“Our shared values”

“”A picture worth a thousand words. While complete strangers help the wounded in the #londonattack, a good citizen minds her own business.””

“Our shared values”

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Photo: thanks to Dr. Andrew Bostom

A picture worth a thousand words. While complete strangers help the wounded in the #londonattack, a good citizen minds her own business.

Once again, in the wake of Islamic terror, we the victims are admonished. We, the victims, are told to we “need to remain vigilant to keep its tolerance intact.” We, the victims, are guilty if we respond or criticize Islamic terror or the Jihadic doctrine.

Yesterday I warned my readers to brace themselves: “Expect calls for “more vigilance” while prohibiting any criticism of jihad or sharia. Followed by worries of “fear of reprisals” and “islamophobia.”

In other words, nothing has changed. The failed strategy of denial will continue despite blood in our streets.


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  • THE RIPENING WANDERER  On March 29, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    What is it that has entered the brains of Western Culture over the past few decades … some kind of viral infection that short circuits common sense and allows all this political correct stuff to flood our traditions with foreign ways and attitudes .. attitudes that refuse to assimilate but who are more than willing to stretch out their hands to receive the good fruits of the laboring few who were here before this new swarm of immigration began … this swarm of immigration more intent on being taken care of than in contributing anything positive to the host culture … what is the name of that new disease that wrenches the common sense from the minds of people and allows these kinds of tragedies to occur and then forbids victims from calling a spade a spade under threat of censure?

    Give the disease a name and then somebody might be able to find a cure and save some cultures from being destroyed by the invasion.

  • 3ecca (@3eccadotcom)  On April 22, 2017 at 7:28 am

    Political correctness first used by the Russians in the 1930s as way of silencing the masses. Its a form psychological war fare

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