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The Zero Heroes were not a French band as some sources suggest. They were a Swiss band from Geneva (1979-1983). Pop-rock with a ska/reggae beat and a portion of punk. This video was made 1980.



Chorus : And it’s Crash Boom Bang !
Look out ! Here comes the Klu-Klux-Klan
Look out ! Here comes the Purple Gang
The abominable snowman.

And it’s Crash Boom Bang
Get ready for the big shebang
Are you ready for  the promise land
This the dawn of a new man. Ha !

Wish I didn’t have to be a kid today
All you hear is violence flaring every way
It’s pretty hard to keep your sanity
Propaganda tells you how you’d like to be.

Have you heard of promises of paradise ?
Wait until you see it, what a big surprise
This revolution ain’t the kind you want
You can join the monkey liberation front.

Chorus ……

Have you ever tried to shoot a Tommy Gun ?
Try to pull the trigger while you’re on the run
It’s so exciting hiding in the shade
So you join a section of the Red Brigades.

Then you killed a cop and you don’t understand
Why you’re not the biggest hero in the land
There’s a reward that hangs upon your head
Everybody’s hoping they can shoot you dead.

And it’s going on left and right
Are we really gonna have to fight
Yes I know you’re shooting in the air
But it’s heating up the atmosphere.     Chorus ……



Valiant-for-truth “Pilgrim’s Progress” : The Immediacy of the Islamic Threat

STUNNER! Iftar Dinner Lies – Obama Butchers The Truth – Bolsters Muslim Brotherhood

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B Hussein Obama is a Muslim loving anti Judeo-Christian, anti-American lying bastard.

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Published on Aug 30, 2012


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North West Infidels outside Old Bailey to protest against Muslim Grooming Gang


Didier Burkhalter Play A Dangerous Game !

Switzerland to File Petition for ICC to Take Up Syria Case

Is Switzerland Wearing The Burkha ??


Didier Burkhalter

Switzerland will on Monday file a petition signed by 52 countries calling for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to open a case on war crimes in Syria, its foreign minister said.

“Serious war crimes are being committed in Syria. We must make sure they not go unpunished,” Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter told Swiss national television TSR on Friday.

“We’re submitting a proposal, now it is up to the Security Council to decide,” he added, saying the U.N. organ could either block or pursue the request.

Since Syria is not a party to the ICC, the world’s only permanent war crimes tribunal, a U.N. Security Council referral is needed for the court to look into crimes committed in the now 22-month conflict.

Certain countries object that a decision to pursue the case would provide Syrian President Bashar Assad with an added reason to stay in power.

On Friday, four European Union members urged the U.N. to refer the Syria crisis to the ICC in a joint letter released by Austria’s foreign ministry.

“Horrendous crimes have already been committed during the conflict in Syria, but there have been no consequences for the perpetrators,” the foreign ministers of Austria, Denmark, Ireland and Slovenia wrote in the letter.

“In view of the grave concerns mentioned above, and the lack of prosecution in Syria, we call on the U.N. Security Council to urgently refer the situation in Syria to the ICC,” they added.

The United Nations estimates more than 60,000 people have died since the March 2011 outbreak of the revolt, with over 600,000 Syrians registered as refugees in the region.

Syria ‘friends’ fuel murder with promises of weapons for rebels

Swiss grenades found in Syria: report

Published: 05 Jul 2012 09:38 GMT+02:00 | Print version Updated: 05 Jul 2012 09:38 GMT+02:00

The Swiss government suspended arms shipments to the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday amid a report that hand grenades made in Switzerland had found their way to Syria.

The decision — described as a provisional measure — comes after the country’s Sonntagszeitung newspaper published a photograph of one such device taken by a reporter shadowing rebels in the town of Marea, north of Aleppo, at the end of June.

While uncertainty remains about how or even if Swiss grenades are being used by Syrian rebels in their fight against government forces, all arms shipments to United Arab Emirates have been put on hold, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) said.

“Although the evidence remains unclear, SECO has immediately moved to freeze all arms export permits to the UAE,” spokeswoman Antje Bärtschi told AFP.

