When the intelligence community rebelled against suicidal strategy of France in Syria

When the intelligence community rebelled against suicidal strategy of France in Syria

– The loss of strategic cooperation with Syria, security and political advantage of a situation whose outcome is bitter in the best case and the worst case, a huge chaos may not save the streets of Paris suburbs which contain a high concentration of Muslim populations.
What is a former French intelligence officer in Lebanon near the Syrian border?
Response from another Western expert security policies: “At home, an intelligence officer for retirement becomes either an intellectual or a farmer or a trader or a fool. In France, the expert continues, it becomes a researcher, by personal covenant or puts his skills to one of the many institutes or firms who offer their consulting services to those in power or opposition or to influential parties in both camps. ‘
Our retired officer A. D., became a researcher, believes that France has made strategic mistakes in Syria and stupid, because it came in a game (against the Syrian regime) in which it loses in advance and that the only winners if is, are Americans. As for losses, in France has the lion’s share if the plan triumph of his enemies armed and financed by NATO countries and the Gulf monarchies.
About Franco-Syrian relation in the past, the former French officer says: “The escalation policy between France and Syria is not a problem in itself, as between Member States, there is no friendship or animosity eternal interest only decide on the nature of relationships. Great loss of France’s loss of its security cooperation with Syria. ” He added: “The Syrian security services have saved France, repeatedly, terrible disasters that terrorists were preparing to Arab origins cause. Only information supplied by the Syrian services have allowed us to defeat and save innocent lives. ‘


Alain Juppé and Hillary Clinton

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that governments need to “start moving very vigorously in the Security Council” towards the adoption of a sanctions resolution including travel, financial sanctions, and an arms embargo to pressure the regime to comply with special emissary Kofi Annan‘s six-point peace plan. But she acknowledged that Russia is still likely to veto any U.N. resolution imposing sanctions on Syria. She also voiced concern about the viability of the new observer mission, raising the prospects, however unlikely, that the council may pull the plug on a U.N. mission before it gets fully going.

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