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The World Without America – Full Documentary HD

Rustic American Flag Painting- Navy, Deep Red, Ivory - Canvas Wrapped Giclee Print by Tif Sheppard
My Point Of View It’s all here in a Bell
Some hear the sound,
Some create problems as the bell doesn’t give the whole sound,
Some are just delighted that there is such a sound.
I Just Thanks God That There Is Such a Bell !!!

Midnight Caller : The Men fried Earth Band

Manfred Mann Earth Band

(Chris Slade/Manfred Mann)
In a dream it would seem
I went to those who close the open door
And turning the key, I sat and spoke to those inside of me
They answered my questions with questions
And they pointed me into the night
Where the moon was a star-painted dancer
And the world was just a spectrum of light
They reached to my center of reason
And pulled on the touchstone that’s there
The shock of that light had me reeling
And I fell into the depths of despair
They answered my questions with questions
And set me to stand on the brink
Where the sun and the moon were as brothers
And all that was left was to think
They answered my questions with questions
And pointed me into the night
The power that bore me had left me alone
To figure out which way was right

SCHUBERT – Impromptu n°3 (Horowitz)  



Megyn Kelly: Suspect Nolen Shouted Islamic Phrases During Attack

500 Ft. Riley Soldiers Deployed To Iraq

Mahler Symphony No 5 C♯ minor Leonard Bernstein

1.Trauermarsch (Funeral March). In gemessenem Schritt. Streng. Wie ein Kondukt (C-sharp minor) 0:00
2.Stürmisch bewegt, mit größter Vehemenz (Moving stormily, with the greatest vehemence) (A minor) 12:34
3.Scherzo. Kräftig, nicht zu schnell (D major) 26:10
4.Adagietto. Sehr langsam (F major) 44:22
5.Rondo-Finale. Allegro – Allegro giocoso. Frisch (D major) 56:35





Dedicated To All The Christians In The Nations

Dedicated To All The Christians In The Nations

     –  –





HERE THE NEW WORLD A ONE WORLD That Think for us, that decide for us in exchange of our complying

Such a Shame…

Obama uses Khorasan for Cover in Illegal Syria War

AMTV 2014®


Midnight Caller : Shock To The System

Midnight Caller : Shock To The System








“Over * There”


I have found that video and the man who speak kinda put Israel as the big bad wolf.

And I don’t agree with that, but beside that, you have here the all panel of what’s going “Over * There”





The Crusades Non nobis domine non nobis sed nomini tuo da gloriam The Latin text derives from Psalm 113:9 (according to the Vulgate numbering), which corresponds to Psalm 115:1 in the King James Version. It reads, Not to us, not to us, O Lord, But to thy name give glory.


dash – dash – dash

dash – dash – dash   –   dash – dash – dash



Index of names

Links are to names in “History of names”

  • al-Dawlah (“the State”)
  • al-Dawlat al-Islāmīyah (“the Islamic State”)
  • AQI : Al-Qaeda in Iraq : Tanẓīm Qāʻidat al-Jihād fī Bilād al-Rāfidayn
  • DAʿESH/Daʿesh (variously transliterated: DAISH/Daish, DAASH/Daash, DAESH/Daesh, DA’ASH/Da’ash, DAAS/Daas, DA’ISH/Da’ish, DĀ’ASH/Dā’ash, DAIISH/Daiish, based on the acronym: داعش)
  • IS : Islamic State
  • ISI : Islamic State of Iraq : Dawlat al-ʻIraq al-Islāmīyah
  • ISIL : Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
  • ISIS : Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham
  • Islamic State (name since June 2014)
  • JTJ : Jamāʻat al-Tawḥīd wa-al-Jihād : The Organization of Monotheism and Jihad
  • Mujahideen Shura Council
  • QSIS : Al-Qaeda Separatists in Iraq and Syria





Don’t Forget The Black Sea and its Christian Countries

Here is a five-point plan that will make ISIS weak from within:

  • Recognize Iraqi Kurdistan as an independent country, a UN member state with a security pact with NATO.

  • Recognize the Kurdish Workers Party in Turkey (PKK) as an ally, not a terrorist group.

  • Recognize the exiled Iranian Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) as an ally, not a terrorist group.