“We took this matter seriously because something similar happened last year when a journalist covering Libya found crates of Swiss munitions in Libya. These crates were exported by a Swiss company to Qatar which signed a non re-export agreement. It was an error on Qatar’s part.”

Initial findings by the Swiss authorities indicated that the grenade in question was indeed of Swiss origin and was made by Ruag, an arms manufacturer based in Bern, and originates from a shipment made by Ruag to the United Arab Emirates in 2003.

A total of 225,162 hand grenades were exported to the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates, according to the Federal Department of Economic Affairs (FDEA).

As part of the export deal, the UAE signed an agreement not to re-export the munitions anywhere else, the FDEA said.

“As far as the FDEA is aware, the hand grenade … originates from a Ruag shipment to the United Arab Emirates in 2003. At present there is no evidence that Swiss hand grenades have found their way to Syria,” said the government statement.

“Inquiries are ongoing however.”

Ruag, which is present at a total of 14 sites throughout Switzerland, told the newspaper that the grenade in question “looked like a Ruag product”.

In its statement the FDEA said arms shipments from Switzerland to Syria stopped after the War Material Act was signed in April 1998. Doubt also remains about whether the photograph was taken in Syria, it said in the statement.

“The indications received from the press raise a number of questions: it is unclear, for example, why there are no photos of the location at which the hand grenade was found.”

Describing the arms shipment freeze as “provisional”, SECO has also recalled existing unused arms export licences.

“A decision regarding further reaching measures can only be taken once the facts of the matter have been sufficiently clarified,” it said in a statement.

Brigitte Gabriel: Islam Unveiled (2008)



Brigitte Gabriel: Islam Unveiled (2008)


Brigitte Gabriel: Islam Unveiled (1 of 8)

Brigitte Gabriel: Islam Unveiled (2 of 8)

Brigitte Gabriel: Islam Unveiled (3 of 8)

Brigitte Gabriel: Islam Unveiled (4 of 8)

Brigitte Gabriel: Islam Unveiled (5 of 8)

Brigitte Gabriel: Islam Unveiled (6 of 8)

Brigitte Gabriel: Islam Unveiled (7 of 8)

Brigitte Gabriel: Islam Unveiled (8 of 8)

Well done all those who attended the MARCH FOR ENGLAND demo at Qatadas house yesterday ! NSFE !!!


WATCH:The U.N.’s history with Israel


WATCH:The U.N.’s history with Israel

WATCH: The U.N.’s history with Israel

The United Nations has made the democratic State of Israel the target of incessant condemnation while neglecting its mandate in challenging the oppressive regimes around the world.

H/T For Video :



Share this video and support Israel’s right to defend and protect! NEVER AGAIN will Israel depend on the help of other countries for our survival. Israel must always protect the future of the Jewish People.



Jerusalem: 4000 Years in 5 Minutes



2012: Biggest IDF Events



Top 7 Clips from 7 Years of Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV

Published on: January 9, 2013

“Wilhem Arrow” : Syria – 9/11, WW3 and the 3rd Element

“Wilhem Arrow” : Syria – 9/11, WW3 and the 3rd Element (Full Documentary)


Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Says Caliphate is Near (2011) 

It’s all falling into place. Egypt. Tunisia. Morocco. Libya. Yemen. With Syria, Jordan and Algeria possibly on the horizon and Egypt’s tenuous peace treaty with Israel potentially out the window. Yes, 2011 was very good to the Muslim Brotherhood. But Brotherhood leaders believe 2012 will be even better. And with developments like this, why not?

Here’s the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide and overall leader, Mohamed Badie–a man, incidentally, who publicly declared war on the United States back in September 2010, a few months before the onset of the so-called Arab Spring–crowing last week about the imminence of the Brotherhood’s ultimate goal: the reestablishment of the Islamic Caliphate:

The Muslim Brotherhood is close to achieving the “ultimate goal” set by the group’s founder Hassan al-Banna in 1928, which is the establishment of a “just and reasonable regime.”

