Keep It Tribal : The Return Of The Goth

You might not like the music, but it is there, and so The Tribes; and have a place in the Keep It Tribal, because I still think it has a purpuse , that so hate blinded muz won’t see Those tribes of which it meant to divide, ..but when all tribes will cease to be dormant, it won’t be isolated anymore…

Can you imagine a Goth meeting near a mosq, they will come crazy and police will tell you to go…Freedom for Who ? No you’re not welcome anymore and you dare disturb the protected species so you’re the bad one so they are the good one, so you can kiss your freedom goodbye…

Among Others

By Bonnie Malkin and agencies

 A 20-year-old woman believed to have been attacked by a gang of youths because she dressed as a Goth has died from her injuries.

Sophie Lancaster was walking through Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Lancashire with her boyfriend in the early hours of August 11 when they were assaulted by five teens.

Miss Lancaster was left in a coma with serious head and facial injuries. Her boyfriend Robert Maltby, 21, was also left in a coma but has since recovered.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said Miss Lancaster died in hospital from her injuries at 10.15am today.

The couple, both from Bacup, have been described as “Goths” and it is understood they had been targeted in the past because of the way they dressed and looked.

Five male youths have been already been charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

There is Waves of Resistance (Goth, Cold/Dark Wave) Z.



victorian picnic, wave gothic treffen







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  • DemocracyRules  On October 1, 2016 at 12:48 am

    Of course, the ethnicity of the 5 assailants are unlisted, so they are Muslims.

    If the Goths want to survive they need to go FULL GOTH. As in Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Varingians, and the Teutonic Knights. Those guys had Muslims for lunch. The warriors who fought to free Spain from the Muslims were sometimes called the Teutonic Knights, because their roots were with the Ostrogoths.

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