy.. different ideas and angles of point of view is good.


But if we don’t let ourselves an open door to “evolve” .. we’re just gonna stick where we are, with the same moaning .. So, or People like to moan and it is their purpose in life..or they evolve and take seriously the challenge of today in order to may not have to “moan” so much in the future.. because as it goes.. moaning.. will soon be (it is already) one of the “softest” word what one can use.






But here again .. Moaning..Humour :





PS : I think it went more then once sorry for that..

Restructuration Of the Swiss Defence League / Restructuration de la Swiss Defence League

    +Restructuration Of the Swiss Defence League+ 

And put some Mise Au Point !

– How the Swiss Defence League did it come to exist?

Response to the Call of Luton, who created the English Defence League

This was a homecoming parade for serving soldiers who had just got back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The day was very emotional as some soldiers did not make it back. Proud citizens shook hands and congratulated the soldiers as they passed. There were however on this day, muslims who thought it a good idea to hold up signs with filth on and hurl abuse at the soldiers. The Luton people were absolutely livid and tried to get at the muslim protesters but the police shielded them from the upset crowd. It is reported the EDL were born out of this disgusting attack on our troops.

This Is and will Remain the essence of our Existence. As the English Defence League got a Path of its own, ours is our own too.
There is no symmetry But Same Source. And by that always united in one spirit!

– Is there A Political Party Behind The Swiss Defence League ?

The Answer is NO

But it is clear that the Swiss People Party is one of the few parties has dared to address these topics and even have a voice in Bern, so in all these subjects that are either right or left, should give our support to the SPP party or anyone who would slow our Islamization!

This same approach as The ASIN, Swiss Independence and Neutrality!

– Religion in the Swiss Defence League?

The Sign of the Templar’s Union Temple Mount.
Whether one is Jewish or Christian or not, there is (or should) deal with a respect there.
It means a respect for the Jewish State: Israel.
There is in this country, different ways of thinking, and it’s not because you are Israeli or Jew that has any effect. But those of Israel who love their country from the mediterranean to the Jordan River will have our support.

For Christendom:

Protestant or Catholic or Orthodox should be able to keep their traditions on their respective traditional lands!

Christian minorities in the Arab world

Should be the first to take as refugees in our Christians country!

The Templar!

Yes, You ! the Templar has yet to say and do, Reconquista!,

protect the Holy Places and Pilgrims and Roads.

Yes The standard of the Survey is Beauseant!
Yes The Swords will face the Sabers again!

And Yes The Motto Stay :

Not unto us,O Lord, not unto us, but to Thy Name give glory.”

Psalm 115, verse 1


 +Restructuration de la Swiss Defence League+

 Et mettre quelques Mise Au Point !

 – Comment la Swiss Defence League est-elle venue a exister ?

 Par la Réponse à l’Appel de Luton, qui a créé l’English Defence League

 Ceci EST et RESTERA l’essence de notre existence, avec assez en Suisse de quoi continuer, comme l’English Defence League a Son Chemin qui lui est propre, le notre l’est également.

Il n’y a aucune symétrie Mais une Source Identique.

Et par cela toujours unis dans un même esprit !

 – Y a-t-il un Parti Politique derrière la Swiss Defence League ?

La réponse est NON

Mais il est clair que l’UDC est l’un des rares partis a oser aborder ces sujets et même faire entendre notre voix à Berne, donc dans tous ces sujets que l’on soit de Droite ou de Gauche, on ne peut qu’apporter notre soutient à l’UDC ou a quiconque parti, qui ralentirait notre Islamisation !

Ceci dans la même approche qu’à l’ASIN, Suisse Indépendance et Neutralité !

 – La Religion au sein de la Swiss Defence League ?

 Le Signe Templier est l’Union du Mont du Temple.

Que l’on soit Juif ou Chrétien ou autres, il y a ( ou devrait avoir) un respect face à cet endroit.

Cela signifie un respect pour l’Etat Juif : ISRAEL.

Il y a dans ce pays, differents modes de pensées, et ce n’est pas parce que Israelien ou Juif que cela a un effet quelconque. Mais ceux d’Israel qui aiment leur pays de la méditérannée jusqu’à la Rivièredu Jourdain auront notre soutient.