The project begins with the creation of a sound government and ends with the establishment of a just Islamic caliphate, said Mohamed Badie, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt on Thursday, in his weekly message on the group’s official website.

When the group first began its mission, it aimed at guiding and awakening the nation so that it could regain its position after a long period of delay and recession, said Badie.

He went on to describe the two key aims outlined by Banna at the group’s sixth conference. The first objective was to increase group membership numbers. The second was the establishment of a long-term plan for the reform of all aspects of people’s lives.

Banna specified stages through which the ultimate purpose could be achieved, said Badie. The first step is the reform of the individual, then building, in order, sound family units, a society, and a governance system, and finally establishing a caliphate system.

In this Thursday message, the supreme guide linked the Arab Spring to the ultimate aims of the Brotherhood, saying that the uprisings were intent on achieving specific targets, on which they refused to compromise.

I predicted here last week that calls for the return of the Caliphate would intensify in 2012 and have been warning about this movement now for months. Again, the only question might be, who will lead it?

With thanks to Erick Stakelbeck

“Pilgrim’s Progress” : The Enemies of Reason + SecureFreedomMinute

Valiant-for-truth“Pilgrim’s Progress” : The Enemies of Reason

Posted on January 10, 2013 by

imagesCA3UV6ASby Justin O Smith

Islam’s historic past does indeed include a few intelligent, exceptional men, as well as brief periods of great growth and ascendancy due to militarism and conquest rather than enlightenment and innovations. Islam has always persecuted and silenced its intelligent men and especially its women, as well as the few reformers that have appeared throughout history such as Qassim Amin, who published ‘Tahrir al-Mara’ (The Liberation of Women) in 1899; Amin argued that the degraded position of women and, in particular, the practice of veiling was responsible for Egypt’s backwardness, and to this day, Islam worldwide has revealed its incompatibility with Western civilization and its scorn for secularism, democracy, human rights and all the values upon which Our American Heritage is based; Islam is America’s enemy and the enemy of Reason.

In 19th century Iran, Mirza Aqa Khan Kirmani wrote that true religion meant “tall buildings, industrial inventions, factories, expansion of the means of communication, promotion of knowledge, general welfare, implementing just laws”, rational enlightenment and equal rights. One of the tasks of conservative premodern Islam had been to help Muslims accept the inherent limitations of their society and its fatalism so exemplified by a simple word that translates “as God wills it”… “Inshallah”. Kirmani stated that this was no longer acceptable and Islam would have to change.

Islam never made those changes, as we fast foreward to the 21st century. Islam currently is a peaceful and tolerant “religion” and ideology that shows great concern for human rights according to the Leftists and appeasers, which explains the stacks of corpses the Khomeinists of Iran built their theocratic Islamic state upon, just as the Muslim Brother Morsi is currently poised to imitate in Egypt; the Taliban shooting a teenage girl, Malala Yousafzai, on October 9, 2012 because she advocated education for Pakistani girls; Al Qaeda’s rampage and political gains across the Middle East in this Arab Winter, and the fact that 3000 Christians have been killed by Boko Haram islamofascist terrorists since 2009 with 690 of those murders occuring in 2012…not to mention Obama’s Islamic Maghreb friends murdering the U.S. Ambassador and three others in Benghazi!

A great deal of the last 100 years of upheaval in the Islamic world can be traced to Islam’s struggle to determine if its communities could still retain their Islamic identities, while modernizing in a Western fashion, or if they could modernize in a totally Islamic fashion. Rifah al- Tahtawi insisted in 1826 that Egypt must learn from the West, the gates of “ijtihad”/independent reasoning must be opened and Sharia law must adapt to the modern world; in 1871, Jamal al-Din (al-Afghani) illustrated that essentially the imams, scholars and intellectuals (ulema) had closed those gates to the Islamic masses and stagnated  in the rulings of past sages. Din suggested that this was contrary to the essential characteristics of authentic Islam, which were “dominance and superiority”.

