Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll EDL on Fifa’s roof in Zurich

Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll EDL on Fifa’s roof in Zurich

“Memory From Last Years” FREE TOMMY ROBINSON RIGHT NOW !!!

FIFA, the governing body of world football, have made a decision which has angered Britons up and down the country. In their infinite wisdom and in defence of their economic interests, FIFA have told the English FA and the England Squad that they cannot wear the poppy on their shirts. The rules regarding what a national football team may wear or display on the team shirts is governed by economic factors designed to protect the sponsors and give maximum visibility to the brand. The rules state that no political or religious emblems, nor religious, political or commercial slogans, may be displayed. Football must be neutral politically, religiously and commercially.

Yet the poppy is not a religious symbol, nor is it a political statement. It is not linked to any political party or ideology. It’s not a commercial symbol. It’s merely a symbol of our respect for fallen military servicemen and women who have died in wars defending Britain and her way of life. It’s a symbol of remembrance, a symbol to remind us of the horrors of war, not to glorify it.

Sep Blatter of FIFA is a well known Anglophobe, a man whose hatred of Britain and England in particular is well known. He had decided that the poppy could not be worn. He was completely unaware of the storm that was brewing. November is usually a time when England play friendly matches, and until now the poppy was not worn, and it was not an issue. So why now is almost the entire country up in arms?

Mr Blatter has completely misjudged the mood of the people of Britain with his spiteful, hateful decision. After the Islamists in London burned the poppy and disgusted the whole country with their behaviour and attitude at a time of national mourning and remembrance, people have become more aware of the importance of the poppy and of the events it signifies. Its something that cuts across political boundaries. It cuts across social and class boundaries. It cuts across ethnic boundaries: many, many ethnic minorities fought for Britain and the Empire in two World Wars. It binds the nation, and, if only for two minutes on Friday, and again for one minute on Sunday, Britain will be united and one.

The FIFA decision was so outrageous that Prince Harry and David Cameron have called for the ban to be lifted. But it’s the EDL’s rooftop occupation of the headquarters building of FIFA that finally persuaded Mr Blatter and his cronies to see the light and lift the ban. Tommy Robinson, Kev Carroll and four other members of the EDL occupied the roof and raised a banner across the top displaying the EDL’s anger at FIFA. it was a peaceful display by the EDL at the heart of world football. Tommy and Kev took the words of the poem literally to heart: ‘Take up our quarrel with the foe: to you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high’.

Tommy and Kev and the others have certainly taken the torch and held it high. The torch of freedom, liberty and the right to remember our fallen.

Mr Blatter, we hope you’ve taken notice at the depth of feeling in Great Britain at your foul action. We blew the whistle and flagged your decision as off-side. It’s good that you had the sense to reverse it. For no-one can tell a Briton what he can and cannot do in his own country. The last little dictator to try lost very badly. No one has the right to take away our remembrance of those who gave their lives so that Mr Blatter can sit in his plush office in Zurich and run world football. You’ve not only scored an own goal, but you’ve also been shown the yellow card.

On this occasion, FIFA and Sep Blatter have shown themselves up as bad sportsmen of the worst kind, engaging in professional fouls and diving in the box.

In contrast Tommy and company are heroes in the mould of our forefathers who gave their lives. We salute you for taking the argument to FIFA and showing them that they are running football, not our country, and that they have no right to dictate what we can and cannot celebrate.

Mr Cameron, also take note of the mood of the country. We won’t be pushed about much longer. We will not suffer the indignities of government selling us down the river for a little halal meat and the block vote. We will not let our Britain disappear, and we will not have the memories of those who gave their lives for this beautiful land desecrated either by FIFA or by the Islamists.

The British people have spoken. Tommy was that voice, and we have won! Result: FIFA 0 — UK People 1!!!!!

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