  • Recognize the Balochistan struggle for independence from Pakistan and Iran as a legitimate national liberation struggle, similar to those of the Baltic Republics, Kosovo, East Timor and Eritrea

  • Expel Turkey from NATO as it is an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood and represents a threat to the West.

As for Islamic leaders in North America and Europe, they should stop their exercise in “Muslim patriotism” and for once speak the truth.

!!UTOPIA ? Might Be, But If Turkey is not Expel from Nato; Nato Will Always Serve in a Twisted way The Islamic State ( Caliphate).!!











NATO jeb North Atlancic... Autors: Advokāts NATO armijas

Flashpoint Crimea: The USS Truxton's passage through the Bosphorous Strait and into the Black Sea puts it within striking distance of Russia's Black Sea fleet, which is stationed at the Crimean port of Sevastopol

Wilhem Arrow : Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Thanks To TBA For The Picture :






I’m not sure about the time table and the numbers here, but the dark news continuously coming from Norway, and trend that they have been setting (importing massive numbers of immigrants who hold anti-Semitic views), is worrisome enough to give the story some leeway.  If I hear more about the story from other sources, I’ll update this post.

(They Did Leave, Norway IS Judenrein 13.09.2014) Wil.


Udo Ulfkotte 08.2012

Norway is expected to”Judenrein” ( free of Jews) in a few weeks. The last 819 Jews remaining in Norway currently are expected to leave soon because of the growing anti-Semitism in Norway.This will make Norway the first European nation that has no Jews living in it. The same trend is found in other European countries of a dropping Jewish population.

Especially with the terror attack on Israelis in Bulgaria, the sense is inescapeable that Jews in Europe are under attack. In February 2012, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported on the exodus of Jewsfrom the country. Anne Sender, president of the Jewish Religious Community in Norway noted at the time that “Many immigrants bring with them anti-Semitism from their countries of origin.

The disgrace is that no one opposes them in this country. “It is the wave of Muslim immigration wave in Europe Europe that has revived anti-Semitism. A similar trend to that ofNorway is emerging in the neighboring country of Sweden – and in all EU countries. There are Muslims all over who promote In France it began. Not a day goes by without there attacks on Jews by Muslims. The newspapers barely over, there are too many cases. In just the first five months of 2012 there were 268 attacks on Jews in France. France is now a deeply anti-Semitic country. The Socialist government is taking under President Hollande nothing to protect the Jews – to the contrary. The many Muslims are an important group of voters. And they are under the protection of the Socialists. On 5 July 2012 was a 17-year-old Jew near Toulouse by two Muslim North Africans in a train nearly trampled to death because of his hanging on a Star of David necklace. The police did not even take up the complaint. Jews in France are now openly encouraged to leave the country.hostility o Jews. Kopp News Service is one of the few news outlets to address this issue openly.


Agent : Morten Storm


“Man Who Worked Both Sides Of Radical Muslim Fence Describes Being A Fanatic,”, September 11, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – This being the 9/11 anniversary, and with the President laying out a plan to get ISIS last night, here’s the story of one man who knows what jihadis are thinking, because he was one.

Morten Storm, a 6’1 red-haired Dane, converted to Islam, became more radicalized while studying in Yemen and made preparations to fight in Somalia. He describes that world of black and white:

“You just hate. As a jihadist, as a person who strictly follows the literal interpretation of the Koran, and it is about the world being split up to being correct and wrong. You are in the camp of the believers and against the camp of the disbelievers, the camp of God and the camp of Satan.”

Storm experienced a crisis of faith, enough so that he became a double agent for Western intelligence, scary, one-mistake-and-you’re-dead duty that proved so valuable that he’s now featured in a display at the International Spy Museum in DC.

He also left Islam and keeps his head down because he knows his former jihadi allies would love to take it from him.

– See more at:



Dane: I worked for radicals, then CIA

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — After converting to Islam, a former member of a Danish motorcycle gang travels to Yemen to study the Quran and soon comes in contact with radical preachers waging holy war against the West.

On the verge of becoming a jihadist, he abruptly abandons his faith and embarks on a dangerous undercover mission to help Western intelligence agencies capture or kill terrorists.

Morten Storm, 37, claims he worked for six years as an informant for the CIA, Britain‘s MI5 and MI6 and Denmark‘s security service, PET. All declined to comment for this article.

