Britain First

Britain FirstFellow patriot,

The long awaited ruling on the Abu Qatada injunction took place yesterday, and as expected the the Qatada family secured a permanent injunction preventing demonstrations from taking place with 500 metres of their taxpayer-funded home.

It was all too predictable: the legal system seems to fall over itself for Qatada and his cronies, their “human rights” come first, every time!

However, we beat their attempts to claim costs and damages, so they are left with a large bill not us!

The action we took served to highlight this farce and keeps the pressure on this terrorist scumbag and sends a message to our enemies: you might scare Cameron and Clegg, but Britain First and our allies are up for it…ANYTIME!

The story of yesterday’s hearing has received coverage in the Daily Mail, the Independent, the Daily Telegraph, BBC News, the London Evening Standard, the Guardian, Bloomberg, ITV News, Channel 4 news and many more.

Abu Qatada has been described as “Osama Bin Laden’s right hand man in Europe” and is wanted by his native country of Jordan on terror charges.

He has been described by UK courts as a “dangerous risk”.

Britain FirstIt is the clear view of the British public and of the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary that he does not belong in this country and efforts to deport him have been made.

Abu Qatada’s prominence in the mass media on regular occasion’s points to his being here in the UK as being an issue of national concern to the British electorate, and thus political opposition to his presence here is legitimate, democratic and legal.

Canvassing of support (pre-injunction) by our activists amongst the local residents of Qatada’s local area reveals huge dissatisfaction with the presence of the Qatada family in the road.

As taxpayers of the United Kingdom, our protesters (and the local residents) are directly and personally funding the residence of the Qatada family and thus have a fundamental right to lawfully protest outside a residence they are directly contributing to.

Thus, suspending the civil liberties and democratic rights of the taxpayers who are providing for Abu Qatada and his family is both an abuse of the fundamental freedoms outlined in the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights, and a gross violation of the rights of taxpayers in general.

He must literally be laughing at our national weakness, stupidity and cowardice!

Britain FirstBut, for many months, he was put under serious pressure by the united patriots of Britain First and the English National Resistance, and all the groups involved within it.

Despite the problems this has caused us, we never backed down or softened our resolve for one minute.

We did this for one reason: because it was the right thing to do.

Trying our best to get rid of an Al Qaeda/Taliban terrorist from our shores was justified and right.

In the end, he used our money and legal system against us, aided and abetted by politically correct judges and taxpayer-sponging solicitors.

I want to take this opportunity to THANK everyone who stood by us during this campaign – between our activists, the leadership and our supporters we created quite a stir!

The next step we intend to take is a widening of our campaign against the Islamic enemies of our country.

We must remember that Abu Qatada is but one of the leaders of Islamic hate in our country: we must not forget Anjem Choudrey, Sayful Islam and many others.

It is our holy duty to oppose these venomous anti-British cretins with every ounce of strength in our bodies.

Join us in the next stage of our struggle and back our campaign to oppose the Islamic enemies of our country, join Britain First today!


Yours sincerely Paul Golding Chairman, Britain First

PS: The Islamic enemies of our country will not stop until we are all dead or converted to Islam, and their numbers on our shores are growing rapidly! To ignore this call to action would be folly…think of your children’s future!



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