Obama Has Emergency Meeting With Muslim Prince After Boston Bombing

Given the fact that the Obama administration has sent more than half a billion dollars and the CIA is shipping weapons to FSA rebels in Syria who pledged allegiance to and are led by Al-Qaeda militants, the notion that one of these militants would carry out an attack on U.S. soil would be extremely damaging to the White House.


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said the West will pay a high price for what he described as its support for al-Qaeda in his country’s conflict. DO YOU THINK AL QAEDA CARE ?? THAT IT CAN’T BE ON MANY FRONT ?? America Pay For Their Own Fonding Bombs !!!































































Hatred: Al-Qaeda leader Mohammad al-Chalabi said on Tuesday that he was 'happy to see the horror in America' following the horrific attack on Boston

‘American blood isn’t more precious than Muslim  blood,’ said Mohammad al-Chalabi, who was convicted in an al Qaeda-linked plot  to attack U.S. and other Western diplomatic missions in Jordan in 2003.

‘Let the Americans feel the pain we endured’: Sickening claim of Jordanian  al-Qaeda extremist ‘happy’ over Boston Marathon bombings

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2309708/Boston-Marathon-bomb-2013-Jordanian-al-Qaeda-extremist-Mohammad-al-Chalabi-happy-horror.html#ixzz2QteuONAo ————-








































https://swissdefenceleague.wordpress.com/2013/04/18/the-muslim-brotherhood-project-part-22/ —————–

Some 1,000 Muslims from across Europe are currently active as Islamic jihadists in Syria, which has replaced Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia as the main destination for militant Islamists to obtain immediate combat training with little or no official scrutiny.










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