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O-O-Seven The Ska Connection

O-O-Seven The Ska Connection :

Never Say Never Again The 25th James Bond

Never Say Never Again The 25th James Bond

A poster at the top of which are the words "SEAN CONNERY as JAMES BOND in". Below this is a head and shoulders image of man in a dinner suit. Inset either side of him, are smaller scale depictions of two women, one blonde and one brunette. Underneath the picture are the words "NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN"

Never Say Never Again is a 1983 American spy film starring Sean Connery and directed by Irvin Kershner. The film is based on the James Bond novel Thunderball, which was previously adapted in a 1965 film under that name. Unlike the majority of Bond films, Never Say Never Again was not produced by Eon Productions, but by an independent production company (wiki)

Because Of This, It Haven’t Been Integrated In The James Bond Franchise. But It Is A James Bond Film And A James Bond With The One And Only For Hard Core Fan : Sean Connery..

One Simple Thing Is That James Bond Is A Lady’s Man, Not A Man Dress As One. There Are All Sorts Of Speculations On The Future Of James Bond. Personally I See Very Well Jude Law As James Bond.
The View Of His Promotions For Christian Dior, Jude Law Is Already A Very James Bond Like.




Lunar mission

…Let’s Play


Surfing Waves Inside A Strong Structure But She Will Hit A Rock Or Not Seeing A Coming Wave And Find Herself Under The Water Disappeared As She Came.. In A Wave…

She Is A Distraction, While Messing Around In The Sand Box With Her, Anything Against Her Is Islamophobe. She Is Self-Given All The Right Possible,Well, She Like You To Think So, As Much As The Poor Victim Of An Horrible And Sadistic Society Who Forgot To Include Islam In Every Part Of Its History And Progress.

But The Question Is : Is She Distracting Us From What ?


Let’s Play Police And Thieves! Just Hope She Stop To Play Both…  It Is Like Corrupting..

Liars & Thieves

Liars And Thieves

I Just Discover This Band Looking For An Old Clash Song And Ending With This One.

At First..Ach ..Again Some Dark Metal Straight From Hell. But I Did Give It A Chance, Kind Of Rather Than Going Deep In, It Was Going Up, Like Pouring All My Rage Accumulated Those Last Few Weeks. And It Did The Trick. So I Check The Band And It Was A « Christian » Band !

Liars And Thieves.. Oh Gosh I Liked It ! Heretic You May Say… I Know…I Know..

Suicide Does Not End The Chances

Of Life Getting Worst. Suicide Eliminate

The Possibility Of It Ever Getting Better

Maelstrom :

The heat burned the past into these concrete walls. Fragmented to dust that is grinding my teeth. There is no cure for a colorless mind, and I am dreaming grey This is no home anymore. No walls left to hang a door. And the hollow drums of war, force our fate back to the shore. Let it go, flush the ocean trough my lungs Into the undertow, where the darkest river runs Sinking like a stone, in the silence of the flood Ill find home , Ill find home This coffin that takes me into a pall of gloom. I find myself drowned in eternal grey, needles of light pierce through the perforated drapery. Like a dead weight I sink into the depth of my ocean grave. darkness swallows every ray I fade to black darkness swallows every ray at least no grey

Thieves & Liars was an American Christian rock and Christian metal band from San Diego, California, where they formed in 2006, and disbanded in 2010. The members of the band were vocalist and bassist, Joey Bradford, drummer and vocalist, Kyle Rosa, and lead guitarist, Corey Edelmann. Their first album, When Dreams Become Reality, was released in 2008 by Facedown Records alongside Dreamt Records. The subsequent album, American Rock ‘N’ Roll, was released by the aforementioned record labels, in 2009.

“We Are Never Heard”: Persecution of Christians, May 2019

“We Are Never Heard”

Raymond Ibrahim Has Bring Month After Month Of Reports On Christians Persecutions. I Always Like The Gatestone Institute, As For A Time Douglas Murray Could Debunk The Tarik Ramadan (Islam Is Europe) Peace And Equality Through Sharia For All.
And What Did Sound Ineluctable, Could Be Overthrow By Our Own Legacies. For As Much We Still Kept It Somewhere In The Back Of Our Head, Or By A Revivival Of Knownledge Of An Other Time; A Time Where We Were More Used To Stand Than To Bend.
What Is All Those Horrors, Commited Mostly By Muslims, Be If Even One Of Those Be Commited By Christians On Muslims. The Islamic Turmoil All Over The planet Will Run Of Blood Of Non-Muslims, Christians Or Not.

June 12, 2019



War College Capitulates to Terrorist-Linked Islamist Group By RAYMOND IBRAHIM



FOX 9 : Fraud ..

KMSP-TV Fox 9 News logo.png
MinneapolisSaint Paul, Minnesota
United States

channel 9, is a Fox owned-and-operated television station licensed to Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

H/T : Daydreaming


Muslims Execute 4 Christians Executed for Wearing Cross Necklaces in Burkina Faso

Muslims Execute 4 Christians Executed for Wearing Cross Necklaces

in Burkina Faso

By – on

Muslims Execute 4 Christians Executed for Wearing Cross Necklaces in Burkina Faso

……..Then, a search ensued. The terrorists had one clear mission: find those who claim Jesus as their Lord and savior. They searched tirelessly for anything that might identify the individuals as Christ-followers. Then, tragically, they succeeded—four men were found to be wearing crosses around their necks.

As soon as it became clear that these men were Christians, they were dragged away from the group and brutally executed. Their names were David Zoungrana, Philippe Zoungrana, Theophile Ouedraogo and Ernest Kassoaga. >>

The End Time. I Heard And Read About The Tribulation Of Christians That, Or They Deny Jesus Christ And Accept The Anti-Christ, Or That They Get Killed.

This Makes It So Real…




Islam NOT Compatible with America — partneringwitheagles


Note – Hermit’s post title states “American Democracy”; we’re a Constitutional REPUBLIC. Remember Ben Franklin’s statement – A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Courtesy of Tactical Hermit: State Senate […]

via Islam NOT Compatible with America — partneringwitheagles

Wilhem Arrow : Surfing The U.S.A.


Good Evening..

The Two States Solution For America Is Going To A Stand By As South And North Is Disputing Donald Trump For Its Presidency; Going Back To A Sessession That Will Bring Back America To Their Own Hypocryt Expectations, That Used To Expect Them To Be… American.
The people…The “Communities” Are Suffering, Facing A Too Complicated Individualism To Like A Same For All, Much More Adapted.
Washington State Consider DC As An Occupied Territory. DC On Its Side Won’t Take Anymore Anyone With A Refugee Status. Since The Refusal Of More Talk For The Boswash Council On Coast States, Creating The Victimisation Of Washington State, An Untorable Situation, That Will Get Appeal In Supreme Court.





Commentary on Tommy Robinson’s Recent Imprisonment For Reporting The Truth

Tommy Robinson was sent back to jail/prison on Thursday, July 11, 2019. After being denied a trial by jury, a panel of two judges had convicted Robinson of multiple charges because he discussed the activities of an Islamic rape gang outside Leeds Crown Court. The judges then sentenced him to nine months in prison for journalism.


Blaze TV



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Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing

Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing

Lied to threatened cheated and deceived
Hear nothing see nothing say nothing
Led up garden paths and into blind alleys
Hear nothing see nothing say nothing

1982 Discharge

ISLAM and UK Police


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