TEA TEAMS USA : American Citizen Special Forces

TEA TEAMS USA : American Citizen Special Forces

Tea Teams Missions :

  • To contend for the God and Country principles upon which the United States was founded and which guided this nation to the pinnacle of freedom, prosperity and good works for the benefit of all.
  • To confront and defeat the anti-American liberal agenda that is eliminating faith, freedom and prosperity.
  • To expose and combat corruption, racism and sedition within government and society.
  • To boldly confront and remove from service elected officials and government workers who fail to uphold their oath of office or to perform their lawful duties.

Tea Teams Philosophy :

We take the battle for American Freedom to the next level, public confrontation of the enemies of freedom, and publicly recognizing and encouraging American citizens who stand for American principles.

We do not shy away from controversy, in fact, we welcome it.  Controversy generates public interest and stirs debate.  Tea Teams take a bold stand for American principles and traditional morality in society.

Ever since the Tea Party thundered onto the political landscape in 2009, liberal activists, media and politicians have used every dirty trick to silence and marginalize the voice of Tea Party Americans.  Tea Teams refuse to be silent in the face of rising tyranny in American government.

Writing and calling elected representatives has proven ineffective and America’s social, political and economic situation grows ever worse, threatening the very freedoms this nation was founded upon.

The foundations of government and society in the United States was derived from the traditional Judeo-Christian faith of the founders and settlers.  Every social and governmental problem facing this nation today can be traced to the elimination of these principles and the destruction of our national identity as American citizens.

Tea Teams Goals :

  • To demand that government at all levels comply with the principles of good management and to hold accountable those who through deceit, corruption, immoral practices or dishonesty do harm to the Constitution of the United States and by proxy, to the citizens.
  • To reestablish open and honest dialog in all areas of government and society by restoring the freedom to practice traditional faith as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.
  • To reestablish our national identity as American citizens and the loyalty to country that demands.
  • To challenge American men to be the leaders and warriors God designed them to be.


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