Pour la Chrétienneté:

 Protestant ou Catholic ou Orthodox doivent pouvoir garder leurs traditions sur leurs terres traditionnelles respectives !

Les minorités chrétiennes dans le monde Arabe

 Devraient être les premiers réfugiés à prendre dans nos pays !

Le Templier !

 Oui, TOI, le Templier a encore à dire et à faire, Reconquista!,

Protéger les lieux Saints et les Pèlerins et les Routes.

 Oui L’étendard du Beauséant est Levé !

Oui L’épée fera face aux Sabres de nouveau !

Et Oui le Moto restera :

 “Non pas à nous, ô Seigneur, non pas à nous, mais à Ton nom donne gloire.”

Come, my brethren! Take courage and stand beneath our banner! The darkness closes in, and we are the only true defenders of the Light! March to victory and arise triumphant!






Présentation du MOSCI

Mouvement Suisse Contre l’Islamisation

Schweizerische Bewegung gegen die Islamisierung

Movimento svizzero contro l’islamizzazione


The Swiss Movement against islamization (MOSCI) was created July 27, 2007 in Lausanne. To date, five people gathered to lay the groundwork for this project. Today, the MOSCI is an association of just under 100 members and nearly 160 supporters.
The MOSCI has set a goal to reveal to everyone the true face of Islam: that of a warrior doctrine, racist, expansionist and defends particular application of the precautionary principle with regard to religious extremism.

The MOSCI is not religiously or politically oriented but welcomes people of all faiths and all political backgrounds. If MOSCI is not a religious group, it is not an anti-religious group: it supports a form of secularism without defending an ideological secularism whose consequences tend to negation and obliteration of root Judaeo-Christian religious in Switzerland.

See Islam as a religion alongside Christianity or Buddhism, is to put the slippery slope of political correctness, because if the majority of people of Muslim law-abiding state in which they resident and its inhabitants, this doctrine remains incompatible with democracy (as recognized by the European Court of Human Rights in 2001).

An objective and thorough review of Islam shows that it is totalitarian. Like all totalitarian doctrines, Islam wants in his ideal, reign over the whole Earth and regulate every detail of daily life for everyone. The account of his divine essence gives this doctrine two points ahead of Nazism or Communism:
1. his followers comply and give up the critical vision much easier.
2. Islam has the status of religion, therefore constitutionally protected on freedom of worship.

If our parliamentarians are not yet ready to approve the application of sharia law in a block, the threat remains very real as a creeping Islamization and subversive:
By the fact of political correctness and the ever present threat of terrorism, the voices opposing the Islamification are timid and weak, which gives free rein to Islamist handlers (eg Tariq Ramadan) who do not hesitate to lie about the content of their own doctrine (what they are allowed under the Islamic principle of taqqia) to serve its ultimate purpose: the expansion. The latter who pose as experts prepare Western society by sowing doubt and guilt for passing on the grill later.

Terrorists and manipulators, two types of Islamists share the same goals, come to mobilize more and more people among the Muslim population and to install communitarianism. The actual pro-Islam and their claims are then stronger and stronger. It is at this stage that is Switzerland.

What is the next phase? The point of no return, where the Muslim community comes to speak with one voice by the effect of communalism, while non-practitioners eventually adopt the position of their big brothers bearded under threat and the effect of communitarianism. It is here that happened in France and its suburbs where entire communities are coming to demand the establishment of Islamic courts on these French territories now colonized by Islam. At this point, the choice is between Islamization or a form of civil war.

The cowardice of politicians, however, can also lead to an Islamization “by snacking” when they come to sell by claiming, for example, the distribution of halal meat or construction of Islamic buildings. This happens also in Switzerland where the Federal Commission against Racism request (example among many others) to teach Islam in schools and universities. It might even come to see the Islamists under the dome, as can be expected in the 2.5% of the vote in national elections in Belgium obtained by PCP (Islamist party wishing to apply sharia).

Besides the politicians, the economy may also be an important driver of Islamization, some supermarkets such as Casino, a taste of profit, investing in halal and some banks such as UBS and Credit Suisse decided to embark Islamic finance

Integrate with our legal and constitutional for Muslims requires a development of critical thinking vis-à-vis the Islamic doctrine, which includes moving away from some of the very foundations of Islam. We must be aware of the danger of Islam as it is, remain vigilant for its expansion in the West and act against Islamization. This is the objective of Switzerland Movement against islamization.