“Could they just say ‘he never worked for us’? Sometimes silence is also information,” Storm told AP in Copenhagen. “I know this is true, I know what I have done.”

Storm’s unlikely story, told in a new book and an interview with The Associated Press, has the drama and intrigue of a “Homeland” episode. But the burly, red-bearded Dane insists his tale isn’t fiction.

Storm said he decided to reveal his secret-agent life to the media — he first spoke to a Danish newspaper in October — because he felt betrayed by his agent runners.

In particular, he was upset that he wasn’t given credit for the airstrike that killed Anwar al-Awlaki, a senior al-Qaida figure, in Yemen in 2011.

Storm claims the CIA won’t admit that his work helped them track down the U.S.-born cleric, accused of having inspired the 2009 shootings in Fort Hood, Texas, and the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a jetliner approaching Detroit the same year.

He also claims to have played a role in a series of well-documented anti-terror operations in the past six years by infiltrating extremist mosques in Britain and militant groups in Somalia. He said he often met his handlers in exotic locations and provided a photograph of one such rendezvous with purported PET agents, at a geothermal spa in Iceland.

Another photograph shows a suitcase packed with cash — $250,000 he claims to have received from the CIA for an undercover operation to track down al-Awlaki though that effort ultimately failed.

Bob Ayers, a former U.S. intelligence officer, cast doubt on Storm’s claims.

“Just because he claims to have worked for these agencies doesn’t mean he was on anyone’s payroll, as he almost certainly would not get clearance,” said Ayers, who now lives in London. “It is also doubtful that he would have been one of Awlaki’s trusted insiders. The only thing less trustworthy than an enemy agent is an enemy agent who has turned.”

Storm says he provided information that led to the 2007 arrest in Britain of Hassan Tabbak, a Syrian-born man sentenced to seven years in prison for trying to make bombs in preparation for terrorist attacks.

In his book, “Storm, the Danish agent in al-Qaida,” he also says he was involved in an operation targeting Saleh Nabhan, a senior al-Qaida operative killed by Navy SEALs in a helicopter attack inside Somalia in 2010. The book is set for release Monday in Denmark, but Storm gave the AP an advance copy.

The most elaborate operation involved al-Awlaki. In 2009, Storm said, the reclusive cleric asked for his help to find a European wife. Storm made contact on Facebook with a Muslim convert from Croatia named Aminah, who was fascinated with al-Awlaki. Storm said he helped carry encrypted video messages between the soon-to-be spouses on a flash drive, before they decided to meet in Yemen. He provided those video clips to AP.

A tracking device was placed in Aminah’s suitcase, but the plan failed when she was told to transfer her belongings to a plastic bag upon arrival in Yemen, Storm said.

However, Storm was sent back to Yemen, he said, supplying various items through a courier to al-Awlaki, who still didn’t suspect he was being double-crossed. The Dane believes his work eventually helped the CIA pinpoint al-Awlaki’s position.

The Americans “had to crawl back to the Danish intelligence to beg them if I would travel back to Yemen and try to recreate or reestablish the contact, the communication with Anwar,” Storm said. “Within four weeks, the contact was up again.”

Storm, who hails from Korsoer, 75 miles southwest of Copenhagen, has past convictions for bar fights, violence, cigarette smuggling and petty theft stretching back to his early teens. He was a prospective member of the Bandidos bicycle gang before a Muslim jail mate convinced him to convert to Islam in 1997.

Storm said he later spent time with radical Islamists in Britain and Yemen, married a woman from Morocco and named their first son Osama after al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

He wanted to join Islamist militants fighting in Somalia in 2006 but they rebuffed him. Storm said his anger at that rejection turned to doubts about his religion. Soon he had a complete change of heart, he said, and offered his services to PET agents, who put him in touch with their U.S. and British counterparts.

Storm said his relations with the CIA turned sour after he was told that al-Awlaki was killed in a separate operation. In a meeting at a seaside hotel in Denmark, he secretly recorded a conversation about the issue with a man he claims is a CIA officer.

The man Storm identified as Michael said in a recording given to the AP that the U.S. leadership — even President Barack Obama — were thankful for Storm’s efforts, but added that “there were a number of other projects” to track down al-Awlaki. Michael said it was like in a soccer game when several players are in a position to a score.

