Iron Heart That Has Tear Off The One Of The U.K. + Ken Loach

Iron Heart That Has Tear Off The One Of The U.K.

Sure Once Dead, Everything Looks Good and The Best Of A Person is Brought to Light.

I was living in the U.K. during her time, and there are a lot of The Worst Of This Person!

She broke many things, or more like bring it to be broke…and her Heir, sort of, Tony Blair did end the Job !

Many  Complain about decisions and politics With France and Germany. Railways, UK miners’ strike..and The GLC !

On One Side You may call her Courageous but I just like to remind an other which is plain Cruel.

Ken Loach / Which Side Are You On (1984).

Stunning documentary on the 1984 UK Miners Strike where international capital used Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government to mount a vicious campaign of violence and hatred on the British working class. The film features the miners and their families experiences told through songs, poems and other art.’_strike_(1984%E2%80%931985)

1980: Margaret Tatcher has been in power for a few months. If his liberal
politics globaly redress the country’s economy, but it has disastrous
consequences for the working class. Actually the “Iron Lady” reduces the role of
the state, it is pass laws against trade unions in 1980, 1982, 1984, 1987 and
1988 (5), the entreprises privatization of which has the consequences to the
fail of the smaller, taxes are increasing (including VAT at 15%) as the
unemployment rate reached a record 5 million in 1982. During her tenure she has
always wanted to marginalize the youth since banned rave party and said, in one
of his most famous speech “we must crucified all the skinhead crucified”. This
last sentence more or less give birth to the “crucified skinhead”.

Skinheads in those time, were to listen Reggae and were hanging around with Jamaicans, before the National Front took them away from their Roots and bring Politics into it, by time went by, Only The Football Stadium could provide a place to clear the mind. As the Country went worst and worst!

Deadend Yobs:

Deadend yobs got boxing football or rock`n`roll
If they`re any good at to save `em from the dole
But even if ya make it certain people will say
You`re still no good and you`ll be no other way
Cos you dont talk proper your accent aint true blue
You was born in a house in Hackney with a outside loo

They could be gangsters they could rob a bank
They could join the army learn to drive a tank
No hope, no luck, no future when you`re down and out
When your at the bottom nobody hears you shout
And authority keeps knocking you on the heads
From the day you`re born to the day your dead

School report read “your no good you`re a deadend yob”
Might just make it in a deadend job
So you break all the rules in and out of school
Getting into trouble nothing else to do
And when they nick us dont they bleeding love it
Sod the system gotta rise above it

Deadend yobs kids like me and you
We all know this story is true

Garry Johnson


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