Le Mouvement Suisse Contre l’Islamisation (MOSCI) a été créé le 27 juillet 2007 à Lausanne. A ce jour, cinq personnes se réunissaient pour jeter les bases de ce projet. Aujourd’hui, le MOSCI, c’est une association comptant un peu moins de 100 membres et près de 160 sympathisants.
Le MOSCI s’est fixé pour but de dévoiler à chacun le vrai visage de l’islam : celui d’une doctrine guerrière, raciste et expansionniste et défend tout particulièrement l’application du principe de précaution en matière d’extrémisme religieux.

Le MOSCI n’est orienté ni religieusement ni politiquement, mais accueille des individus de toutes confessions et de tous horizons politiques. Si le MOSCI n’est pas un groupe religieux, il n’est pas non plus un groupe antireligieux : il est favorable à une forme de laïcité sans pour autant défendre un laïcisme idéologique dont les conséquences tendent vers la négation et l’effacement des racines religieuses judéo-chrétiennes en Suisse.

Considérer l’islam comme une religion au même titre que le christianisme ou le bouddhisme, c’est mettre le doigt dans l’engrenage du politiquement correct, car si la majorité des personnes de confession musulmane respectent la loi et l’Etat dans lequel ils résident ainsi que ses habitants, cette doctrine demeure incompatible avec la démocratie (tel que l’a reconnu la Cour Européenne des Droits de l’Homme en 2001).

Un examen objectif et approfondi de l’islam montre qu’il est totalitaire. Comme toutes les doctrines totalitaires, l’islam veut, dans son idéal, régner sur la Terre entière et réguler les moindres détails de la vie quotidienne de chacun. La considération de son essence divine confère à cette doctrine deux points d’avance sur le nazisme ou le communisme :
1. ses fidèles s’y conforment et renoncent à la vision critique bien plus facilement.
2. l’islam bénéficie du statut de religion, donc d’une protection constitutionnelle relative à la liberté de culte.

Si nos parlementaires ne sont pas encore prêts à approuver l’application de la charia en un bloc, la menace demeure bien réelle sous forme d’une islamisation rampante et subversive :
Par le fait du politiquement correct et de la menace omniprésente du terrorisme, les voix opposées à l’islamisation sont timides et faibles, ce qui laisse libre cours aux manipulateurs islamistes (ex :Tariq Ramadan) qui n’hésitent pas à mentir sur le contenu de leur propre doctrine (ce dont ils sont autorisés conformément au principe islamique de la taqqia) pour servir sa fin ultime : l’expansion. Ces derniers qui se font passer pour des spécialistes apprêtent la société occidentale en y semant le doute et la culpabilité pour la passer plus tard au grill.

Terroristes et manipulateurs, deux types d’islamistes partageant les mêmes buts, en viennent à mobiliser de plus en plus d’individus parmi la population musulmane et à y installer le communautarisme. Les effectifs pro-islam et leurs revendications se font alors de plus en plus forts. C’est à ce stade qu’en est la Suisse.

Quelle est la phase suivante ? Le point de non-retour, celui où la communauté musulmane en vient à parler d’une seule voix par effet de communautarisme, alors que les non-pratiquants finissent par adopter la position de leurs grands frères barbus sous la menace et l’effet de communautarisme. C’est à ce niveau qu’en est arrivé la France et ses banlieues où des communautés entières en viennent à exiger l’instauration de tribunaux islamiques sur ces territoires français désormais colonisé par l’islam. A ce moment, le choix se fait entre l’islamisation ou une forme de guerre civile.

La lâcheté de certains politiciens peut cependant déboucher aussi sur une islamisation « par grignotage » lorsqu’ils en viennent à céder en réclamant, par exemple, la distribution de viande halal ou la construction d’édifices islamiques. Cela se passe en Suisse aussi où la Commission Fédérale contre le Racisme demande (exemple parmi tant d’autres) d’enseigner l’islam dans les écoles et les universités. On pourrait même en arriver à voir des islamistes sous la coupole, tel que peuvent le laisser présager les 2,5% des suffrages aux élections nationales belges obtenus par le PCP (parti islamiste voulant appliquer la charia).

