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Judge Jeanine Opening “Christians Under Attack” Investigating The Attacks On Christians


From Louyehi


Midnight Caller : Mexican Radio

Judge Jeanine Annihilates Dianne Feinstein and Interviews Judge Michael Mukasey


Italo disco (sometimes hyphenated, such as Italo-disco, subjected to varying capitalization, or abbreviated as Italo) is a genre of music which originated in Italy and was mainly produced at the end of the 1970s to mid-1980s. The origin of the genre’s name is strongly tied to marketing efforts of the ZYX record label, which began licensing and marketing the music outside of Italy in 1982. An early form of electronic dance music, Italo disco faded in the late 1980s when Italo house eclipsed it.

Italo disco fused Italian and foreign pop and dance music. Initially borrowing from hi-NRG and post-disco (accentuating the sounds of the former), it developed into a diverse genre. The genre employed drum machines, synthesizers, and occasionally vocoders and was usually sung in English.

Emerson on ISIS in Canada, restrictions on RCMP, and the mother of all Islamic terrorist groups; Muslim Brotherhood

Switzerland : Wars and rumours of Wars

Midnight Caller : No Church In Muslim Land

..No Church In The Wild



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