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Battle of Talas: Islam’s Failed Invasion Of China, 751 A.D

Battle of Talas: Islam’s Failed Invasion Of China, 751 A.D

The Muslim Issue

Is there anyone Muslims have not tried to attack, invade or steal from? Muslims are history’s most prolific aggressors and looters.

You got to love the description in the video:

“The Chinese Emperor received Muslim ambassadors, but they refused to bow to him or pay respect. Unlike others, Chinese immediately understood the danger and nuisance of Islam.”

How much safer we would be today, had some of us only understood better.

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Music : Björk

Björk Guðmundsdóttir (/ˈbjɜrk/; Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈpjœr̥k ˈkvʏðmʏntsˌtoʊhtɪr]; born 21 November 1965), known as Björk, is an Icelandic singer-songwriter and producer. Her musical style is eclectic and she has achieved recognition in alternative rock, jazz, electronic dance music, classical, and avant-garde.

Björk “Bachelorette”

Björk – Human Behavior

björk – hyperballad

Björk – Play Dead

There Goes the Neighborhood: Iceland to Get Its First Mosque

And An Other Country Under Jihad…. I did like Iceland.
Thinking of a Safe Haven in Iceland….well…the same will be there also..and knowing Iceland the number of muslims gonna sky rocket !
Sad Sad News…


sharia unveiled

Iceland Mosque Site

Site of the mosque coming to Reykjavik, Iceland

by Soeren Kern | Gatestone Institute

The Muslim Association of Iceland now admits that foreign donors will be paying for the mosque’s construction costs. The former mayor of Reykjavik says he believes it is outrageous for the city to give Muslims a site at no cost at a great location in the center of the city, and asks why political and feminist groups are so tolerant of a religion that he says degrades women.

The Reykjavík City Council has approved a building permit for the construction of the first mosque in Iceland.

The mosque will be built in Sogamýri, an upscale district near downtown Reykjavík on a highly desirable plot of land that was granted to Muslims free of charge, courtesy of Icelandic taxpayers.

Members of the city council — which is led by Reykjavík Mayor Jón Gnarr, who identifies himself as…

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Water Gate 2 : The Water Falls

“Wilhem Arrow” : Water Gate 2 : The Water Falls

And Now, A Very Important Message From Mooch…

“Mooch announces her latest health kick: “Drink Up.” Yes, our First Lady cares about you and she cares about what you drink, America. So much so that her latest intrusion into your life is being sponsored by 14 different drinking water companies – to get you to drink more water. Go figure.” (taken Mike’s Right)



Thanks To Mike !


Commission Seeks Answers on Benghazi

Commission Seeks Answers on Benghazi

Flashmob – Birmingham taken by surprise

Flashmob – Birmingham taken by surprise !

The Official British Army Blog

Lance Corporal Daniel King is in the Corps of Army Music and is currently assigned to the Band of the Royal Corps of Signals. Here he writes about being part of one of the latest crazes to hit the streets – Flashmobs.

When I saw my parents last weekend I told them that I had just taken part in a “flashmob” in the centre of Birmingham. My Mum’s response was “Did they catch you this time?”. I quickly corrected her and explained that it wasn’t what it sounded like but instead a public show that is designed to be spontaneous and a surprise to passers-by.

On Saturday 21 September the Corps of Army Music gave it a go, and what a success it has proven to be.  Three bands, consisting of one regular including my band, the Band of the Royal Corps of Signals (Corps of Army Music) and two…

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Ron Paul was right in 2002, if only we listened

Ron Paul Was Right !



America's Watchtower

  As a libertarian leaning conservative I am one who liked much of what Ron Paul stood for on domestic issues, but he always lost me on the foreign issues because in trying to articulate his points he often came off as being too much of an isolationist for me. I thought about voting for him in 2008 and 2012 but he always said something which made him come off as being a little off kilter. 

  He was portrayed as a crazy old man but back in 2002 Ron Paul took the floor of the House and made several predictions. He gave no timetable for his predictions but at the end of his speech he asked Americans to look back at his predictions in five to ten years to see if he was accurate so now that time has come.

