Syria Again,

Syria Again,

Of Course I could Think of Armageddon and bible prophecy …Of Course I am.

But without those the situation is very likely that if nothing done. Israel be by its own against the whole neighbourhood.. Without A Finger dress from the West.

Jordan as some news come that it might be next actually.. of what I understand…it is done already.. The Infrastructure is there, the money the people and in a day, unrest in the street can be made with the Kill Israel! and Kill the Jews! With Guerrillas Type Jihadist ready to Cross the Jordan River, and can easy add with the Purpose Of Freeing Jericho First and from there further. The Israelis know that Jericho is like a swiss cheese and that enough stuff had been bring there for their D-day.

Syria, Syria Again.

What I want to say and had to all I did say About Syria, is some International Diplomacy Understand AT Last The Syrian Problem, and those Jihadist In Syria ARE CRIMINALS and a word that did strike me.. “Illegitimate” wow   that’s a fair evolution. But now there is an other problem IRAN.. People won’t help Syria because of Iran..

And Iran doesn’t care about Syria it care about Lebanon and its Hezbollah Soldiers..that can as well shoot civilians that the news will say Pro Assad Army.. done this and that.

Not easy task to be Syrian Today..

But like I say many, many month Ago The Road To Damascus..With Syria down..Full Circle Around ISRAEL and their D-Day is ON !! ALL their shouting about freeing Jerusalem.. Capital of the 6th Caliphate…and killing all Israelis with the Pleasure of Martyrdom.. will be on, will be effective…simple as that !

And Finally Iran gets is Role into that Scenario.. it has take time to understand the Game Muslim Brotherhood – Saudi-Arabia – Muslim Brotherhood – Iran

But here it is !

Now it is all in Syria HANDS.. not only kick out the MB-Al Qaida-American Founded Jihadist But say to Iran OUT OF SYRIA !Then Only Then.. Voices Will Start To be Heard…Is It Too Late ? Syria is Still Strong Enough of taking the “WHOLE” control of Syria ?Even If Syria Manage to get out of the TRAP, put in place By The Arab League.

Do The MB – Saudi-Iran- Qaida will still strike Israel.. It might.. anyway..

But everything what might disturb that plan..  I like!

Thanks For Reading..


And Not To Forget THE KURDS :

It might be the Right Time  For The International Community To Give The Kurds Their Voices and Their Freedoms, Their Rights To BE ! And Bring What Could Put A Stop To Certains Things…


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Syria: Obama-backed rebels burn down church

There he goes again. Obama aiding and abetting the jihadists. Is there any more dangerous threat to freedom-loving peoples than Obama? Prepare yourself for a massive genocide (millions) of Christians by Muslims in Syria. And the media will ignore it, instead mythologizing about imaginary islamophobia.

Just ask the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Christians.


Democracy on the march! “Armenian church reportedly burned down in Aleppo,” from Armenia Now, October 31 (thanks to Lachlan):

The St. Gevorg church in Aleppo’s Armenian-populated  district of Nor Kyugh was set ablaze on Monday, reported,  quoting a representative of the local Armenian prelacy.Speaking to the online paper, the spokesman, Zhirayr Reisian,  confirmed that the church had become a target of rebels and that it had  almost been reduced to ashes.

Reisian also said that the Mesrobian Armenian school adjacent to the church has been seriously damaged, too.

Earlier on Monday a blast near an Armenian district of Syrian capital Damascus reportedly killed 10 people and wounded around 50. Armenians  were feared to be among both dead and wounded.

Later Reisian told state-run agency Armenpress that a group of 10  Christians, including seven Armenians, was kidnapped near Aleppo.

About four dozen Syrian Armenians have reportedly been killed since  the start of the conflict in Syria in March 2011. Hundreds of an  estimated 80,000 Syrian Armenian, mostly concentrated in Aleppo, have  taken refuge in Armenia since fighting between government and opposition forces reached the city last July.

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