“The other guy could pass it to you, but he didn’t. He took the shot, he scores,” Michael said. “That’s what happened.”

Storm wasn’t satisfied with that explanation.

After spilling his secrets, Storm says he believes he’s now become a potential target not only for al-Qaida, but the CIA.

“I think that when a person potentially could become a liability, it is what is easiest for intelligence services to get rid of their agents and especially people like me,” Storm told AP.

He offered no firm evidence to suggest the CIA, or any other agency, had plans to hurt him.

Storm said he now lives at a secret address in Britain.

“I don’t regret anything. All I wanted was to fight terrorism and I ended up being the bad guy,” he said. “Everyone has won but me. I am happy I was able to save human lives, but obviously I am paying the price for this now.”





The Base for the Propagation of Holy War against Jews and Crusaders

Why Al-Qaeda Just Won’t Die

By Sebastian Gorka:

Why Al-Qaeda Just Won’t Die

The story starts with the Caliphate, which—contrary to popular conception—is not some abstract idea invented by a small group of extremists. The theocratic empire of Islam, the polity that integrated faith and politics and which was founded by Mohammed, existed for over a thousand years. True, its center moved over time, from Mecca to Damascus, then to Baghdad and finally to Istanbul, but it was a real living thing which still existed at the beginning of the 20th century. By then, it was under Turkish control and most people called it the Ottoman Empire. Yet this was the Caliphate, and there was even a Caliph, or emperor of Islam.

Unfortunately for the Ottomans, after World War I broke out they decided to side with the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany. As a result, by 1918 they were on the losing side of the world’s first global war. In an attempt to salvage the Muslim empire after this defeat, and prevent total dismemberment and disarmament along the lines of what occurred to Germany and Austria-Hungary at Versailles, the Ottomans reinvented themselves under the leadership of a very charismatic and intelligent army officer named Mustafa Kemal. Kemal, who would later change his name to Atatürk—meaning Father of All Turks—would reinvent the nation that would eventually become the Republic of Turkey.

Atatürk’s strategy was to convince the West that his people no longer were a threat and that his nation should be recognized as a member of their community. This required a wholesale reinvention of his country, the key pillars of which were the separation of Islam and politics and the broader secularization of Turkey. To that end, he not only banned traditional Turkic-Islamic dress for officials of the state but replaced the Arabic alphabet with a modified version of our Roman one.(3) Most significantly, in 1924 Atatürk formally decreed the dissolution of the Caliphate.(4) It is no accident, therefore, that less than five years later in the Suez region of Egypt, one Hasan al-Banna established the Ikwan Muslimin, or Muslim Brotherhood, the avowed mission of which was—and still is—to reestablish the Caliphate which had been “unjustly” dissolved.

After World War I, certain Middle Eastern territories that had been part of the Ottoman Empire were put under the mandate of the British government. These lands include what we today call Israel, as well as the Palestinian territories (the West Bank and Gaza Strip). After WWII, as violence escalated between Arabs and Jews and between these groups and British mandate forces, London decided that after six years of fighting the Nazis, the British had no future as the governors of the Middle East and pulled out of Palestine. It was under these circumstances that the new Jewish state of Israel was declared.

From the Muslim perspective, and the view of the Arab states that invaded Israel the day after it declared its statehood, this was the second seismic blow to the psyche of the ummah, the global community of Islam. From the perspective of the true believer, this territory is sacred Muslim soil. So much so, that before the Qibla—the Islamic direction of prayer—became Mecca, all Muslims had to face Jerusalem five times a day as they prayed to their creator, Jerusalem being the third holiest site in Islam and the place from which Mohammed was said to have risen into heaven.

However, the most important year of all for anyone who wishes to understand why 9/11 happened and what al-Qaeda stands for, is 1979. In the Muslim world, which follows a shorter lunar calendar initiated when Mohammed journeyed from Mecca to Medina (Yathrib), 1979 represented a turn of the century, the shift from 1399 into the year 1400. And just as with other cultures, there were many in the Muslim world who had great expectations for the new century, that significant events would occur. And so they did.

