D-Day : A Message To You..

Radio Londres (French for Radio London) was a radio broadcast from 1940 to 1944 from the BBC in London to Nazi occupied France. It was entirely in French and was operated by the Free French who had escaped the German occupation. It served not only to counter the propaganda broadcasts of German-controlled Radio Paris and the Vichy government’s Radiodiffusion Nationale, but also to appeal to the French to rise up, as well as being used to send coded messages to the French Resistance.

From the beginning of June 1944, the Allies inundated the network with messages. On 1 June alone, over 200 messages were sent, making it clear to those listening that something was in the works. Although in some places the Axis jamming was more effective than others, the background noise and static were not enough to drown out the sound of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, the first four notes of which correspond to the dot-dot-dot-dash of the Morse code letter V for Victory.


George Hicks Reports From The Deck Of USS Ancon (D-Day Radio )

The ‘New York World Telegram’ called it “the greatest recording yet to come out of the war.” This was the amazing recording made by George Hicks, London Bureau Chief for the Blue Network (soon to become ABC) of the beginning of the D-Day Normandy Invasion.
Added to the Library of Congress Audio Archive.


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