However, it is the very notion of Islamic superiority that causes so much strife between Islam and all other ideologies and religions wherever Islam is found, from Thailand to western China and from Russia to the U.S. The imams and modern day ulema seem to be reactonaries intent on keeping Islam and its followers suspended in a 7th century backward and evil ideology. Looking at Islam holistically, it appears that the Islamic fundamentalists have won time and again over the centuries, and they are winning now from Afghanistan to Iran and Mali to Iraq, largely due to Obama’s failed approach to Middle East policy.

Reason might prescribe that the Palestinians suggest to the Jews and Christians in Bethlehem, “Stay here, live and work with us to build a better community.” A little over three decades ago, Bethlehem was 80% Christian, but soon after Palestinian refugees from Jordan and Lebanon were allowed to settle there, the Palestinians immediately set forth to dominate the region; Bethlehem is now 80% Muslim.

The U.S. legal system is already a complete, competent and virtually all encompassing system. What rationale can anyone give for the U.S. to further encumber its excellent legal system with archaic and often unConstitutional Sharia law concepts other than the fact that CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim fundamentalists and Islam itself demands them? Any attempts at dialogue concerning advances by Islamists and Sharia law encroachments in America usually end in diatribes advancing one point of view by the Obama administration, liberals and Islamic appeasers such as Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, and now the despicable, anti-American  Al Gore lines his pockets with Al Qaeda terror dollars by selling Current TV on January 3, 2013… a primed and readied  Islamic propaganda pipeline… to Al Jazeera!

Most Muslims would prefer to advance the cause of Islam and see a subjugated America, if PEW studies are any indication, rather than integrate into American culture. It is highly unsettling to witness CAIR and the American Muslim Advisory Council try to insert Sharia principles into Rutherford, Williamson, Davidson and many other school systems in Tennessee and throughout the U.S., as they also demand that journalists stop using the term “Islamist”. These Islamofascists ask for the withdrawal of textbooks that make no mention of the presumed contributions made by Islam to the U.S. culture; however, they certainly are not touting the immense contributions Christianity and western values have brought to the world. Islam’s own intolerance is apparent as their minority attempts to force 310 million Americans to bend to their will and validate their worldview of a “superior” Islam!

Many of these same U.S. Muslim citizens are plotting and engaging in terrorism against the united States. The following is a microcosm of a significantly larger problem: In November 2012, four Southern California men were arrested and accused of trying to join Al Qaeda in order to wage “violent jihad” against Americans serving in Afghanistan, and one of the men was a U.S. Air Force veteran, while the rest included two legal reasidents and one more U.S. citizen; in 2008, three Queens, NY men met with Al Qaeda operatives in Pakistan and returned with a plot to bomb New York subways. Much of this is fomented by zealous, despotic imams delivering violent messages throughout mosques in the U.S. and Europe too.

Unless Europe develops a cadre of real intellectuals who can actually think, America can kiss Europe good-bye. It’s going to be war, much like the Lebanon “civil war” where some sections will be Christian controlled and others occupied by Muslims/Islamists. There will be permanent strife, and it will be more gruesome than we can imagine. When the horror comes, the dhimmis, appeasers and journalists who helped bring it about will wag their heads and flee… and leave it to those who can’t flee to fight it out!

Refusing to admit that America is under both military and cultural assaults on all fronts by Islam, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda and that they are being aided by the dhimmis, collaborators and traitors at all levels of the U.S. government is against Reason, just as accepting the lies emanating from the Obama administration and Governor Haslam’s office is against Reason. Resigning ourselves and surrendering out of cowardice or apathy is against Reason. Also thinking that the Islamofascist problem will simply disappear or somehow miracuously resolve itself is against Reason. This is a fight we cannot avoid and we must no longer ignore, as we awaken our patriotic spirit with the force of passion. Living takes passion. America… refuse to submit, to comply, to surrender. It isn’t only a matter of living: America’s survival requires ratiocination… Reason… rather than the irrational, suicidal insanity currently espoused by Obama’s Progressives… appeasers and traitors!

Kuss inmak Prophet Mohammed, ibn sharmuta!

