Child Who Refused School Trip To Mosque Is Given Zero By Appeasing Teachers

Stop Islamization ! Well Done !


Kafir Crusaders

A girl who stood up for her Christian faith by refusing to go on a school trip to an Islamic mosque has been given a zero by her Muslim appeasing school teachers at Henderson High School in Nashville, USA . In a predominantly Christian nation to devote 2/3’s of their religious studies to Islam, taking pupils to a Mosque on a school trip but not a church should be not acceptable. Muslim schools would not go on a field trip to a church and be given bibles. There would be uproar. Islamic schools teach their pupils all other religions are far inferior to Islam, let alone appease them
The people of all non Muslim countries should be doing everything they can to stop further Islamization to preserve their heritage and freedoms. Not aiding and abetting the Islamists stealth jihad. Unfortunately on both sides of the Atlantic our authorities have not…

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