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The world failing to confront Muslim terrorism

The world failing to confront Muslim terrorism





Child Who Refused School Trip To Mosque Is Given Zero By Appeasing Teachers

Stop Islamization ! Well Done !


Kafir Crusaders

A girl who stood up for her Christian faith by refusing to go on a school trip to an Islamic mosque has been given a zero by her Muslim appeasing school teachers at Henderson High School in Nashville, USA . In a predominantly Christian nation to devote 2/3’s of their religious studies to Islam, taking pupils to a Mosque on a school trip but not a church should be not acceptable. Muslim schools would not go on a field trip to a church and be given bibles. There would be uproar. Islamic schools teach their pupils all other religions are far inferior to Islam, let alone appease them
The people of all non Muslim countries should be doing everything they can to stop further Islamization to preserve their heritage and freedoms. Not aiding and abetting the Islamists stealth jihad. Unfortunately on both sides of the Atlantic our authorities have not…

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Say The Truth, Tell The Truth…See The Truth

H/T :

H/T :

Obama’s Move to Arm Al Qaeda in Syria

Obama’s Move to Arm Al Qaeda in Syria…

Enter Sandman : The Children Of Syria

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Jihadist “rebels” in Syria Hang Child after Killing Family Members

Obama is supporting these monstrous jihadists. Where is the Western media on this? They are backing these monsters as well.These jihadists are killing journalists. But the media gets its talking points from jihadists groups here in the US. Hamas groups and Muslim Brotherhood groups (like CAIR) are pressuring Obama to step support for these murderers. Assad’s Syria was bad, but this? Pure hell. The Muslim Brotherhood has formed their army in Syria. Millions of Christians and Alawites will be slaughtered in a bloodbath.

Obama has completely abandoned the religious minorities that are being  crushed in the “islamic spring.” As the violence continues to escalate against Christian women and children in Egypt, part of Obama’s anti-freedom foreign policy is to suppress the horror  of what is happening under his watch. He has gone so far as to remove the Religious Freedom Section from the State Department’s Human Rights reports …

Child syria

Terrorists in Syria Hang Shiite Child after Killing Family Members ABNA, Ausgust 7, 2012 (hat tip David)

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency)Terrorists in Syria hanged a small Shiite child after killing all his  family members in Damascus, human rights activists in Iraq unveiled on  Monday.      According to a report by Iraq’s Qanon news website,  Iraqi human rights activists said that armed rebel groups attacked the  house of a Shiite Iraqi family in the Seyede Zainab neighborhood in the  capital city of Damascus, killed all members of the family and hanged  the last one, a little child.
The footages and pictures of the  rebels’ brutality which surfaced online in the last few days are  revealing the terrorist nature and the war crimes of the opposition  fighters in Syria.
The massacre is said to have badly damaged the  western-backed rebels and opposition forces’ ability to claim the moral  high ground in their fight against Damascus and showed their  accusations that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces are conducting  war crimes are nothing but lies.
Meantime, Saudi Wahhabi cleric  Mohammad al-Arifi has called on Syrian armed groups to prevent leakage  of the pictures and footages of their attacks against Syrian army and  civilians.
In his Tweeter page, Arifi asked rebel groups to  continue their attacks and intimidation against Syrian people but do not  allow a release of the pictures and footages of their operations.
In  a similar crime last week, terrorists in Syria brutally executed 15  civilians in the Northwestern city of Aleppo on charges of supporting  the Bashar al-Assad government.
The terrorist members of the  so-called Free Syrian Army on Tuesday attacked Al Berri family in Bab  al-Neirab neighborhood in Aleppo who are famous for their pro-government  stances, and kidnapped 15 family members and executed them in front of a  local school.
Syria has been experiencing unrest since March  2011 with organized attacks by well-armed gangs against Syrian police  forces and border guards being reported across the country.
Hundreds  of people, including members of the security forces, have been killed,  when some protest rallies turned into armed clashes.
The  government blames outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorist groups for the  deaths, stressing that the unrest is being orchestrated from abroad.

