“Keep It Tribal” : +We Are The English+

“Keep It Tribal” : +We Are The English+

I’ve got an History with That Shop and That Shop Stand For Something.

I have never put a Donation Button or ask, or bring people who ask money.

This is different it is a Shop and Yes I’m using the Swiss Defence League Blog to present this Shop.

And take to read : http://www.wearetheenglish.com/misc.html


It’s the end of the month so we’ve got a 99p UK delivery special (see details below). We’ve tweaked the site here and there, there’s a few snippets from our ever expanding Facebook page and we’ve still got a few mega bargains to be had.

99p UK Delivery       For one week only all UK standard delivery charges will be just 99p. Offer ends Friday 8th March

Senlak.co.uk     Senlak is one of most innovative and new designer clothing labels in the U.K. It’s t-shirts, sweatshirts and apparel use designs inspired by England and English culture, history and heritage.You can view the Senlak range by clicking on the links below. Premier Patriotwear at it’s very best.


Our Most Read       Our two most read articles. Check them out:
Wat Tyler – freedom fighter, patriot, champion of the oppressed and smiter of the rich and powerful. From our English Greats section and a personal hero of mine – http://www.wearetheenglish.com/wattyler.html

Who Are Yer – no, not the football chant. From our Miscellaneous Articles section – http://www.wearetheenglish.com/whoareyer.html

A Few Bits off Our Facebook Page 31,000 followers and rising. You can take a look and join up here http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Are-The-English/174919193212 We’ve got some great moderators on there looking after the page for us and they bring with them a range of views and assorted posts. You’ll find some funny, some serious, often controversial but hopefully always interesting. We’ll see you there for news, views, culture, history and even the odd argument….and we’ve even added a couple of posts below for you.

Liars, Thieves…We are ruled by stupid men in suits who use lies, spin and deceit to maintain their grip on power and the corrupt vested interests of the rich and the powerful. We are routinely lied to and decisions are taken in the interests of the few and not the many. The political elite becomes ever more remote and every year our country is taken further and further from us. The political system and the establishment does not serve the people. It needs ripping down and starting again.

Remembering a legend….Twenty years ago today a legend was taken from us. RIP Bobby Moore – still an inspiration to many.

England quotes…. “I feel in regard to this aged England, that she see a little better on a cloudy day and that, in a storm of battle and calamity, she has a secret vigour and a pulse like a cannon”. – ralph waldo emerson (1803-1882) – american philosopher & poet

“The people are bold, courageous, ardent and cruel in war. But very inconstant, rash, vainglorious, light and deceiving. And very suspicious, especially of foreigners, whom they despise”. – emmanuel van meteren, dutch merchant
“But we are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet. Smile at us, pay us, pass us by. But never forget”. – gilbert k chesterton (1874-1936) – english novelist and poet
“He that wishes to see his country robbed of its rights can not be a patriot”. – samual johnson

A great site…Love this website about the birth of the English nation. It was a time of great adventure, heroes and mighty warriors and was the inspiration for Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings…..http://engla-tocyme.weebly.com/

Disgraceful…This is an utter disgrace, but it is we the people who allow it to happen. £120,000 he needs to raise to cover the costs for the next 6 years. The government are bringing in new laws that would cap this at £75,000 (yeh, thanks for that!). If he was Scottish he would have to pay nothing. If he was Welsh he would pay a maximum of £50 per week. The English need to stand up for ourselves and we need to stand up for our old people and our heroes…. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/elderhealth/9894728/Family-of-RAFs-finest-who-shot-V1-rockets-out-the-sky-forced-to-sell-medals-to-pay-for-care-home.html

More liars…..The main three. Liars, thieves and conmen. How can anyone even think about voting for them? The sheeple are herded to the polling booth every 4 years to put their cross exactly where they are told. Can they not see that maybe it’s time to stop the merry-go-round and it’s time for a change. Anyone but these….

That’s All Folks       Waes Hael       WATE.com www.wearetheenglish.com



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  • muse1876  On March 1, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    My Mother’s Grand-parents came from Wales. I did like that site and I will visit often. God bless

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