God Bless America – Official Trailer (2011) – Funny ? Not So !!!

God Bless America – Official Trailer – Funny ? Not So !!!

During a panel discussion this afternoon on Fox News’ program Happening Now, network contributor Cal Thomas hijacked a discussion about the media’s coverage of the presidential election by invoking a Nazi comparison to describe President Obama’s second-term agenda.

THOMAS: But look, about that Newsweek cover, if that’s Napoleon, people who know anything history know about Waterloo. Napoleon’s problem was he was overextended in Russia like so many other advancing systems, the Nazis being just another one of them. I think if Obama takes this as a mandate to complete the restructuring of America, he is sadly mistaken.


Loveless, jobless, possibly terminally ill, Frank has had enough of the downward spiral of America. With nothing left to lose, Frank takes his gun and offs the stupidest, cruelest, and most repellent members of society. He finds an unusual accomplice: 16-year-old Roxy, who shares his sense of rage and disenfranchisement.Written by Anonymous

God Bless America – Official Trailer




Must Read ! Must See ! Must Hear ! Must Speak About !    : Former FBI Informant Says: Obama Will Destroy America Once He Has All The Guns… as Details of False Flag and Conspiracy in Connecticut Shooting Appear 

Via H/T : http://boudicabpi.wordpress.com/2012/12/26/17183/

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