Douglas Murray – Tolerating Islam Is Suicide

Mark Steyn: Freedom in the Time of Shariah

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

January 10, 2013

President Obama’s choice to be the next Secretary of Defense came in for a lot of criticism even before it was announced since former Senator Chuck Hagel’s positions have run the gamut from controversial to extreme and downright reckless.

Hagel has been applauded, however, by the state-controlled media of Iran.  The mullahs’ mouthpiece, Press TV, has enthused about Hagel for his vociferously anti-Israel stance.  The Iranian regime must also appreciate his longstanding encouragement of unconditional engagement with Tehran, his opposition to tough sanctions against it and his denunciation of any use of force to prevent Iran from getting the bomb.

There are plenty of other good reasons to oppose the nomination of Chuck Hagel to lead our military at this critical time.  Iran’s endorsement of him, though, should be high on the list.

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.  Learn more at

Mercy to the Guilty Is Cruelty to the Innocent


Muslim Brotherhood IRAQ : Soon To Qualify For The Caliphate ?

RECOMENDED READING: “Iraq Protests Present Muslim Brotherhood With Opportunity”

Iraqi Islamic Party

The largest official Sunni party is the Iraqi Islamic Party, whose leader Tariq al Hashimi was elected vice president in the first permanent government. That party is the foundation of the Sunni Iraqi Accord Front, which gained 44 seats in the parliamentary elections of December 2005. It was represented by Muhsin Abd al-Hamid on the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council. The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP), established in 1960, was suppressed during the regime of former President Saddam Hussein. Many of its members were forced to flee the country. The party returned to public life after coalition forces occupied Iraq. The IIP seeks to preserve the leading role Sunnis have had in running the country starting with the establishment of the modern Iraqi state in the beginning of the 20th century.

The Iraqi Islamic Party was formed as an Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood organization, and conducted  underground work during the Baathist period. Thee party does not considers itself a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, established in Egypt in 1994, nor a political front for it in Iraq. The Iraqi Islamic Party acknowledges strong ties to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood through political and intellectual alliances.

The Muslim Brotherhood began public activities in Iraq in 1944 under the name Islamic Brotherhood Society and under the leadership of Shaykh Muhammad Mahmud al-Sawwaf and Shaykh Amjad al-Zahawi. In 1960, it established a political party, the Islamic Party. After the Ba’th Party seized power, many   Muslim Brotherhood member were arrested, and some were executed, the most prominent of whom were Abd-al-Aziz al-Badri, Muhammad Faraj, and Abd-al-Aziz Shindalah.

After the 1991 Gulf War, the Brotherhood resumed underground work. They made use of the religious activities sponsored by Saddam Hussein under the “Faith Campaign” which was launched to confront the  Shiite opposition. The Faith Campaign included the imposition of religious manifestations on visual media, building large numbers of mosques, publishing religious books, and encouraging Sufi groups, which were supervised by Saddam’s deputy, Izzat al-Duri.

The revival of the Iraqi Islamic Party was announced in exile under the leadership of Iyad al-Samarra’i, and after the toppling of the Iraqi regime and the restoration of the public political life in Iraq, the party declared itself under the leadership of Muhsin Abd-al-Hamid, a professor at Baghdad University. He had been imprisoned under the Ba’th regime, but was released due to the mediation of Hasan al-Turabi, who was then a prominent official of the Sudanese regime. The Iraqi Islamic Party is popular specifically among the Sunni Arabs, and has announced the opening of some 90 branches.

The Obama administration continues to throw its support behind the increasingly authoritarian Maliki regime

by John Glaser, September 27, 2012

Al-Monitor has posted an articled titled “Iraq Protests Present Muslim Brotherhood With Opportunity ” that looks at the prospects for the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq. The article begins:

