“Wilhem Arrow” : Presidential Jeopardy

Is Obama American ?

I’ve doubt it is not the Birth Certificate

That’s A Paper. When Grow up or even live in Country for enough long, you breath all that, the food the friends the small event and it grasp you. Still doesn’t mean you got The Birth Certificate. But a part of you is link to that Country.

If it were A Button to be Pressed That Will Go and Do much harm To United States Citizen.

Someone with no “inner” connection to the USA will just press it, not knowing, not caring.

Someone linked by any ways, will think, will remember, and turn against who and what want to press that Button, tear it off.

What do you think Obama will do ..

Well my guess is that he just call the press and say look everyone : I’m pressing the Button

So he is not American, with not even having the innocence of not knowing America

Presidential Jeopardy – Abe, Bush, Obama : To Laugh a little…


And Back To Reality :

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  • muse1876  On April 3, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    The video was priceless! Thanks for sharing. I think Obama should go to Syria and stand with his Muslimes.

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