Clueless: Obama freed ISIS leader and is now surprised at the sudden rise of the CalipHate

Great Work On The Situation At This Point, So Far !

President Obama reiterated on Friday that, 'We will not be sending us troops back into combat in Iraq'


The Muslim Issue

Obama has always insisted that “Islam is a peaceful religion”. He has promised to grant asylum and residency to millions of Muslims into the United States and during his presidency the numbers have grown exponentially. Russia always warned the West to never allow Muslim immigration or it would generate a permanent and irreversible problem. Again and again he has warned about upcoming terrorist attempts. But who would listen to Putin?

Islam is NOT and NEVER has been a peaceful religion. Being born during Ramadan, the preparation of war for invasions and raids, Islam has been a violent terrorist ideology from the very start existing only to lure soldiers into its fold for future wars. Islam truly is a war-ideology.

Now this clueless joke Obama says, ‘Ultimately it’s up to Iraqis to solve their problems’. And how is that possible now when they are in a weak position after their entire…

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