Outre les politiciens, l’économie peut aussi être un important moteur de l’islamisation, certains supermarchés tel que Casino, par goût du profit, investissant dans le halal et certaines banques telles que l’UBS ou le Crédit Suisse décidant de se lancer dans les finances islamiques

S’intégrer à notre ordre juridique et constitutionnel nécessite pour les musulmans un développement de leur esprit critique vis-à-vis de la doctrine islamique, ce qui inclut de s’éloigner de certains des fondements même de l’islam. Nous devons être conscient du danger que représente l’islam tel qu’il est, demeurer vigilant face à son expansion en Occident et agir contre l’islamisation. Tel est l’objectif du Mouvement Suisse Contre l’Islamisation.

BF/ EDL Strategy Meeting


On Thursday the Executive Council of British Freedom met with officials from the English Defence League to discuss how we will co-operate over the next year and how to promote and develop British Freedom. Below are some of the main points touched on in the meeting.

In order to raise the party’s public profile, British Freedom representatives will attend EDL demos and other public events, using banners and placards to create a highly visible presence, and leaflets and other materials to promote the party. The first event is expected to be Rochdale on 9th June.

In conjunction with British Freedom Veterans’ Group, we intend to organise an activity for the UK Armed Forces Day on 30 June, to show our support for the armed forces and our opposition to government defence cuts.

Party leaders are planning to go to Stockholm to deliver a public apology on behalf of Luton for the fact that the Stockholm bomber was radicalised in the town.

Paul Weston, Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll will attend the SIOE (Stop the Islamisation of America) event in New York on September 11. This will be a high-profile visit with excellent opportunities to publicise British Freedom internationally.

We are looking at opportunities for live audio and/ or video Q&A sessions for the public to engage with party leaders online. We would like to make this a regular (possibly monthly) event, once the systems are set up.

Paul W. estimated that we need to raise £1 million to contest effectively the 2015 General Election. Therefore the party will begin looking for new sources of finance and more effectively utilising those we already have access to.

British Freedom is to contest the Bedfordshire Policing and Crime Commissioner elections. We will stand a senior member of the party, to be announced very soon.

British Freedom will also be looking closely at parliamentary by-elections, with Paul W., Stephen L. and Kevin C. each ready and willing to contest a suitable seat.

Policy was also discussed. On housing, Kevin C. raised the issue of families struggling to pay taxes etc. with worries about losing their homes. It was suggested that we look into possible changes to the law to give families greater protection for their homes. It was envisaged that such efforts would run in tandem with a nationwide programme of renovation and building aimed at making housing once again affordable for working families

Also addressed was the problem of immigrants abusing the welfare system, e.g. obtaining prescriptions for family members in the home country. It was suggested that any settled immigrants must work the equivalent of 5-10 years full-time in the UK before entitlement to welfare. (It was noted that British Freedom policy is to halt immigration for at least 5 years upon us coming to power, as well as locating and expelling all illegal immigrants.)

It was recommended that British Freedom take a strong line in support of the gay community, who are increasingly finding themselves under verbal and physical attack from Islamic extremists.

It was agreed that British Freedom in association with the EDL should organise a major international conference next year with top speakers from the anti-jihad/ freedom movement. Date, speakers and UK venue to be decided.

English Defence League’s Tommmy Robinson & Kevin Caroll join British Freedom Party as Vice Chairmen

United States of America Defence League Begins Operations


America now has its own Defence League

I have read the Mission Statement and personally agree with the goals and rules of conduct.  As a new member, I encourage you to check out the site at and consider becoming a member yourself. Washington and your State Legislators are not going to move forward in any way, shape, or fashion unles there is a competent, cohesive group that they can take seriously enough to listen to.

