Further Proof Of A Corrupt System Chelsea #Lambie #NWI #SDL


lambie cruik 4

We wrote about this the other day :  PLEASE READ: Free Chelsea Lambie.

PLEASE READ also the Blog the above screenshot came from:
Chelsea Lambie: The Bare Faced Facts Of A Corrupt System.

A political martyr at only age 18.
There will be more! SO many more!

lambie cruik 1

Where is the Justice?

NFSE. Shelly xxx

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  • Muse1876  On July 2, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    This story is disturbing on so many levels. She did nothing illegal, unless taking a picture is illegal. Belonging to the SDL is not illegal. This could cause a major riot. Could this be a tiny baby step for sharia law? The woman pays and the man is freed.

    I heard that a Muslim terrorist with ISIS wanted all Muslims to come to Irqa and fight. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they all left our countries to go and fight!! That would get them out of our countries and deny them reentry.

    This will never stop until a famous child is beheaded.

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