“Hoax on Syria” Hula massacre was not committed by soldiers (or chabihas) of Bashar Al Assad…

With a few months behind, Frédéric Pons admits: Hula massacre was not committed by soldiers (or chabihas) of Bashar …

At his level, one can almost speak of “repentance” in the latest issue of the weekly Current Values, Frédéric Pons, we severely épinglions few days to a previous text (see our article “The cynicism and lies Frédéric Pons , posted October 12, 2012), indicating two pages an article entitled (large print) “Hoax on Syria,” where there are (rare and disturbing sensation) Infosyrie many arguments on for months.

Frédéric Pons (born in 1954) is a French Army officer and journalist.
Pons begins by saying that the war on the ground superimposed a war of communication, relying on “lobbies” and acting “rumors, misinformation, intoxication” in the international media, in this case “generally more sympathetic to insurgents and against much harder for the government of Bashar al-Assad “. Yes, dear M. Pons, “generally”.

Intox on the massacre of Hula, and 2 or 3 other cases

This posed obvious preamble, the Head of Foreign VA is working in some specific examples to illustrate this hoax, which benefits the Syrian opposition and its Western allies. Pons is therefore the death in Homs, January 11, French journalist Gilles Jacquier, recalling that the judicial investigation quickly determined that ET2 Jacquier was killed by a shell and not rebel government as claimed by the CNS and relay French media, stressing that these same media (French) have until the end refused or been reluctant to admit the truth “as if it were a sacrilege”. Pons and to draw a parallel with the fake graves of Ceausescu in Timisoara in 1989.

Then Pons goes about the business of distorted Vice-Syrian Prime Minister Jamil Qadri, during the visit of the latter to Moscow June 11: Responding to a question on a possible departure of Bachar said that Qadri Jamil the Syrian government was prepared as part of a negotiation process sponsored by the United Nations to “investigate all matters” and “same issue”. Nothing more. But the next day, said Frederic Pons, all Western media did their headlines with this piece of statement about the rest of the output. In fact, a little later, we realized that “the translation of these words was not exactly what some hoped, especially those in the sense transvestite to undermine the morale of the few supporters in the Syrian regime” . Obviously, these “some” had become disillusioned within 24 hours.

Third blatant case of disinformation and “frank lies” – Pons prefers to speak of “runaway media” – attacks and crimes attributed generously and immediately the Syrian government and its army. Pons evokes the double car bomb attack on 10 May in Damascus (55 dead and 372 wounded), the Syrian opposition and the French media attribute with one voice to the regime. Until the same day, said attack is claimed, supporting video, the al-Front Nosra, jihadist group close to al-Qaeda. Pons notes that this claim merely confirmed what the opposition and hiding our media downplayed, namely the presence of jihadists in the insurgency.

Frédéric Pons but goes further down and the vulgate journalistic still in force on the matter, recognizing that the famous – and awful – Hula massacre-Taldo, May 25, which was a hundred civilian casualties (including 49 children) were brutally massacred with knives or bullets fired at close range, has been committed by insurgent bands (Pons recalls in this respect the findings of a survey of the German daily “reference” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) the victims being mostly Shiites and Alawites. But as our reporter says modestly, “this version of events has been very little recovery in the international press.”

Frédéric Pons ends with the rumor, running August 17 newsrooms in France and West, the “defection” of Syrian Vice President Farouk al-Chaareh, rumor became immediately revealed truth and admitting of no dispute. Until a week later, the same Farouk al-Chaareh make a reappearance and public official.

Drama, conformism and influences … (geo) political

Why so many lies and falsifications in the country of Beaumarchais and Zola? Pons cites a certain “intellectual conformism”. This is true, but it is only part of the truth: there in the media world hexagonal and about Syria, people and trends acquired through corruption or conviction, visions American Atlanticist Israeli and Qatari things. Pons, who remains an Atlanticist to the bone, simply prudent to question “advisers” and “networks” related to Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

That said, do not mégotons truth effort done on two pages by Frédéric Pons who also relayed time all or part of this misinformation. Be asked again just to show a modicum of consistency. In his editorial of the previous week, the same Frédéric Pons shamelessly welcomed a possible entry into the war against its neighbor Turkey, in the manner of a “plan-Turkish Sunni (who could) solve many problems facing the international community on this issue “. Pons has strings attached, which is run by NATO. We can not just ask him, because it has to do a lot.


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