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Walvic Update 2 : Walthamstow September 1st 2012

Walvic Update 2  : Walthamstow September 1st 2012

Underground Army : Dark Knight Rises in Islington


Lifting the Veil :

Longing & Waiting


EDL – Walthamstow (London Demonstration 1st  September 2012)

The EDL have stated that they intend to carry out a peaceful Demonstration in Walthamstow, London, on 1st September 2012.

The English Defence League have stated that they intend to carry out a National Demonstration on Saturday 30th June 2012 in Dewsbury, to protest against so-called ‘Asian’ gang attacks in Yorkshire and also to protest against the many other similar Muslim ‘gang attacks’ that continue to occur elsewhere throughout the UK and which are often deliberately kept hidden from the general public.

Enough is enough.

No more of this unfair ‘two-tier’ justice system which often results in Muslim offenders receiving much more favourable treatment than other offenders.

Samples from The Dark Knight Rises Track by Hans Zimmer











Eisbär !

Eisbär !

Tariq Ramadan & Jocelyn Cesari: Al Qaeda linked ‘scholar’ and apologist

Scholar banned from US as security threat and ‘expert’ conclude : intolerance not terrrorism is greatest danger facing Europe
June 26, 2006

Tariq Ramadan & Jocelyn Cesari: Al Qaeda linked ‘scholar’ and apologist

MIM:Tariq Ramadan a Swiss born Muslim professor recently denied entry into the US, and Joceylne Cesari, an Italian apologist for militant Islam who is affiliated with Harvard, both postulate that ‘ a fear of Muslims’ being a dangerous reality in Europe” and in trying to propagate a false phenomenon, have shown themselves to be aligning with those who would have the public and media believe that it is Western intolerance and Islamist terrorism which is the greatest danger in Europe today.

Ramadan, an Islamist who cries victimhood at every turn , has been linked to Al Qaeda and is a scion of the family of Hassan Al Banna, one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Not surprisingly he was denied entry to the United States last year to take up a professorship as a result of his terrorim ties, but the EU’s soft spot for Islamic radicalism resulted in his being given a professorship in the UK at Oxford University and made him a sought after speaker for Europeans who want to thumb their noses at the Americans who have labelled him a ‘threat to national security’.

The Ramadan family continue to pose a long time threat to European security, Tariq Ramadan’s brother Hani, runs an Islamic Center in Geneva, which is linked to Al Qaeda funding and recently saw a congregant arrested in connection with a plot to bring down an El Al plane taking off from a Swiss airport with a missile launcher.

According to Joceylne Cesari who was billed as one of the ‘key figures’ at the conference ‘social factors’ like ‘cultural practices’ and the ‘ Islamist terrorist threat’ have nothing to do with religion!

But Cesari, who is affiliated with the Paris-based CNRS and U.S.-based Harvard University, found that the everyday tensions that feed Islamophobia have little or nothing to do with religious difference

Instead, she said, the problem has more to do with four social factors. These are the Muslims’ immigrant background, usually lower social standing, cultural practices, and the Islamist terrorist threat.

“These kind of key domains of discrimination can be used either by Muslim[s] or non-Muslim[s] in an ideological way,” Cesari said. “When some Muslim[s] tend to lump together structural inequalities and clear [instances] of [someone] discriminating [against] Islam, and saying, ‘This [means] all Europe is against Islam and all Westerners are enemies’ — this does [happen]. On the other side, non-Muslims tend to do the same thing, to see all Muslim[s] as the same, unified group threatening not only the jobs, not only the housing, but also the core values of European society.”

Eisbär” (polar bear) is a 1980 “cult” songcomposed by the Swiss Neue Deutsche Welle band Grauzone.

“Polar bear, Cold ice .  I want to be a polar bear
Everything would be so clear.  In the cold polar,
Everything would be so clear.  Polar bears must never cry.”

The goal of Islam is to make all of humanity submit to Sharia law

Stop the Islamic Conquest

Why we must resist the vision of a World united under Islam.
Islam is not just a religion; it is a theo-political doctrine as implemented under Islamic Shariah Law.
People should take note that Islam makes attainment of political goals a religious duty, thereby making inseparable the religious from the political.

&&&&&&&- How To Fight Tarik Ramadan – &&&&&&&

Understand he is a Geneva Born : like

-Jean-Jacques Rousseau

-Henri Dunant

-Jean Piaget (not born but like he was) end life in Geneva

– Jean Calvin (not born but like he was) end life in Geneva

When you get a good percent of those works.. and you are an Muslim Brotherhood offspring
You have everything to turn the Western World Upside Down !
Crush it from within with his own …mentalness.. and democratical way of life..
You send a virus.. that looks like an antibiotic !

