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Reblogged – Anjems hypocrisy and the reason we are going to #Walthamstow explained #edl


Thursday, 30 August 2012 23:14

Our comments in bold

The EDL (English Defence League) have been given permission to demonstrate in Walthamstow this Saturday the 1stof September 2012 despite the fact that every sane person in the UK thinks that this is bound to involve clashes between Muslim (and other ethnic minority) youth and the racists. Nevertheless the police have issued a statement that they have ‘no intelligence’…. of any potential trouble whatsoever and that the whole event will pass off peacefully! This knowing full well that the EDL are specifically trying to rally hatred towards a community, namely the Muslim community, and despite the fact that British law specifically outlaws incitement to religious hatred, the actual wording reads ‘A person who uses threatening words or behaviour, or displays any written material which is threatening, is guilty of an offence if he intends thereby to stir up religious hatred’ [29B (1) Part 3A Public Order Act 1986]
He is quoting English law. The law that he says means nothing because it is man made and not Allahs law, and he is demanding the British police, who his banners say can “go to hell” do something about the EDL.

The hypocrisy of the police is clear in the case of the EDL; that it is absolutely fine for mindless racist yobs to continue to insult Islam and the Messenger Muhammad, to do everything they can to try to intimidate Muslims, to swear at Allah etc… but when it comes to Muslims calling for fellow Muslims to fight to defend their lives it is treated as terrorism, when it comes to opposing the evil fruits of democracy and freedom it is radicalisation for which you will be proscribed, to express that the UK’s foreign policy had something to do with 77 and hence that the UK regime may have actually brought it upon themselves is glorifying terrorism and so on…

Says the geezer who thinks 9/11 and 7/7 were justified

For Muslims who speak outside the Mosque and try to make awareness about the situation of the Ummah worldwide and who call for the Shari’ah, the Walthamstow police seek ASBO’s and do all they can to get statements of support from ‘leaders’ in the Muslim community to create division and hatred between Muslims. But when it comes to large numbers of English racists intent on throwing as many insults as they can towards Islam, that’s called freedom of speech. When Muslims distribute leaflets about Islam in Walthamstow market the local police try to get statements and statistics from shop-keepers on how it affects their business to try to put a stop to it but when it comes to racist youths who will probably get drunk and then march through the heart of a Muslim area and when many Muslims have already objected and are closing down their shops in case they are met with bricks, that’s called the right to demonstrate.

Youve just explained to people why the EDL want to march in Walthamstow, as its clear from the above paragraph that your Jihadists are massively active in the area

Lets not fool ourselves, Muslims in the UK already know that they are treated as second class citizens, the stop and search laws, the glorification of terrorism laws, the proscription of ideological groups, the heavy handedness with which they are regularly treated are all testimony to this. However, unlike our forefathers who came to this country in the 1960’s and 1970’s largely looking for economic prosperity, the Muslim community is today second and third class citizens who are as British as any other person in the terms defined by the UK, they are also demographically the largest percentage when it comes to the youth and many have become used to police duplicity towards them and their being constantly suspected etc… add to that the concern of people coming into the heart of their area intent to stir up hatred towards them and previous examples of Muslim men and women being threatened and even beaten and abused, the examples of which are all widely available on the internet, then you have a situation that is extremely volatile.

He moans about his groups being banned, but at the same time he wants the EDL banned. Cant have it both ways Andy. Also admits that demographically they are in large numbers in the area, another reason we have to object. Mass immigration is destroying this countries identity. Thanks for confirming it.

Could it be that the Cameron regime actually wants to scare the Muslim community into submission so that they can continue with their foreign policy of occupation and murder unabated and with their domestic policy of oppression and injustice without resistance? It is not inconceivable that the EDL and the UK regime and police have very similar objectives but perhaps with differing methodologies.

He ACTUALLY thinks that the UK Government is in league with the EDL. Hes mental. We have suffered three years of them trying to smash us.

May Allah (SWT) protect all the Muslims this coming Saturday and hasten the time when we can replace the clear hypocrisy of man made law (like freedom and democracy) and its protagonists with the beauty and perfection of divine law i.e. Shari’ah.

See, he wants to replace man made law, at the same time as wanting it used to silence patriots, what a hypocrite. See you in Walthamstow…. Zoe xxx

Anjem Choudary

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