Join the United States of America Defence League to halt Sharia Law

We the people have certain unalienable rights and among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The American government has chosen to embrace either out of evil or out of ignorance, a system of global governance that seeks to destroy us all, resulting in the death of the United States of America, to be reborn as a 7th century…

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I am Macedonian!
Watch and listen.
This is the truth, the truth that must must be told.
If you ever wanted to understand why?
Watch and Listen.
Today, as we enter the 21st century, the Macedonians of Greece continue to be harassed and discriminated by the Greek government, 87 years since Greece took over Aegean Macedonia. The Macedonian language is still not recognized, the Macedonian nationality is still denied, and the Macedonians are still forced to have Greek family names, because having a Macedonian name Greece considers illegal. Human Rights Watch (Denying Ethnic Identity – Macedonians of Greece), Amnesty International, and the European Community have the Greek oppression of the Macedonians well documented, found Greece guilty, and demanded that it recognize the Macedonian language and nation and end its oppression. Despite of it, the Macedonians continue to exist in Greece as majority in the northern half of Aegean Macedonia and as minority in the southern half, and peacefully continue to demand their human rights. Will Greece ever became a democracy?

The ancient Macedonians used their own vernacular, Macedonian language. There are number of testimonials from the ancient historians in support of this fact. For instance, the Greek historian Plutarch (I AD), describing a quarrel between Alexander The Great and one of his friends wrote that Alexander “jumped on his feet and in Macedonian called on his shield-bearers”11).
Special Thanks to all the Macedonians and all the countries that Recognized Republic of Macedonia, Thank you Tale and all my fellow Macedonians for Inspiring this video and words. Thank you
Just some of the Countries that Recognized Macedonia

United States of America, United Kingdom, People’s Republic of China, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia,  Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bolivia, Botswana, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malaysia, Maldives, Moldova, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nauru, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam


a blaze that destroyed the Macedonia Church of God


Monday, May 7, 2012Macedonian Muslims “Death to Christians” -Demand Release of Murder Suspects
There is a lot to clarify before we start:

Modern Macedonia is a Slavic-speaking and peopled region. There has been a war of words between the Greeks and leaders of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) over who should have a right to the name Macedonia. To provide a reasonable clear picture without inviting irreverent debate on ancient Macedonia, I will be brief: The Macedon of Phillip II and Alexander the Great were either ethnically Greek or were perhaps a Greek/Illyrian mix that was highly Hellenized. Slavic tribes did not migrate to the Balkans until the 5th-6th century AD. Having said that, I think that, with the problems that the modern Macedonians have with Albanian Muslims and the Greeks with Turks in Cyprus, the two nations should forgive and forget any bad feelings about the use of a name and concentrate on real problems.

What, as usual, gets written off by the Press as “ethnic tensions”, has actually been a war of terror by Albanian Muslims who reside in Macedonia on Christian Macedonians, Many Churches, some hundreds to several hundred years-old, have been burned. In addition to the destruction of the actual edifices, irreplaceable religious artwork, such as Icons, were lost. One of my hobbies is Orthodox Church artwork, and the types of icons that are commonly found in Macedonian Churches are clear favorites of mine. One of the Churches were burned after Macedonian Christians reportedly mocked the Koran and Islam at a carnival. You, know tit-for-tat, Muslims mock the Bible and Christians are supposed to do nothing, Christians mock Islam, and Churches are burned.

It appears that the Islam-mocking was preceded by the burring of a Macedonian flag by Muslims.

A destroyed Church for a mocked religion – that’s a pretty fair trade.

One of the more recent “ethnic tensions”, from which Christians constitute the heavily disproportionate amount of victims, was the murder of five Macedonian Christians who were fishing on Good Friday  (Christian Holy Days are big for Muslim-on-Christian violence). A few days ago, arrests were made. In response to the arrest, Albanian Muslims took to the streets demanding the release of the suspects, shouting “Death to Christians” and “War on Christians”, displaying Al-Qaeda symbols, and performing other sundry feats of Islamic tolerance.

Video of the protests on the link below:

Post on the protest below. Note the clothing (and lack thereof) of some of the protesters. I have no doubt that, once Islamic rule is consolidated in that region, Muslims will still be allowed to go out in public similarly attired.

