Why the Palestinians Chose to End Participation in Negotiations with Israel



Beyond the Cusp

When some from the more liberal end of the political spectrum put forth the claim the Prime Minister Netanyahu was the crux of the reason for why Israeli negotiations with the Palestinian authority broke down, they are correct in that claim but are dead wrong in their explanation and reasoning behind their claim. Their proposing that Prime Minister Netanyahu holding a hardline position of inflexibility and refusal to accept the preconditions and giving President Mahmoud Abbas any room to maneuver is why the negotiation process has broken down totally misses the facts. The truth is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has gone the extra mile towards facilitating fair and equal negotiation between Israel and the Palestinian authority. They omit the fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech at Bar Ilan University on June 14, 2009, stating his willingness to accept the concept of a two state solution even noting his…

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