Liars & Thieves

Liars And Thieves

I Just Discover This Band Looking For An Old Clash Song And Ending With This One.

At First..Ach ..Again Some Dark Metal Straight From Hell. But I Did Give It A Chance, Kind Of Rather Than Going Deep In, It Was Going Up, Like Pouring All My Rage Accumulated Those Last Few Weeks. And It Did The Trick. So I Check The Band And It Was A « Christian » Band !

Liars And Thieves.. Oh Gosh I Liked It ! Heretic You May Say… I Know…I Know..

Suicide Does Not End The Chances

Of Life Getting Worst. Suicide Eliminate

The Possibility Of It Ever Getting Better

Maelstrom :

The heat burned the past into these concrete walls. Fragmented to dust that is grinding my teeth. There is no cure for a colorless mind, and I am dreaming grey This is no home anymore. No walls left to hang a door. And the hollow drums of war, force our fate back to the shore. Let it go, flush the ocean trough my lungs Into the undertow, where the darkest river runs Sinking like a stone, in the silence of the flood Ill find home , Ill find home This coffin that takes me into a pall of gloom. I find myself drowned in eternal grey, needles of light pierce through the perforated drapery. Like a dead weight I sink into the depth of my ocean grave. darkness swallows every ray I fade to black darkness swallows every ray at least no grey

Thieves & Liars was an American Christian rock and Christian metal band from San Diego, California, where they formed in 2006, and disbanded in 2010. The members of the band were vocalist and bassist, Joey Bradford, drummer and vocalist, Kyle Rosa, and lead guitarist, Corey Edelmann. Their first album, When Dreams Become Reality, was released in 2008 by Facedown Records alongside Dreamt Records. The subsequent album, American Rock ‘N’ Roll, was released by the aforementioned record labels, in 2009.

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