For the record, the Balkans conflict that kicked off in the early 90’s was not one in which the good guys could be easily discerned. There were atrocities being committed by all sides. The Serbs, Croats, Albanians, etc, all had grievances that went back centuries and these people have long memories. I will note, though, that the Serbs by far got the raw deal as far as bad press was concerned; their atrocities were magnified and they were depicted as almost the sole perpetrators of war crimes. The Albanians of Kosovo were for the most part painted in the West (Including in the US) as innocent and oppressed victims. So, NATO, with a large US contingent, was put to work in an action that effectively established a Muslim State in Europe.
The success of the Albanian Kosovars no doubt inspired ethnic Albanian Muslims in Macedonia to take their shot at creating a Greater Albania. I also suspect that the continued US support for anything Muslim versus Christian, as seen in our continued pressure on Middle East regimes*, has provided sufficient cause for Macedonian Albanians to assume that the West will put pressure on Macedonia to cave in to their demands.

* I have noted in previous posts that the autocratic regimes such as those of Egypt, Iraq, and Syria at least provided some measure of protection to Christians. This protection has proven to be the first thing to go in each and very instance of  “Arab Spring” harvests. In Iraq, we did not even need an Arab Spring for the ceiling to collapse on Christians, the US-lead invasion was enough by itself.

For those who are a bit confused as to how so many Muslims wound up in that region of the Balkans centuries ago, a quick summary will bring you up to speed. It’s all about Islamic, (In this case of the Ottoman Empire-type) tolerance. The Ottomans had conquered most of the Balkans (One of the major battles was that of Kosovo in 1389-Serbian Prince Lazar’s forces suffered tremendous casualties in a courageous struggle) even before Constantinople fell in 1453. Islamic tolerance includes the payment of the Jizya, the head tax levied on all Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and the few others whose religious beliefs are OK enough to escape immediate death or slavery. Those who are subject to the Jizya are referred to as Dhimmi**, which literally translated means “protected peoples” but in intention and practice ensures a second-class level of citizenship.

For those who have been fed a steady diet of anti-Christian Crusades propaganda, the following will give you an idea of how different it was for Muslims under Christian rule in the Crusaders States. The quote from Ibn-Jubayr is rock-solid as far as credibility goes and has never, to my knowledge, been contradicted by any historian.
“Even Maalouf in The Crusades Through Arab Eyes, reports the observations of Spanish Muslim Ibn Jubayr who traversed the Mediterranean on his way to Mecca in the early 1180’s and found that the Muslims were far better off in those lands controlled by the Crusaders than they were in Muslim ruled lands. And that Muslims preferred to live in the Crusader realms as those lands were more orderly and better managed.

Ibn Jubayr wrote: “Whose lands were efficiently cultivated. The inhabitants were all Muslims. They live in comfort with the Franks – may God preserve them from temptation! Their dwellings belong to them and all their property is unmolested. All their regions, patrolled by the Crusaders in Syria are subject to the same system: The land that remains, the villages and farms, have remained in the hands of the Muslims. Now, doubt invests the hearts of a great number of these men when they compare their lot to that of their brothers living in Muslim territories. Indeed, the latter suffer from the injustices of their co-religionists, whereas the Franks act with equity.’ ”
Ibn-Jubayr goes on in the longer version of the quote to call for Allah to put an end to this situation in which Muslims prefer to remain under Frankish rule.
In the case of the Ottomans, the darlings of the Left who held many potentially free nations under their rule (Leftists detest sovereign nations so they hold up the example of the Ottoman Empire as a sort of pattern to be emulated politically), Islamic Tolerance reached new highs. The Jizya, while at least not crushing most of the time, paled in comparison to the Devshirme. This was the collection of the best and strongest boys under Ottoman rule. These were taken from their parents to be raised as slave-soldiers and Muslims to fight for the Sultan. They were often employed as elite shock-troops against other Christian nations. In a classic example of the Stockholm Syndrome, (And of late seen with the child-soldiers in Africa), the products of the Devshirme, the Janissaries, were fanatically loyal to their abductors and were rarely surpassed by other Muslims in their ardor to attack their former coreligionists and people. The most beautiful girls of the conquered Christians were also regularly taken from their families to be members of the Sultan’s Harem.

To avoid the payment of the Jizya and the enslavement of their children, some took the preventative measure of conversion to Islam. This was more common among the Albanians than other Balkan peoples.

In short, what we are looking at right now are the descendants of those who submitted to the Muslim yoke to obtain a better deal. They have rediscovered the joys of the religion of their Ottoman oppressors and have begun meting out the same treatment to the Balkan Christians of today. 


