My Name Is Patsy

My Name Is Patsy

Connections: Anders Breivik and at least two members of the English Defence League may have met in the past after discussions were posted on an internet forum

Lee Harvey Oswald's Wife Auctions Off His Wedding Band
Lee Harvey Oswald posant avec un fusil dans son jardin. Il a été tué après son arrestation le 24 novembre, à la veille de l'enterrement de Kennedy.

Hello Muse, may be it need to refresh the page, because all videos got sound, working perfectly fine.
I had problem with the pictures, I wanted a different display but didn’t work.
Handcuff picture in cross for both, Gun picture for both and an army picture for both.
I react to this Sweedish Newspaper who says that Anders did make some statement…Now it goes around twisting thing further.
The Only thing I agree, is that he feel lonely and bitter as the “Rising” didn’t happen…enven less a an Uprising..
More of an “Hiding” after what he did. So yes that part is true for the rest they have still no Clue about who is Anders Breivik.
Wilhem T. Knox
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  • muse1876  On January 29, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    The first video had no sound, the other 2 did. God bless

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