U.S. Backed – Obama Supported FSA Rebels Massacre an Entire Christian Village in Syria

Syria Christian Massacre 2

Barack Hussein Obama Financially Supporting a Worldwide Genocide of Christian Women and Children

Members of the Free Syrian Army reportedly attacked the Christian-dominated al-Duvair village in Reef on the outskirts of Homs on Monday, where they massacred its citizens, including women and children, before the Syrian Army loyal to Bashar al Assad intervened on behalf of the Christians.

This reported attack comes shortly after intense fighting in the city of al-Qusseir over the weekend, in which Bashar Al-Assad’s forces inflicted heavy casualties on the rebels.

Assad’s forces launched an offensive in April in an effort to cut off supply lines to the rebels by taking the city and its surrounding areas from the rebel groups that had been entrenched there since last year. Two weeks ago, the Syrian forces reached the center of the city

While the sources describing Monday’s massacre are supportive of Assad, it’s possible that it occurred since the rebel groups fighting the Assad regime are composed mainly of members of al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda affiliated groups and have committed war crimes and atrocities in the past.

Jabhat al-Nusra, the branch of al-Qaeda that fought and killed American and allied troops in Iraq, have positioned themselves in Syria and control the rebel movement.

The U.S. and other Western governments that are backing the FSA have acknowledged the presence of jihadists but insist that they’re only a small part of the rebel movement. However, al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups have been at the front of the rebel movement since day one of the Syrian war that began two years ago. According to German intelligence, 95 percent of the rebels aren’t even Syrian.

Syria Christian Massacre 3

File Photo

“Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of,” the New York Times reported last month.

In April, Abou Mohamad al-Joulani, the head of al-Nusra, pledged allegiance to Ayman al-Zawahri, the head of al-Qaeda.

Members of the FSA have admitted that their plan is to institute sharia law, and the rebels now have a brigade named the Osama bin Laden Brigade.

Despite the evidence of al-Qaeda connections, the U.S. government continues to support the FSA.

Last week, Sens. Robert Menendez, D.-N.J., and Bob Corker, R-Tenn., drafted a bill that, if passed, would directly arm the Syrian rebels with lethal weaponry. The U.S. government has so far only provided non-lethal supplies and humanitarian aid.

On Monday, Sen. John McCain made a surprise visit to Syria where he met with Gen. Salem Idris, the leader of the Supreme Military Council of the FSA. McCain has also called for arming the rebels as well as direct U.S. military intervention in the war.

(Graphic) Muslim trophy in Syria: lifeless body of decapitated Christian child

September 15, 2013 · by · in Muslims WorldWide
Evil muslims: A young Christian girl beheaded in Syria. The sign of extremism and fanatics, the long beards, is present in each and everyone of these subhuman Muslims who killed this small child, in their jihad to Allah – inspired by the Quran. This is Obama, Britain, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey funded and supported handiwork.
Don’t put your support behind any of these people, whether for military action in Syria, asylum, immigration, another hate preaching mosque. This is what is moving into your town, your country, your society, your neighborhood:
This video is written with false propaganda claiming ‘Syrian forces’ killed a ‘rebel’ child. New assessment of the situation in Syria show that over half of the so called freedom fighters are terrorists. In other words, the entire ‘struggle’ is terrorist lead. These extremist have been using their own murders as propaganda in their three year murder sprees, like the recent chemical gassing of children who belonged to minority Alawite families near Latakia, kidnapped by Syrian anti-Assad extremists just weeks before. Pro-Sunni extremist argue that the child is actually a ‘rebel’ child. Is the child dressed like a Muslim child? And who is holding the child? The Syrian army or extremists? This is just one of endless number of murders committed by the extremist pretending to be ‘rebels’.