By: Mustafa al-Kadhimi for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse. posted on January 9. From 2010 until now, the Iraqi scene has grappled with a paradox that does not align with the Arab Spring protest movements. The Muslim Brotherhood, which rose to power in countries swept by the Arab Spring, found itself left out of the political game in Iraq since then. They lost the 2010 elections as their popular bases swept the al-Iraqiya list, which is led by a secular Shiite. Some of the leaders of this coalition are former members who withdrew from the Islamic Party, which represents the Brotherhood in Iraq.   Not only does this scene reveal the state of frustration plaguing the Brotherhood in Iraq after they dimmed while their counterparts rose in the Middle East, but it also largely explains why the party is clinging to the demonstrations that recently broke out in the Sunni cities. These protests started to demand specific rights, but they soon started to include slogans and ideas that took on a sectarian dimension. Tribesmen and politicians stopped addressing the protesters, and cleared the way for clerics who, for the most part, belong to the Iraqi Brotherhood. The year 2009 was a turning point in the political fate of the Islamic Party. That year brought signs of the end of the party’s influence in Sunni cities, which the party used to represent in local governments and parliament.

Read the rest here.

The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) has always been known to be strongly tied to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. According to a profile posted on

The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP), established in 1960, is the major Sunni political organization in the country …The party was suppressed during the regime of former President Saddam Hussein. Many of its members were forced to flee the country. The party returned to public life after coalition forces occupied Iraq. The IIP seeks to preserve the leading role Sunnis have had in running the country starting with the establishment of the modern Iraqi state in the beginning of the 20th century. The Iraqi Islamic Party was formed as an Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood organization, and conducted underground work during the Baathist period. Thee party does not considers itself a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, established in Egypt in 1994, nor a political front for it in Iraq. The Iraqi Islamic Party acknowledges strong ties to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood through political and intellectual alliances.

A post from last September reported that  a delegation openly identifying itself as the Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood visited the party headquarters of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood political party where they met with its leaders. A post from August reported on the election of Ayad Al-Samarra’i as the head of the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP). As discussed in a post from May 2009, Usama al-Tikriti had previously been chosen to head the IIP. Knowledgable sources report that Usama Al-Tikriti has also been serving as the General Guide (leader) for the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq and is likely to retain that position. Usama al-Tikriti is also the father of Anas al-Tikriti, the former leader of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and now a leader in the British Muslim Initiative (BMI), both part of the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood


Iraq 101: Players, Haters – Iraqi Politics at a Glance

Benghazi Blood on Obama’s Hands

Boudica BPI Weblog

WCJournalismWCJournalism·77 videos

Published on Jan 9, 2013

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A point, once, was in lighted; that it is better to have someone you know of, then those you don’t; but that argument make that they are still doing what they are doing, and the Intelligence they can bring will always look suspicious; even if it prevent an attack, somewhere, sometimes, it is the wrong decision, I think.
You got Caught You Done and That’s It !

When the intelligence community rebelled against suicidal strategy of France in Syria

When the intelligence community rebelled against suicidal strategy of France in Syria

– The loss of strategic cooperation with Syria, security and political advantage of a situation whose outcome is bitter in the best case and the worst case, a huge chaos may not save the streets of Paris suburbs which contain a high concentration of Muslim populations.
What is a former French intelligence officer in Lebanon near the Syrian border?
Response from another Western expert security policies: “At home, an intelligence officer for retirement becomes either an intellectual or a farmer or a trader or a fool. In France, the expert continues, it becomes a researcher, by personal covenant or puts his skills to one of the many institutes or firms who offer their consulting services to those in power or opposition or to influential parties in both camps. ‘
Our retired officer A. D., became a researcher, believes that France has made strategic mistakes in Syria and stupid, because it came in a game (against the Syrian regime) in which it loses in advance and that the only winners if is, are Americans. As for losses, in France has the lion’s share if the plan triumph of his enemies armed and financed by NATO countries and the Gulf monarchies.
About Franco-Syrian relation in the past, the former French officer says: “The escalation policy between France and Syria is not a problem in itself, as between Member States, there is no friendship or animosity eternal interest only decide on the nature of relationships. Great loss of France’s loss of its security cooperation with Syria. ” He added: “The Syrian security services have saved France, repeatedly, terrible disasters that terrorists were preparing to Arab origins cause. Only information supplied by the Syrian services have allowed us to defeat and save innocent lives. ‘

Alain Juppé and Hillary Clinton

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that governments need to “start moving very vigorously in the Security Council” towards the adoption of a sanctions resolution including travel, financial sanctions, and an arms embargo to pressure the regime to comply with special emissary Kofi Annan‘s six-point peace plan. But she acknowledged that Russia is still likely to veto any U.N. resolution imposing sanctions on Syria. She also voiced concern about the viability of the new observer mission, raising the prospects, however unlikely, that the council may pull the plug on a U.N. mission before it gets fully going.

