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Valiant-for-truth“Pilgrim’s Progress” : The Enemies of Reason

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imagesCA3UV6ASby Justin O Smith

Islam’s historic past does indeed include a few intelligent, exceptional men, as well as brief periods of great growth and ascendancy due to militarism and conquest rather than enlightenment and innovations. Islam has always persecuted and silenced its intelligent men and especially its women, as well as the few reformers that have appeared throughout history such as Qassim Amin, who published ‘Tahrir al-Mara’ (The Liberation of Women) in 1899; Amin argued that the degraded position of women and, in particular, the practice of veiling was responsible for Egypt’s backwardness, and to this day, Islam worldwide has revealed its incompatibility with Western civilization and its scorn for secularism, democracy, human rights and all the values upon which Our American Heritage is based; Islam is America’s enemy and the enemy of Reason.

In 19th century Iran, Mirza Aqa Khan Kirmani wrote that true religion meant “tall buildings, industrial inventions, factories, expansion of the means of communication, promotion of knowledge, general welfare, implementing just laws”, rational enlightenment and equal rights. One of the tasks of conservative premodern Islam had been to help Muslims accept the inherent limitations of their society and its fatalism so exemplified by a simple word that translates “as God wills it”… “Inshallah”. Kirmani stated that this was no longer acceptable and Islam would have to change.

Islam never made those changes, as we fast foreward to the 21st century. Islam currently is a peaceful and tolerant “religion” and ideology that shows great concern for human rights according to the Leftists and appeasers, which explains the stacks of corpses the Khomeinists of Iran built their theocratic Islamic state upon, just as the Muslim Brother Morsi is currently poised to imitate in Egypt; the Taliban shooting a teenage girl, Malala Yousafzai, on October 9, 2012 because she advocated education for Pakistani girls; Al Qaeda’s rampage and political gains across the Middle East in this Arab Winter, and the fact that 3000 Christians have been killed by Boko Haram islamofascist terrorists since 2009 with 690 of those murders occuring in 2012…not to mention Obama’s Islamic Maghreb friends murdering the U.S. Ambassador and three others in Benghazi!

A great deal of the last 100 years of upheaval in the Islamic world can be traced to Islam’s struggle to determine if its communities could still retain their Islamic identities, while modernizing in a Western fashion, or if they could modernize in a totally Islamic fashion. Rifah al- Tahtawi insisted in 1826 that Egypt must learn from the West, the gates of “ijtihad”/independent reasoning must be opened and Sharia law must adapt to the modern world; in 1871, Jamal al-Din (al-Afghani) illustrated that essentially the imams, scholars and intellectuals (ulema) had closed those gates to the Islamic masses and stagnated  in the rulings of past sages. Din suggested that this was contrary to the essential characteristics of authentic Islam, which were “dominance and superiority”.

However, it is the very notion of Islamic superiority that causes so much strife between Islam and all other ideologies and religions wherever Islam is found, from Thailand to western China and from Russia to the U.S. The imams and modern day ulema seem to be reactonaries intent on keeping Islam and its followers suspended in a 7th century backward and evil ideology. Looking at Islam holistically, it appears that the Islamic fundamentalists have won time and again over the centuries, and they are winning now from Afghanistan to Iran and Mali to Iraq, largely due to Obama’s failed approach to Middle East policy.

Reason might prescribe that the Palestinians suggest to the Jews and Christians in Bethlehem, “Stay here, live and work with us to build a better community.” A little over three decades ago, Bethlehem was 80% Christian, but soon after Palestinian refugees from Jordan and Lebanon were allowed to settle there, the Palestinians immediately set forth to dominate the region; Bethlehem is now 80% Muslim.

The U.S. legal system is already a complete, competent and virtually all encompassing system. What rationale can anyone give for the U.S. to further encumber its excellent legal system with archaic and often unConstitutional Sharia law concepts other than the fact that CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim fundamentalists and Islam itself demands them? Any attempts at dialogue concerning advances by Islamists and Sharia law encroachments in America usually end in diatribes advancing one point of view by the Obama administration, liberals and Islamic appeasers such as Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, and now the despicable, anti-American  Al Gore lines his pockets with Al Qaeda terror dollars by selling Current TV on January 3, 2013… a primed and readied  Islamic propaganda pipeline… to Al Jazeera!

