Germany Time Bomb

Germany Time Bomb

When those who govern doesn’t hear its people, then it is time for a louder sound….

Terrorism, Counter Terrorism An Eye For An Eye. The Terror Should Be As Much And Much More.

Such Message Is Clear, Every Act Of Terrorism Gonna Cost You, And Cost You Again.

This Is The Real Counter Jihad. Your Freedom has A Cost that the govnerment doesn’t seems to care! (wil.)

Ulrike Marie Meinhof (7 October 1934 — 9 May 1976) was a German left-wing militant. She co-founded the Red Army Faction (Rote Armee Fraktion) in 1970 after having previously worked as a journalist for the monthly left-wing magazine konkret


Ulrike Meinhof, woman and revolutionary
An uncertain smile and a sharp gaze
Locked into a cell that is as white as ice
Without any sound but her hoarse voice
Ulrike Meinhof, woman and revolutionary
In a spring night she WAS democratically suicided
The night between 8 and 9 May 1976 her cell opens
And the dark stain of the pigs breaks into it, under a merciless light

Some people don’t like to remember
Many people don’t want to understand
Some things are not to be thought
Many things cannot be said

The stone that is holding you now, Ulrike
Cannot lock up your dreams.

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