Egypt: Muslims protest fall of Islamic Spain and vow to recapture it !!









































As It Not Enough It Need MOORS !!!

THE BENGHAZI AFFAIR : Where Will It End…Where will it END !

“Pilgrim’s Progress” : THE OIC,The Organization of the Islamic Conference

Valiant-for-truth“Pilgrim’s Progress” : THE OIC, The Organization of the Islamic Conference


“The OIC is the second-largest intergovernmental organization in the world after the United Nations. The OIC declaims they have authority to represent all Muslims, even those who live in non-Muslim countries, like the United States. In 2005, this very influential Islamic organization published a 10-year plan of action, in 2005, to implement Shariah-based speech code requirements worldwide.” -Michele Bachmann (9/14/2012)

Full Speech :

Welcome Message by H. E. Ambassador Slimane CHIKH


Since  its inception on 25 September 1969, the OIC has acquired a rich experience in  the international scene and more precisely within multilateral institutions.  Representing 57 member States, the OIC has a considerable weight within these  institutions where it makes others listen to the voice of the Islamic Umma and  presents the image of moderate Islam, tolerant, open to dialogue and bearing  the message of peace, harmony and solidarity between men. It is on this note  that the OIC works towards the promotion of Human rights, cooperation between  States and peoples and access to modernity for the Umma within the respect of  their cultural and civilizational values.

The  office of the OIC’s action, falls within this framework and is the  representation of the General Secretariat to the United Nations offices in  Geneva and Vienna. It is also the Secretariat of the group of OIC member States  in these two capitals and assumes the role of observer to all organs within the  United Nation system, to other international organisations and NGOs as well.

The  activities of the OIC and its representation in Geneva and Vienna are  transmitted via this website which I hope meets the demand for useful and up to  date information, requested by all those interested in the actions of the OIC.


The OIC: Quietly Islamizing the West

Posted on January 8, 2013 by

imagesCA5SCGM8by Baron Bodissey

The of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is the polite face of the Great Jihad. It represents the entire Islamic community, Sunni and Shi’ite, and acts as the political arm of the Ummah. It is in essence the nascent global Caliphate.

Professor Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu is the Secretary General of the OIC. He epitomizes those characteristics that Islam prefers to display to a gullible Western public. He is urbane, well-educated, soft-spoken, and eminently reasonable.

Below are excerpts of an interview in Arabic with Prof. İhsanoğlu. It took place in Jeddah in November 2012, and appeared on Saudi TV just after the U.S. elections. In it the professor discusses the OIC’s ten-year plan for eradicating the slander of Islam in Western countries, and presents the usual taqiyyah about what Islamic law actually means to women, dissidents, and non-Muslims.

Dr. İhsanoğlu also confirms what I have long contended in this space: the OIC and the Muslim Brotherhood object to violent terrorist factions within Islam not because the objectives of those groups are wrong, but because they are counter-productive. Islamic violence against infidels tends to waken the kuffar from their slumber and arouse their resistance. Therefore, with an eye on the long-term goal, it is to be avoided.

The OIC believes it can accomplish the same end — the establishment of the World Caliphate — without detonating any bombs or slitting even a single infidel throat.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Some samples from the interview:

…the most important point here is that we have succeeded in the period since 2005 (the publishing of the Danish cartoons) succeeded internationally in that we issued reports from the Human Rights Council of the UN on how to deal with such issues… and these reports we have adopted in agreement with the US and European countries that were objecting to these reports.

