To Iftikhar Ahmad 2

To Iftikhar Ahmad 2


Sir your comments enrage me, of which I know it is the way of Islam, don’t shout victory yet, because your teaching I do know.


True moral values has gone in Britain and elsewhere, but is that justify picking up youngsters and rape them, is this justify that they are slut anyway so it is what they deserve…and that of course if they were under a Burka and Following Islam this did never happen.

I do understand your logic, like I did wrote.. turning everything to bring to the fact that Islam is the Solution.. and that Islam is nice…


What’s gonna happen to those poor bride ?? Getting beaten up.. Obey A Tyrant Husband..well you talk to me about the love Muslims Family enjoy, giving tenderness to their we westerners don’t give even a look, which is again to be bring back to excuse any bad happening to them.


I did say to you we are not alike ..our logic is not alike.. I don’t think we ever be able to live side by side..


You talk about segregation.. and here honestly I might agree, as we can’t live with one another.. let’s put a wall..on that side sharia on the other non-sharia, and if everyone keep its side we could live our life the way we choose.


But as I say I know your teaching.. By doing that it is creating a MuslimState inside westerner state it be a Victory for you.. and a quick expansion of that so call area..with the goal to get all the land.


I believe you are a teacher, but you missed a few classes, you don’t take your enemy for a dumb because he is idiot enough not to know Islam. And try to bring those idiots under your ruling…


We thirst so much for freedom that we make mistakes, but freedom is our very soul, you can reach our body, kill us in every corner, but always one will stand back and say I’m A Free Man !


So stop your slavery propaganda, please..

not interested not even to make a point, there are enough happening all around to unmask islam and see the totalitarian ideology that it is

Zaki Ameen was raised a Muslim and once dedicated his life to Islam, working as an Imam. He then realised how the teachings of Muhammad and the Quran were used to deceive followers, in order to gain control, money and power. Living by the Point of My Spear is his book, revealing shocking evidence against Muhammad. This is a video about Muhammad revealing facts that have been hidden for decades about the so called prophet Muhammad. Muhammad murdered Abi Bin Khalaf Bin Wahab, by stabbing him with his spear for personal revenge, he also murdered Amro Bin Umer. This and more is revealed in ‘The Dark side of Muhammad’ by Zaki Ameen, author of Living by the Point of My Spear. More information is available on The Muhammad video is in English and Arabic.

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  • muse1876  On March 20, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    Excellent, excellent post. God bless

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