My Dream Come True, Through a Nightmare..

EDL demonstration outside of Parliament

The English Defence League held a demonstration outside Parliament, it was briefly disrupted by anti-facist protesters, who were led away by the police.

My Dream Come True, Through a Nightmare..

-So Long I wanted To See The Edl in the Front of The Parliament.. To Say DIRECTLY TO The Chambers about THE CONCERN of The CITIZEN OF THE U.K. telling ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

-Sure the left wing do everything, to understate what ever concern citizen may say, so unfortunate that those Citizen as well doesn’t see the danger of Islam, don’t seems to be concern by the insecurity made by the Multiculturalism !

And I’m not talking only about the treason made to the British Unemployed BY the will of getting in the country of a maximum of Immigrants !


-When those Left Wing British Citizen gonna realize their misjudgement when their “Cultural” kids without job and getting aggressed on the street for their white skin, and their “bad” British origin.. Is it really when it will be too late that they will react and realize that they been used and had !

-Such A Political Mess Around in arresting all member of the British Freedom Party !

Which is not far right.. BNP is.. are they bothering BNP ? no..

So why BFP.. Because of the Muslim Concern.. because they are already SCARED of the Muslim reaction and potential unrest it may cause ..

-This show already how weak we are in the front the Religious Political Totalitarism that IS ISLAM !

-You will read more and more of aggression by those “unknown” people..and more and more SILENCE from authorities, and see Authorities submitting to those “Unknown”

And who are those “Unknown” They are the Muslim’s Sharia Defenders ! That’s all is it so difficult to say denounce it ?! To Express It ..Like It Is ?!

-Hopefully for Britain there are Men and Women who will come forwards, not that they are left or right, but because they see what is to see and are not lacking of just plain COMMON SENSE !

-I have to say as a foreigner of the UK, that I’m proud to know some of the people who were there, and that whatever it said about them..they showed great courage and unveil the veil ! CARRY ON EDL..CARRY ON.. and God Bless You ALL !

Wil. – Swiss Defence League

The English Defence league (EDL) held a demonstration today outside the Houses of Parliament.

The march was originally going to be held in Walthamstow, but the MET Police have banned all marches there for 30 days.

Anti-facist organisations were also present at the the protest, voicing their opposition to the EDL.

According to the EDL website the organisation is “peacefully protesting against militant islam”, but critics of the group accuse it of inciting racism..

Some of the members concealed their faces. Photo: London Tonight.

Members of far-right group The English Defence League held a demonstration outside parliament today, after being banned by the Home Office from staging a march in Walthamstow.

Some of the 40 strong group burnt an Islamic symbol during the protest.

EDL members were massively outnumbered by police and journalists.

The EDL were vastly outnumbered by police and journalists. Credit: London Tonight.
Members of the EDL set fire to Islamic symbols. Credit: London Tonight.
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  • PARTNERING WITH EAGLES  On October 28, 2012 at 11:18 am

    If Americans don’t exercise common sense, we’ll face what the U.K. is going through now. Just an observation – one “R” in scared. Scarred = past tense of scar.

    • swissdefenceleague  On October 28, 2012 at 1:01 pm

      Ok..thanks..Corecting my English.. well I appreciate that very much, but it might get to a long term job .. !

      Considering that I skipped schools and that more or less it is through reading that I got a piece here and there of this most beautiful and well thought language, that is English, be it from Canada to the Aussie Land to Scotland till the Afrikaners .. To your Southern States way of speaking..

      My conscience hath a thousand several tongues,
      And every tongue brings in a several tale,
      And every tale condemns me for a villain.

      Wil .. and Wil..

  • Lucia Migrditchian  On October 28, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    I am disgusted that the EDL are being used as scapegoats by those in Administrations both in the US and UK,who have colluded with Those who oppose Freedoms.A set back is not defeat. The voice of Freedom will prevail. The orderly march at Parliment makes a loud statement. The “keep calm carry on” motto reflects the importance of leading. Not reacting. Also, “No Freedom No Peace ” Said loudly repetitiously, gets out a message that’s very clear. The
    Islamic coalition is afraid.Put emotions aside and stay focused. I don’t know Tommy but I know what being driven means. Thank-you Tommy!

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