…At this moment we have the resolution 16/18 which was issued last year at the UN which forms a legal groundwork for criminalising such actions that could lead to violence… there is in the international agreement for civil and political rights (year 1966 paragraph 18) A provision that would allow us to put limits on the misuse of freedom of speech including misuse of freedom of the press, freedom of thought, the misuse of these freedoms towards others, in a sense that it would encourage to violence and to hatred based on religious belief. We have these legal bases… bases that existed for some time and new bases that we developed and the international community accepts; all we are now missing is some steps that would allow enforcement of these laws.


… there is indeed cooperation between us and the U.S. government, there is a cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank, and it is one of the OIC foundations… There is cooperation between us and the Bill Gates Foundation.

People who are preoccupied with what Obama does, or what Cameron does, or what Gillard does — or even with what Anjem Choudary and Imam Rauf do — are missing the center of the action. The most crucial components of the plan to Islamize the West were conceived in conferences and meetings within the OIC. They are being implemented continuously and quietly — and successfully.

For video and transcript go to Gates of Vienna

See also:

Threat to Free Speech (

About OIC


The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is an international organization grouping fifty seven States which have decided to pool their resources together, combine their efforts and speak with one voice to safeguard the interests and secure the progress and well-being of their peoples and of all Muslims in the world.
The Organization was established in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, on 12 Rajab 1389H (25 September 1969) when the First meeting of the leaders of the Islamic world was held in the wake of the criminal Zionist attempt to burn down the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque on 21 August 1969 in the occupied city of Al-Quds.

Under the Charter, the Organization aims to:

1. Strengthen:

a) Islamic solidarity among Member States;
b) Cooperation in the political, economic, social, cultural and scientific fields;
c) The struggle of all Muslim people to safeguard their dignity, independence and national rights.
2. Coordinate action to:
a) Safeguard the Holy Places;
b) Support the struggle of the Palestinian people and assist them in recovering their rights and liberating their occupied territories.
3. Work to:
a) Eliminate racial discrimination and all forms of colonialism;
b) Create a favourable atmosphere for the promotion of cooperation and understanding between Member States and other countries.
The Charter also enumerates the principles governing OIC activities, namely:
1. Full equality among Member States;
2. Observation of the right to self-determination and non-interference in the internal affairs of Member States;
3. Observation of the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of each State;
4. The settlement of any dispute that might arise among Member States by peaceful means such as negotiations, mediation, conciliation and arbitration;
5. A pledge to refrain, in relations among Member States, from resorting to force or threatening to resort to the use of force against the unity and territorial integrity or the political independence of any one of them;

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OIC Committees and Bodies

In order to coordinate and boost its action, align its stands, and achieve concrete results in various fields of cooperation, political, economic, cultural, social, spiritual and scientific among Member States, the OIC Summit and Ministerial Conferences have created different committees including:
— The Al-Quds Committee — The Standing Committee for Information and Cultural Affairs (COMIAC), — The Standing Committee for Economic and Trade Cooperation (COMCEC), — The Standing Committee for Scientific and Technical Cooperation (COMSTECH), — The Islamic Commission on Economic, Cultural and Social Affairs.

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Secretaries General of the OIC

His Royal Highness Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, Malaysia 1970 – 1973

His Excellency Hassan Al-Touhami, Egypt 1974 – 1975

His Excellency Dr. Amadou Karim Gaye, Senegal 1975 – 1979

His Excellency Habib Chatty, Tunisia 1979 – 1984

His Excellency Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada, Pakistan 1985 – 1988

His Excellency Dr. Hamid Algabid, Niger 1989 – 1996

His Excellency Prof. Dr. Azeddin Laraki, Morocco 1997 – 2000

His Excellency Abdelouhed Belkeziz, Morocco 2001-2004

His Excellency Ekmelledin Ihsanoglu, Turkey 2005

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Organization of the Islamic Conference’s Subsidiary Organs, Specialised and affiliated institutions

The secondary organs and institutions working toward the achievement of the OIC objectives, cover cultural, scientific, economic, legal, financial, sports, technological, educational, media, vocational, social and humanitarian areas. Depending on their degree of autonomy vis-à-vis the parent organization,they are classified as subsidiary organs, specialized institutions and affiliated institutions.



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