Most Muslims would prefer to advance the cause of Islam and see a subjugated America, if PEW studies are any indication, rather than integrate into American culture. It is highly unsettling to witness CAIR and the American Muslim Advisory Council try to insert Sharia principles into Rutherford, Williamson, Davidson and many other school systems in Tennessee and throughout the U.S., as they also demand that journalists stop using the term “Islamist”. These Islamofascists ask for the withdrawal of textbooks that make no mention of the presumed contributions made by Islam to the U.S. culture; however, they certainly are not touting the immense contributions Christianity and western values have brought to the world. Islam’s own intolerance is apparent as their minority attempts to force 310 million Americans to bend to their will and validate their worldview of a “superior” Islam!

Many of these same U.S. Muslim citizens are plotting and engaging in terrorism against the united States. The following is a microcosm of a significantly larger problem: In November 2012, four Southern California men were arrested and accused of trying to join Al Qaeda in order to wage “violent jihad” against Americans serving in Afghanistan, and one of the men was a U.S. Air Force veteran, while the rest included two legal reasidents and one more U.S. citizen; in 2008, three Queens, NY men met with Al Qaeda operatives in Pakistan and returned with a plot to bomb New York subways. Much of this is fomented by zealous, despotic imams delivering violent messages throughout mosques in the U.S. and Europe too.

Unless Europe develops a cadre of real intellectuals who can actually think, America can kiss Europe good-bye. It’s going to be war, much like the Lebanon “civil war” where some sections will be Christian controlled and others occupied by Muslims/Islamists. There will be permanent strife, and it will be more gruesome than we can imagine. When the horror comes, the dhimmis, appeasers and journalists who helped bring it about will wag their heads and flee… and leave it to those who can’t flee to fight it out!

Refusing to admit that America is under both military and cultural assaults on all fronts by Islam, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda and that they are being aided by the dhimmis, collaborators and traitors at all levels of the U.S. government is against Reason, just as accepting the lies emanating from the Obama administration and Governor Haslam’s office is against Reason. Resigning ourselves and surrendering out of cowardice or apathy is against Reason. Also thinking that the Islamofascist problem will simply disappear or somehow miracuously resolve itself is against Reason. This is a fight we cannot avoid and we must no longer ignore, as we awaken our patriotic spirit with the force of passion. Living takes passion. America… refuse to submit, to comply, to surrender. It isn’t only a matter of living: America’s survival requires ratiocination… Reason… rather than the irrational, suicidal insanity currently espoused by Obama’s Progressives… appeasers and traitors!

Kuss inmak Prophet Mohammed, ibn sharmuta!


Douglas Murray – Tolerating Islam Is Suicide

Mark Steyn: Freedom in the Time of Shariah

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.



January 10, 2013

President Obama’s choice to be the next Secretary of Defense came in for a lot of criticism even before it was announced since former Senator Chuck Hagel’s positions have run the gamut from controversial to extreme and downright reckless.

Hagel has been applauded, however, by the state-controlled media of Iran.  The mullahs’ mouthpiece, Press TV, has enthused about Hagel for his vociferously anti-Israel stance.  The Iranian regime must also appreciate his longstanding encouragement of unconditional engagement with Tehran, his opposition to tough sanctions against it and his denunciation of any use of force to prevent Iran from getting the bomb.

There are plenty of other good reasons to oppose the nomination of Chuck Hagel to lead our military at this critical time.  Iran’s endorsement of him, though, should be high on the list.

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.  Learn more at SecureFreedomRadio.com

Mercy to the Guilty Is Cruelty to the Innocent



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  • Marshal Infidel  On January 11, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    [“Pilgrim’s Progress” : The Enemies of Reason] EXCELLENT ARTICLE…. wonderfully written… Touché on the find!

    In what language is this written?: “Kuss inmak Prophet Mohammed, ibn sharmuta!”

    • swissdefenceleague  On January 11, 2013 at 4:01 pm

      Sort Of Arabic Slang, not by someone who likes mohammad, could resume it by S.O.B.

      • Marshal Infidel  On January 11, 2013 at 4:29 pm

        I’d really like to see that in Arabic script so that I could translate it properly! I think it would make a wonderful addition to my Gravitar profile! LOL!!

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