Fellow patriot,Britain First

Recently, Britain First forced the police to take action against Islamic extremist hate preacher Anjem Choudary…but instead of arresting him, they ferreted him and his family away to safety!

Now we have seen in the newspapers the pernicious Mr Choudary regurgitating even more hate and venom against the British people and butchered soldier Lee Rigby…yet they STILL will not arrest him.

“I don’t feel sorry for Lee….his killers are martyrs,” the Sun newspaper quotes him as saying.

We have learned from the report in the ‘Sun’ newspaper that he uses an office near Walthamstow.

No matter how long it takes us, we WILL track him down and perform a “citizen’s arrest”, by hook or by crook.

Our recent statements were taken so seriously by the police and intelligence services that they thought it wise to evacuate him and his family out of their family residence.

The truth is that we love Britain MORE than we love ourselves, so once we have arrested Anjem Choudary, we intend to then mete out a dose of citizens justice to other extremists, cretins such as Abu Izadeen, Sayful Islam and other prominent haters of all things British!

If they arrest any of us for such statements, we’ll simply get out of jail (some day) and carry on.

The Britain First leadership cannot live with the thought that another Woolwich or 7/7 attack would happen and we sat on my hands and did nothing….Woolwich is a wake-up call to all of us.

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