Scientolog y slam‏

Scientolog y slam‏


Scientology and the legal system :

Scientology controversies :

The Scientology

Scientology been consider as a Religion

It goes with a guy Hubbard something who made a Book

Follower follow the book .. I know you see where I’m going..

In several Countries Scientology had to pass by court

Court that says not religion but Sect

Book dangerous for people


The Expansion of Scientology Been Stopped !!

Well Islam : Not A Religion A totalitarian Ideology

The Book, very dangerous for people especially woman

BANNED AND STOPPED ? Isn’t There Enough For It ???

How by bringing to every court, the responsibilities of Islam in the degrading, violence, and terror that it brings…there are more then plenty to make more then a case…It does’t goes against the People But against THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM

Wish there be a Sort of : Lawyer Against Sharia, or people in the situation to be able to bring the debate on higher level

I put Here Again Mr Walid Video :


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