I’ll see your “Sickness”, Mr Cameron, and I’ll raise you THIS MAN:

David Cameron thinks the EDL are sick. – David Cameron’s Sickness – article by main EDL page.

^^^ Quality article that.

And apparently now he says this:

“I don’t think the EDL represent anybody, everyone in our country wants to come together, build a strong society and the EDL want to take us in a different direction and that’s the way we should treat them.

“I don’t think anyone will support them, people don’t support them, its not the direction the country wants to go in, EDL just want to sow division and we should have no truck with them at all”

Foaming a little aren’t you, Dave? Over something that apparently doesn’t matter?

You know FULL WELL how much you shit yourself over people turning out in the street. The reason the English Defence League exist…

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