Decapitated Dead Girl’s Body Shows the Depravity of Syrian Rebels. This Is Who Obama Supports

Decapitated Dead Girl’s Body Shows the Depravity of Syrian Rebels. This Is Who Obama Supports

Boudica BPI Weblog

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Published on Sep 17, 2013

Decapitated Dead Girl’s Body Shows the Depravity of Syrian Rebels. This Is Who Obama Supports, Liberals are evil, Muslims are murders.…

Obama’s brothers! Graphic video

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Ban the burka

Pat Condell


The Psalms in Song — Sons of Korah

The Psalms in Song — Sons of Korah
Praise The Lord and God Bless You All
Thanks Loopyloo For This Excellent Post
Love It !

Music : Bob Marley ” So much trouble in the world ” Feat : Obama..

So much trouble in the world
So much trouble in the world

Bless my eyes this morning
Jah sun is on the rise once again
The way earthly thin’s are goin’
Anything can happen.

You see men sailing on their ego trip,
Blast off on their spaceship,
Million miles from reality:
No care for you, no care for me.

So much trouble in the world;
So much trouble in the world.
All you got to do: give a little (give a little),
Give a little (give a little), give a little (give a little)!
One more time, ye-ah! (give a little) Ye-ah! (give a little)
Ye-ah! (give a little) Yeah!

So you think you’ve found the solution,
But it’s just another illusion!
(So before you check out this tide),
Don’t leave another cornerstone
Standing there behind, eh-eh-eh-eh!
We’ve got to face the day;
(Ooh) Ooh-wee, come what may:
We the street people talkin’,
Yeah, we the people strugglin’.

Now they sitting on a time bomb; (Bomb-bomb-bomb! Bomb-bomb-bomb!)
Now I know the time has come: (Bomb-bomb-bomb! Bomb-bomb-bomb!)
What goes on up is coming on down, (Bomb-bomb-bomb! Bomb-bomb-bomb!)
Goes around and comes around. (Bomb-bomb-bomb! Bomb-bomb-bomb!)

So much trouble in the world;
So much trouble in the world;
So much trouble in the world.
There is so much trouble (so much trouble in the world);
There is so much trouble;
There is so much trouble (so much in the world);
There is so much trouble;
There is so much trouble in the world (so much trouble in the world);
There is (so much in the world);
(So much trouble in the world)

And In Today’s World :




American Flag Eagle

(Video) Syrian President: ‘In 2003 we proposed UN to get rid of WMD in the entire Middle East but U.S. was against the proposal’

Syria: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – Charlie Rose Interview (full) – September 9, 2013



The Muslim Issue

Syrian President Bashar al Assad Charlie Rose Interview (full) September 9, 2013
This man is not responsible for chemical warfare on his own people. His people are being killed by extremist Sunni Muslims. He is trying to defend his country from Sunni insurgency and funding of extremists, to remove the Shia government. The mistake Assad is doing, is to collaborate with Iran. The collaboration with Iran makes everyone else nervous. But as the only Shia country in the region, another Shia nation is one of his only options to collaborate with. His stance on Israel, a victim of Muslim invasion and the creation of a fake people, is also against him.



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Video: EDL Vs UAF Tower Hamlets – Police Clash with UAF Muppets

EDL Vs UAF Tower Hamlets 2013


Kafir Crusaders

Good insight into the distorted view of reality that the UAF supporters have. Worth watching just to listen to the inbred Muslim UAF supporter(at 8 mins 30) who can barely string 2 words together who thinks that we are at war

Original uploaders comments:

The EDL demonstration was a march from Tower Bridge to Aldgate, though it was originally intended to go further into Tower Hamlets. A counter-demonstration was arranged by UAF with the Islamic Forum Europe and Tower Hamlets Council workers and was based in Altab-Ali Park in Whitechapel. The mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, opposed the march but failed to ban it completely.This video shows the EDL marching over Tower Bridge and up The Minories and also shows good footage of UAF, communists, anarchists and Muslims clashing with the police on Mansell Street. I also caught some of the speech by EDL leader Tommy Robinson who was later…

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Turkey funneling arms & jihadis into Syria

Turkey funneling arms & jihadis into Syria

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