First came the Iranian Revolution. Although a Shi’a event, it had great ramifications for all Muslims. With the removal of the Shah and the complete rejection of the Western model of the secular nation-state, the revolution had at its core the religious imperative that Islam and politics cannot be separated. That is why the real center of power in the Islamic Republic since 1979 has been a man of the cloth and not a politician. This message of the reintegration of faith and politics and the continued success of Iran in rejecting the Western way of politics is an example to all Muslims.

Second was the attack against the holiest site in Islam: the Siege of the Grand Mosque of Mecca. As the Muslim world was collectively entering the year 1400, more than a thousand jihadi terrorists stormed the Grand Mosque and declared a Holy War against “false Muslims.” The terrorists managed to control the most important site in Islam, the epicenter of the annual hajj pilgrimage, for almost two weeks. More importantly, it turned out that the radicals had been encouraged and in fact blessed by members of the Saudi ulema, or clerical class, who agreed that Islam had lost its way and had to be cleansed by force.

The siege was eventually broken by French commandos who had been smuggled into Mecca after being hastily converted to Islam. But the true geostrategic significance of the attack came afterwards, as the King of Saudi Arabia, in an effort to secure the House of Saud, made a pact with the ulema who had endorsed the jihad.(5) The deal was straightforward: in exchange for the support and patronage of the monarchy, the clerics would not propagate the ideology of jihad on the soil of the Kingdom. However, the export and dissemination of jihadi ideology outside of Saudi Arabia into non-Muslim lands was not only permissible but would be supported by the government.

Lastly, that December, came the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. With the unprovoked assault against a Muslim country by godless communists, the seeds were sown for the redefinition of jihad as a global brand, a brand that would exploit the Western desire to hurt the Kremlin for its military expansion into Southwest Asia.

One of the non-Afghan mujahedeen that took up the fight was a Palestinian Jordanian named Abdullah Azzam. With a PhD in fiqh—Islamic jurisprudence—from the most important Sunni institution in the world, al-Azhar University in Cairo, this charismatic teacher established the Services Bureau (MAK) to recruit Muslims from around the world to come to Pakistan, learn the rudiments of guerrilla warfare and then be deployed into Afghanistan against the Soviet forces. The same year he would release a fatwa entitled Defense of Muslim Lands, in which he would call all Muslims to Holy War, declaring jihad to be fard ayn, an individual and universal obligation of all believers.(6)

Azzam’s logic was clear, and compelling. Since Atatürk had dissolved the empire in 1924, there was no longer a Caliph or commander-in-chief who could declare a holy war. As a result, it was up to each and every believer to deploy himself. Eventually, according to authoritative estimates, the MAK would churn out between 50,000 and 100,000 fighters, including the man who became Azzam’s deputy, Osama bin Laden.(7) A decade later, after the Soviets had been vanquished in Afghanistan, Azzam would be assassinated in Pakistan and bin Laden would take over control of his organization and rename it The Base for the Propagation of Holy War against Jews and Crusaders, or al-Qaeda, as we call it in the West.


Midnight Caller : Snowy Red – Euroshima Wardance

Snowy Red – Euroshima Wardance

Paris Bomb 2



Erick Stakelbeck on Islam’s Threat to the West

Erick Stakelbeck on The Rise of ISIS

The Islamic State’s global reach

They Don’t Need An Army Just A Few Boxes.
Boxes That May Have Been Smuggling through The Mexican Border.
We Know That Life Have No Importance In Their Eyes..

MUSIC : Mozart, Die Zauberflöte 1971 Film

MUSIC : Mozart, Die Zauberflöte 1971 Film

In 1971 there was an acclaimed new production of Die Zauberflöte at the Hamburg Opera directed by Peter Ustinov; this was during that house’s golden period under the artistic direction of Rolf Liebermann. The production was taken into a TV studio and filmed, using the original sets and costume
Tamino: Nicolai Gedda
Pamina: Edith Mathis
Sarastro: Hans Sotin
Königin der Nacht: Cristina Deutekom
Papageno: William Workman
Papagena: Carol Malone
Monostatos: Franz Grundheber
Speaker: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
2 Men in Armour: Helmut Melchert, Kurt Moll


State Opera, conducted by Horst Stein.




Die Zauberflote, Polish Opera Poster



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