UN Security Council Turning a Blind Eye to Turkey Supplying Chemical Weapons to Terrorists – Why???


Friends of Syria

As member countries of the UN Security Council start to get worried about the number of their own citizens now fighting with the terrorists in Al Qaeda. Blaming the internet for their enticement and not the media or their own governments who are supporting the the terrorists by claiming the ridiculous lie that Dr. Bashar Al Assad is killing his own people.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan invites these terrorists into his country, arms them and trains them, before sending them into Syria to kill innocent civilians. In May of last year Turkish  police arrested 12 terrorists who were in possession of chemical weapons.

UN inspector Carla Del Ponte’s made a statement confirming the use of chemical weapons by the Western-backed terrorists in Syria.

obama-erdoganSo why is the UN Security Council turning a blind eye to what is happening in Turkey? We can only conclude the reason is, because the US is…

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