Defence Leagues

In The Story Of The English League of which I’ve been an Offspring and now more like an Orphan. Ideas Doesn’t Die Easily, our Struggle is far from  reaching an end.


In a faraway time, The EDL did look for a Political Voice, and I think It was a good idea at the time. Still is.


Some talks with Britain First Been Made…But for some reason didn’t lead anywhere.

And The EDL Find Itself With The LibertyG.B. and Paul Weston see video.

I believe Paul Weston to possess all qualities necessary to step in the Political World.


Back To Britain First, it has keep going, growing stronger, I believe they have to do with the fact Anjem Choudary been arrested. I believe that Britain First has push to the system to look into matters as Children Grooming, it did take 14 to 15 years….of horror, to at last open the eyes on this subject.

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  • bob e  On October 26, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    steady as she goes swissman .. easy does it

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