The Order of Malta celebrates its 900th ‘birthday’ February 7, 2013

The Order of Malta celebrates 900th
‘birthday’ February 7, 2013

YoutubeFebruary 7, 2013 (  Tradition is an integral
part of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. From the
clothing its members wear, to its emblematic eight pointed Cross. Part of that
strong tradition is serving the needy around the globe. In fact it was
900 years ago
, back in February 1113, the Order was declared a
sovereign entity, marking its independence from both religious and secular


Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta
“We are celebrating
900 years of the recognition of the Order of Malta by Pope Pascal II who issued
a so called Bula document.”

That document opened a new chapter for
the Order. Now, 900 years later, it carries out humanitarian work in about 120
countries. Even though the Order is Catholic, it also provides aid in
Muslim and Communist countries.


Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta
“We have been
active in Cuba since the 60’s during all the time of the communist regime mainly
dealing with caring for lepers first, and then we entered into a corporation
agreement with the government of Cuba.”

National Director of Italian Relief Corps

challenge is making sure that the Christian values the Order was founded on, are
transmitted in the contemporary world. That way we combine our aid with our
professional capacity.”

Even though the  Order of Malta doesn’t
rule over a specific territory, it does have diplomatic relations with 104
countries and it has an observer status with the U.N.

Its roots date
back to the Crusades and membership was traditionally for Christian noble
families. Now,  it has about 13,000 members and that criteria has changed.

Grand Hospitaller of the Order of

“To become a member of the Order of Malta you have to be
a faithful Catholic, you have to be proposed by two or three sponsors and we
expect the candidate, to have shown before he becomes a member that he engages
in the works of the Order.”

To mark its 900th anniversary,
about 4,000 members and volunteers from every corner of the world, will
come to Rome on February 9th
. The Pope will hold an audience and
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone will celebrate Mass with these attendees, in St.
Peter’s Basilica.

Sovereign Military Order of Malta

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