“The manner in which the rules of dhimmitude were applied varied according to the political circumstances and the disposition of the ruler. There were periods of tolerance which gave a small degree of security to the dhimmis. However the fanaticism which could be riled up by the clergy could change the situation in small time. If the local Muslim population became intolerant or jealous of the successes of the dhimmi, then a pogrom would ensue. Communities could find themselves evicted, women raped, exorbitant ransoms placed on them, children abducted and forced to convert, and in other cases mass murders of the dhimmipopulation was condoned.

Rules would be formulated to deny the dhimmi due process of the law. Discriminatory and restrictive dress and behavior codes would be enacted and severely enforced to reduce the dhimmi into a state of despair and poverty. Dehumanization of the dhimmi was not uncommon, and generally the rule. Various forms of physical abuse were common.

Many times distinctive dress was specified to identify a dhimmi that he would be unable to either mix with a Muslim or even walk in a Muslim area of a city. Other rules specified such demeaning dress codes as not wearing shoes or sandals, not using certain colors, wearing stars on their clothing. Dhimmis were often prohibited from working in many occupations. Even rules were made as to how adhimmi could ride a mule to distinguish him from a Muslim.

The non-observance of these rules would entail a severe beating. Often passing a Muslim on the wrong side would begin a beating that could leave a dhimmi mortally wounded. Since the dhimmis were denied the ability to testify against a Muslim, there was absolutely no recourse”


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 5th May 2012 – We are pleased to announce that Stephen Lennon (also known as Tommy Robinson) and Kevin Carroll of the English Defence League have joined the Executive Council of British Freedom.




The Swiss Defence League


                            The Swiss Defence League

A Propos de la SwissDefenceLeague,

 Le but est de dire ce que l’on ne veut pas, et ce que l’on ne veut pas c’est l’Islamisation de la Suisse

A la QuestionVoulez-Vous que la Suisse reste Suisse :


A la QuestionVoulez-Vous l’influence Islamique soit stoppée dans nos Institutions :


A la QuestionVoulez-Vousune Tolérance Zéro face à la loi Islamique :


Si Vous Avez 3X OUI, Alors vous êtes peut-être sans le savoir membre de la

Swiss Defence League

 La question n’est pas ni votre passé, ni quel Futur Vous Voulez

 Mais Bien Quel Futur Vous ne Voulez Pas


About The Swiss Defence League,

The goal is to say what we do not want and that is Islamization of Switzerland

At the Question Do You Want that Switzerland stay Switzerland:


At the Question Do You Want the Islamic influence to be stopped in our institutions:


At the Question Do You Want  Zero Tolerance on Islamic law:


If You Have 3X YES, then you may be unknowingly member of

The Swiss Defence League

The question is not either your past or what Future You Want 

But Future Of What You Want Not

       Wilhem T. Knox



Luton March 10th 2009 Returning Soldiers Abused by Muslims

This was a homecoming parade for serving soldiers who had just got back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The day was very emotional as some soldiers did not make it back. Proud citizens shook hands and congratulated the soldiers as they passed. There were however on this day, muslims who thought it a good idea to hold up signs with filth on and hurl abuse at the soldiers. The Luton people were absolutely livid and tried to get at the muslim protesters but the police shielded them from the upset crowd. It is reported the EDL were born out of this disgusting attack on our troops.

Royal Anglian Parade Luton, 10/03/09, Muslim protesters.



And Again 2010

Muslim Extremists Abuse Royal Anglian Troops After Afghanistan Return, Barking- London 2010


On the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the extremist islamist group Muslims Against Crusades staged a protest outside the US Embassy and the far right EDL staged a counter protest.



The English Defence League Remembers the terrible events of july 7th 2005

(Special Thanks to : )


women against sharia



Happy St George’s Day by EDL


Happy St George’s Day
Posted on April 23, 2012, in EDL News

Some people believe that the flag of St George is a negative or even racist symbol.

We believe that it reflects a heritage of which we should be immensely proud.

It represents freedom, democracy and traditional English tolerance – hardly racist principles.

When a symbol of freedom is condemned and insulted it’s even more important to stand up for the principles that it truly represents.

That’s why we should continue to fly the flag this St George’s Day.

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