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Ukraine Struggle With The European Beast


EU want Ukraine. Give false promises.

They make of Ukraine The Poor Victim Of a Big Giant Russia.

Lie And Deceit !

They will take what they can while increase poverty

It may be difficult to have such a neigbourg as Russia..But there at least they know the Drill and can trust them with support, exactly what is going on now.

The US will support blindly the EU, and with that monkey as President who knows what can happen….



The Red Army Choir – Get Lucky Live (Daft Punk Cover)


Tlcharger Fond d'ecran Ukraine,  drapeau,  ciel Fonds d'ecran gratuits pour votre rsolution du bureau 1680x1050 — image №367193

“Pilgrim’s Progress” : Florence Nightingale Story

Valiant-for-truth   “Pilgrim’s Progress” : Florence Nightingale Story

Tribute To The Lady With The Lamp …

The Crimean War english documentary Part 1

An Epidemic of Underage Sex-Slavery in Britain

Behold, The Fruits Of Liberalism – Muslims Gone Wild

Fitna The Movie  


Dutch politician Geert Wilders made this short film about islam and was put on trial for telling the truth.It seems the Dutch government would rather prosecute one of its own citizens concerned about the islamisation of the Netherlands than tell muslims to integrate or leave.




The Butcher of Benghazi Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Smiths – what difference does it make & lyrics

Hillary Clinton what difference does it make

Hillary Clinton: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

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Published on Feb 28, 2014

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Wilhem Arrow : ” keep them separated “

Wilhem Arrow : ” keep them separated “

The Offspring – Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated) ….NOT!


Syrian troops, Hezbollah fighters kill foreign jihadists in ambush

From Riyadh to Beirut, fear of Syria blowback

Black Standard of Jihad
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