Don’t Forget The Black Sea and its Christian Countries

Here is a five-point plan that will make ISIS weak from within:

  • Recognize Iraqi Kurdistan as an independent country, a UN member state with a security pact with NATO.

  • Recognize the Kurdish Workers Party in Turkey (PKK) as an ally, not a terrorist group.

  • Recognize the exiled Iranian Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) as an ally, not a terrorist group.

  • Recognize the Balochistan struggle for independence from Pakistan and Iran as a legitimate national liberation struggle, similar to those of the Baltic Republics, Kosovo, East Timor and Eritrea

  • Expel Turkey from NATO as it is an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood and represents a threat to the West.

As for Islamic leaders in North America and Europe, they should stop their exercise in “Muslim patriotism” and for once speak the truth.

!!UTOPIA ? Might Be, But If Turkey is not Expel from Nato; Nato Will Always Serve in a Twisted way The Islamic State ( Caliphate).!!











NATO jeb North Atlancic... Autors: Advokāts NATO armijas

Flashpoint Crimea: The USS Truxton's passage through the Bosphorous Strait and into the Black Sea puts it within striking distance of Russia's Black Sea fleet, which is stationed at the Crimean port of Sevastopol

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