Emma West Croydon tram race rant woman sentenced

Emma West

At Last Free…free ? No exactly. Back to the Same Tram of Life. Your England is Gone..piece by piece gave away by those Politicians that are looking good on television for their open mindness. They don’t live the reality, for them it is easy to condemn  a person like you with racism. They don’t live your reality and how they dare judging you.

Plead guilty or have your trial push further and further..don’t be harsh on yourself, you’ve done plenty enough, to show your bravery. And that the fact to be surrender and not recognize its own Country is a more common sentiment not only in Britain but in many countries.

I follow you, since the day you went to jail and did write. I don’t see you as a racist, immigration was the word for your shouting. But with racism then can make prey out of you.

But the reality is the opposite you did say (your own) what many think, but scarred to say.

A British Politician did warn of all this, and they did put him on side, is name was Enoch Powell.

Well at last they let you free, and may be turn page, even if you will stay the Tram Experience Woman, its far from being all negative, because break down like this, many, many are on the edge of it.

God Bless You Emma



Emma West Croydon tram race rant woman sentenced

Emma West on the tram
Emma West was filmed on a tram

A woman who was filmed shouting racist abuse on a London tram in a video watched by 11 million people has been given a community sentence.

Emma West, 36, of New Addington, admitted racially-aggravated disorderly behaviour likely to cause harassment or distress at Croydon Crown Court.

West was filmed shouting racist abuse at passengers travelling on a tram between Croydon and Wimbledon.

She was bound over to keep the peace and handed a 24-month community order.

A judge said West was clearly suffering from mental health problems at the time of the outburst.

She received a mental health treatment order for assaulting a constable in a separate incident.

The court heard she was “reeking of alcohol” when she carried out the verbal attack.

Prosecutor Julius Capon said: “She in essence persecuted a number of passengers on the tram, subjecting them to some disgusting racial abuse.”

The things she said included “you’re not English”, “none of you are English” and “get back to your own countries”.

Mr Capon said many of the passengers were “upset” by West’s behaviour.

“Some of them described themselves as being disgusted, shocked and horrified,” he said.

David Martin-Sperry, defending West, said the defendant’s offending was out of character, she was taking anti-depressants and she does not harbour any racist views.

Mr Martin-Sperry said she had unwittingly taken two and a half times the recommended dose and drunk a large glass of wine before launching the tirade.








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