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Catch Up. Being In Time. Under The Fist Of Chronos, In Place..In Time.

In Being As The Heart Beat, Jumping In And Out. Borrowing Time.. Time Due..

Never Bored. Running.. Running After Time, ..Times After Times , After Time.

Just To Say I Can’t Follow Up, But I Wish You All A Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Year 2020, I Might Be Not The First But I’ll Be Not The Last To Wish Well To All Of You.. +God Bless You+


Looking Forward For Reading, Exchanging, Sharing.. Learning..

The Pilgrim’s Progress Has No End It Is Just A Perpetual Beginning (Inception)




The Murder of Sophie Lancaster On The 24Th Of August 2007

This A Story I Wanted To Share From Quiet A While, I Like What Was Called Subculture. A Culture Of A Few. Music Code, Dress Code, Languages Code. A World Of Its Own.

I Never Been A Goth Or Gothic, In My Time It Was Called New Wave, Cold Wave, Dark Wave And The Latest Might Have Give Some Roots For A Gothic Subculture.

And If It Works Here The Movie On Their Story : Murdered For Being Different (1hour)


The Whole Story :


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She Past Away

She Past Away

Is A Turkish Band,


She Past Away is dark-wave with a reworked 80’s sound. Signature guitar sound of the post-punk era, combined with minimalist poetry in Turkish.

Their music compiles elements from the dark, sensational side of 80’s, often associated with bands like The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Joy Division, Clan Of Xymox, Grauzone, and Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. They bring back that era with today’s approach and Turkish lyrics. *

(In An Interview They Been Asked Why Not Sing In English As their Core-fans Are In Europe.

They Answerd That To Sing In Turkish Give To Their Music A Kind Of “Cave Sound  That Fit Better Than English, It Give To The Whole A Dark Side To A Lighter Music. I Totaly Agree.

It’s Still A Mystery, But One Of Their Song Been Choiced By Christian Dior For Their 2016 Collection, The Connection Between The Unknown And The Very Well Known Is A Open Door To Novelty. Enjoy ! Wil.)



Turkey wants control in Middle East. It’s no secret. — The Revelation Road


Turkey lost control in the Middle East when the Ottoman Empire fell. They want that control back. And they lust for the return of their Empire. 48 more words

via Turkey wants control in Middle East. It’s no secret. — The Revelation Road

Austrian Author Tells Truth About Foreign Religion, Warns U.S. Of Danger

1066/1776 and all that



Another one of Jessica’s from that 2013 series today. It’s hard to believe how clearly she saw what was coming in the next decade, back in 2013. Neo

It is hard to pin down what you mean by culture, but despite the efforts of the MSM to pretend that our culture comes from all sorts of wonderful and weird places such as Kenya, the values on which this country was formed were those of a Christian heritage. It was a particular type of heritage. The early pilgrims were of British descent and of Protestant inclination. They were men and women who saw themselves as like the Israelites of old – in the wilderness, building a new Jerusalem – a shining city on a hill. But they also brought with them something from their British heritage – a love of law and freedom. Unlike some countries where the law was seen…

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Syrian Christians join the fight against Turkey. Don’t look away — The Revelation Road

As Turkey moves into Syria, Syrian Christians are forced to fight–again. “I awoke concerned this morning…” The Syrian civil war has lasted for years. But it’s far from over. It’s really just the beginning of a very ugly series of conflicts that will boil over from the Middle East and spread into Africa, Europe and……

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Intellectual Froglegs

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

Joe Dan Gorman fears no audience large or small.

He gave an amazing speech at last years CPAC

Joe Dan Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs rock AMPFest at Trump Doral

Last week I had the pleasure, rather, the honor, of meeting Joe Dan Gorman, the original ‘Renaissance Hillbilly,’ at AmpFest aka the American Prosperity Conference…

Last week I had the pleasure, rather, the honor, of meeting Joe Dan Gorman, the original ‘Renaissance Hillbilly,’ at AmpFest aka the American Prosperity Conference at the 800 acres, Trump Doral Resort in Miami.

