Neo-pagans of the Third Reich : Video in English

Le Monarchomaque

Au plan économique, le national-socialisme était d’inspiration keynésienne. Au plan “scientifique”, il était d’idéologie darwiniste. Au plan moral, il était de tendance bisexuelle. Au plan religieux, nous savons que le système nazi a affronté le protestantisme et le catholicisme, mais on se penche moins souvent sur ses propres axiomes métaphysiques. Le documentaire suivant rend compte de la spiritualité néo-païenne derrière la doctrine nazie.

Partie 1 :

Partie 2 :


Lien externe : Le socialisme en chemise brune, par Benoît Malbranque.

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  • oogenhand  On November 15, 2012 at 8:09 am

    You mean counter-jihadism should be explicitly Christian?! If so make more use of the Trinity. One Islam, four Schools? One God, three Persons! Hell is eternal!!!

    • swissdefenceleague  On November 15, 2012 at 8:34 am

      No friend, I believe in Respect ! Which mean as long you respect the other one, what YOU DO is your is between you and God or your conscience or the style of living which suit you. I’m not to judge..I’m not to say if you do this or that you go the hell ..
      The Counter Jihad is everyone who’s not under Sharia…that is not applying IT !
      You can be muslim..or muslim background and be on the Counter Jihad, it might be complicate to understand not logical..but with this twisted is quiet simple!
      Switzerland History is very tied with Christianity and Christianity is our heritage and a vital part of this Country and Habitants. Denied it be like denied ourselves, so the respect to give to other is also in ad equation with the respect of others toward us. Fair deal on my account !
      See my Keep It Tribal Category.. and If you have a “Tribe” in mind..tell me please.

    • Durandal  On November 16, 2012 at 12:56 am

      Well, we all agree we don’t want sharia. That’s easy. But ideally, we should not only defene ourselves by opposition to something else. I dare ask, Oogenhand, what has paganism done for Western Civilisation ?

      Some nice architectural constructions around the Mediterranean (built by slaves) ? Granted. Some philosophical speculation in Ancient Greece (which was no use to the Romans and was only fruitfully exploited by medieval Christian scholastic) ? Granted. Western Civ. is a product of Christianity.

      And what has atheism/agnosticism done for our societies ? The demographic catastrophe that yealds us to the might of conquering Islam ?

      On a more theological note (since you opened the door), if God — who is by essence eternal, immaterial, omniscient and omnipotent decides to incarnate himself into a human being — aka Jesus Christ — no entity can stop him from doing what He decreed. Since God decided, before he invented time, to be also Spirit, then He is Spirit and nothing can reverse that. And since these three “parts” or “facets” of the One God all possess atributes of personality (thought, will, sentiments), then they are each personal. Thus we have a Triune God.

      • oogenhand  On November 16, 2012 at 8:23 am

        There are several sides to Christianity. The Trinity is very fine, but the pacifism inherent in the Sermon of the Mount not so. Trinities are also found in Paganism. One Fate, three Goddesses.
        In the nineties, large families were the very reason some, especially Catholics like Peter Kreeft and Karol Woytila, cooperated with Islam. Think of the Population Conference in Cairo in 1994.

        The defining difference between Christianity and Islam is not Love vs. Hate, but Trinitarianism vs. Unitarianism. Even the most “moderate” Muslims hotly deny the Trinity (and the Incarnation). Therefore, declare:”One Islam, Sunni and Shi’a? One God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost! Hell is eternal!!

  • Durandal  On November 16, 2012 at 12:58 am

    Erratum : *define*.

  • Durandal  On November 17, 2012 at 4:34 am

    Oogenhand, the Sermon on the Mount is a series of hyperboles. They are exagerations to mark a point. Turn the right cheek means to avaoid unnecessary quarrel. No sound theology can take the Sermon on the Mount as literal, since doing so generates inner contradictions. For example, Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount not to seek revenge but to forgive, while in the very same sermon (in Matthew 5:22) he also maintains the institution of tribunals (whose functioning imply a degree of revenge). So the teaching is : require justice when it is trampled, but don’t become so obsessed with revenge that it will poison your mind and your life.

    I agree that the main difference between Christianity and Islam is not the love-hate issue. It is, like you said, the trinitarianism-unitarianism question, and also the concept of God-man relationship and the doctrine of salvation. Christianity states that man must enter in personal relationship with God to adore and serve Him, while Islam advocates no such thing. For Moslems faith is mechanical. Also, biblical Christianity (aka Protestantism) states that salvation is possible by God’s sovereign grace through human faith alone (and that in turn this grace + faith produces a pious conscience and lifestyle). On the opposite, Islam and most pagan religions (including Christian creeds inluenced by paganism, aka Catholicism and Eastern “Orthodoxy”) that man must try to save himself by good deeds, as if we could reach God’s purity and perfection by our own limited efforts.

    I don’t think Peter Kreeft and Karol Woytila are representative of Christian demographic and political trends. On average, Christians that have larger families tend to be more conservative and thus are more hostile (or at least less enthusiastic) towards Islam.

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