Cause and Effect !

Cause and Effect !

Muslim Brotherhood Poster Child Huma Abedin – The Enemy Within?

Tarek Fatah and Ezra Levant discuss Huma Abedin and her alleged links to the Muslim Brotherhood.  As a former Personnel Security Specialist and Adjudicator with the Department of Defense, I would love to know why this women has access to Hillary Clinton and most probably our national security secrets.  I hope the next administration takes our national security seriously, unlike the Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer currently in office.

The Muslim Students’ Association Pledge of Allegiance:  “Allah is my lord; Islam is my life; the Koran is my guide; the Sunna is my practice; Jihad is my spirit; righteousness is my character; and paradise is my goal. For I enjoin what is right; I forbid what is wrong; I will fight against oppression; AND I WILL DIE TO ESTABLISH ISLAM.”  As a member, Huma Abedin surely recited this pledge!


Cause and Effect,

Steve Emerson, National Security Expert – Obama Refuses To Confront Radical Islam

What is the capital of Israel? Simple question

And the “magic” of the Brotherhood : (don’t take it lightly.. IT IS DARKNESS IN DISGUISE !)

It Is WHAT’ S GOING ON IN DC… and other places.. Who let that guy back in the USA ? Abedin !

But look at it who wouldn’t ? You kind of be ready to give the key.. the car ..everything! (NOT)

Tariq Ramadan, (Swiss Citizen) Grandson of Muslim Brotherhood Founder

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