I know that Joe Dan was nervous about performing live, as this was only his second time doing so, however, his performance was so hysterical and so well received, that Facebook unpublished my 3.27 million-member Trump fan page mere hours after I streamed it live!

While I can not say with certainty that it was Joe Dan’s killer act that…

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Civil War : Where When How Who ?

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Civil War : Where When How Who ?

I Do Not Know.

I Can make Only A Swiss Dystopia.

Soon In Switzerland We Will Have To Vote On Accepting The E.U. To Go Over Swiss Justice. That Mean Swiss Says No On Something, And The Other Part Go To The E.U. And Obtain A Yes. It’s Crazy. (Islam And Migration). All The Left Coalition Is Working For It. I Have To Say That We Did Have To Vote Three Times For Or Against The Adhesion With The E.U. (Three Times NO). But Pressure By E.U. Blackmailing, Threatening With Boycott And So On. To Have a Swiss Deal.

Let’s Say The Left Manage To Sell Their Idea And Agenda To The People (Let’s Say 51 Against 49).

At This Point We Are In Secession, Leading To Insurrection. We Are In The Same Situation Than Ukraine.. Civil War, Two Governments. The Newly Made European Army (Already A Reality) Could Take Easily The Towns Of : Basel, Schaffhausen, Geneva, And Zürich ; But Will Be Stop At Lucern, A Strategic Point, And Entrance To The Heart Of Switzerland. Lucern Could Become Such A Disaster With Heavy Humans Lost (Horror Of War) That Will Shock All European Countries..

And Then May Start Insurrection In Other Part Of Europe Until The Dissolution Of The European Union And The Restoration Of Nations States.

I Can Write That Because I’m Swiss, But This Could be In Sweden, United Kingdom, Some Place In Germany, Similar Thing, Different Sparks..

Many People In Europe Says : This Will End In Civil War !

A Hope ? A Mean To An End ? A Wish That Will Never Come True, Believing That The Good People Stay Silenced, And Obey. And Let The Annihilation Proceed..

Once Again I Don’t Know,

But This Will End In Civil War !


The Great Bible of 1539

Where Living Begins

The front page of 1539 Great Bible, the first official “Byble in Englyshe”.

The Roman Catholic Church insisted that the Bible could only be used in Latin. Following Martin Luther’s lead, King Henry the VIII and the Protestant Reformers in England believed the Bible should be available in the common language of its readers. In 1539, Henry’s chief aide, Thomas Cromwell commissioned the Bible to be officially translated into English.

The translation by scholar Miles Coverdale was based largely on the previous and studious work of William Tyndale, who was put death by King Henry for producing an illegal English version Bible in 1536.

The Great Bible, was so-named because each page was 11 inches (28 cm) wide by 16.5 inches (42 cm) long, and the book 14 inches (36 cm) thick! Pastors were required to place a Great Bible in a convenient place in every church building so the…

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Víkingur Ólafsson “Piano – Piano”

Watch pianist Víkingur Ólafsson (“Artist of the Year” at the Gramophone Awards 2019) perform the Andante from Bach’s Organ Sonata No. 4, as transcribed for the piano by August Stradal, from his album ‘J. S. Bach – Works & Reworks’. The video was directed by Magnús Leifsson.




Vikingur Olafsson records Chopin : Prélude No 4 – E minor



A Revolution by the Word

Where Living Begins

My son Daniel at Wittenberg Castle Church, Germany (2017)

Martin Luther was faced with a decision to remain quiet or speak out. The religious corruption he witnessed was unbearable. Bishops sold places in Heaven to the highest bidder. The pope claimed to be the only authority for Christians and promised early release from Purgatory for donations to build his Roman palace. Priests were impregnating nuns and aborting the babies.

Luther began by writing a letter to his bishop, explaining 95 Biblical reasons the pope was wrong to sell salvation. Then on October 31, 1517, filled with righteous anger at the lack of response, he stormed to his church building in Wittenberg, Germany, and nailed his Ninety-Five Theses on the doors which served as the community bulletin board. Soon his complaint reached Rome.

For hundreds of years the pope was considered the final authority in all things Christian. His words were…

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