(Understand that here (GenevaSwitzerland)  the access are touching World Wide Decisions !! I mention only three..  ..(but there are more!)

United Nations Got two place New York and Geneva..and it is not like two separate thing, it is the same, just separated by a geographical distance !

World Heath Organization

International Red Cross …”red crescent” to be more accurate..

Well WE need an Antidote  :
It is not only one man.. but many.. but with that one you got the “source”
And who knows could block the “spread”.. that I doubt, but.. Identify it.. it could be great already.
And if anyone willing not to get sick.. and not just let it be.. as it then His Choice, and that’s the way it is But It will also provide a sort of :

To Any Christian Watching that video..can not, not make sick. No they are not cutting head.. they send a sort of flower power.. POISONOUS !

Before Watching the video..really keep in mind who’s talking !! :

The Ramadan family continue to pose a long time threat to European security, Tariq Ramadan’s brother Hani, runs an Islamic Center in Geneva, which is linked to Al Qaeda funding and recently saw a congregant arrested in connection with a plot to bring down an El Al plane taking off from a Swiss airport with a missile launcher

Slaughters! by Grauzone 1981

The sad slaughter
the world is funny

The wicked are slaughtered
the world is good

The fools are slaughtered
the world will be

The old are slaughtered
the world is young

I stand here, and you’re standing there (3x)
and between us there’s no word

The sick are slaughtered
the world is healthy

The ugly ones are slaughtered
the world is beautiful

The Dummern slaughtered
The world is bright

The sad are slaughtered,
the world is funny

I stand here, and you’re standing there, (3x)
and between us there’s no word

“Only Slaughters! ” 


Le Monarchomaque

Une demi-décennie de brassage d’idées par le Tea Party vient de faire son effet sur le Parti républicain des États-Unis d’Amérique. La toute nouvelle plateforme de l’une des formations politiques les plus puissantes au monde effectue un retour à la pensée constitutionnaliste des Pères Fondateurs. Les textes du préambule et du Bill of Rights de la Constitution fédérale américaine en première page introduisent ce thème avec force. Après, une section de six pages entièrement consacrée à l’objectif de la “restauration d’un gouvernement constitutionnel” pose un diagnostique juridique de l’état pitoyable dans lequel la république fédérale américaine se trouve aujourd’hui, et identifie le remède : Revenir aux racines de la pensée théologique d’où émergèrent les États-Unis, c’est-à-dire, au premier chef, une constitution écrite ferme comme pacte social conscient.

Beaucoup de gens l’ont oubliés aujourd’hui, mais les gouvernements civils ne sont rien d’autre des créatures de leurs constitutions respectives, en dehors desquelles…

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Video: Steve Coughlin Counterterror Training Education and Analysis !

Walthamstow explained : The Lost Place of Welcoming !

Walthamstow :

WELCOME : to the website of Richard Dunn. If you have any memories or stories regarding Walthamstow, I would be pleased to receive them and place then on this site in the “Your Memories” section.    THANKS !

(…memories are made of today..) ..



… And you wouldn’t want to do that, would you?

Reblogged – Anjems hypocrisy and the reason we are going to #Walthamstow explained #edl


Thursday, 30 August 2012 23:14

Our comments in bold

The EDL (English Defence League) have been given permission to demonstrate in Walthamstow this Saturday the 1stof September 2012 despite the fact that every sane person in the UK thinks that this is bound to involve clashes between Muslim (and other ethnic minority) youth and the racists. Nevertheless the police have issued a statement that they have ‘no intelligence’…. of any potential trouble whatsoever and that the whole event will pass off peacefully! This knowing full well that the EDL are specifically trying to rally hatred towards a community, namely the Muslim community, and despite the fact that British law specifically outlaws incitement to religious hatred, the actual wording reads ‘A person who uses threatening words or behaviour, or displays any written material which is threatening, is guilty of an offence if he intends thereby to stir up religious hatred’ [29B (1) Part 3A Public Order Act 1986]
He is quoting English law. The law that he says means nothing because it is man made and not Allahs law, and he is demanding the British police, who his banners say can “go to hell” do something about the EDL.

The hypocrisy of the police is clear in the case of the EDL; that it is absolutely fine for mindless racist yobs to continue to insult Islam and the Messenger Muhammad, to do everything they can to try to intimidate Muslims, to swear at Allah etc… but when it comes to Muslims calling for fellow Muslims to fight to defend their lives it is treated as terrorism, when it comes to opposing the evil fruits of democracy and freedom it is radicalisation for which you will be proscribed, to express that the UK’s foreign policy had something to do with 77 and hence that the UK regime may have actually brought it upon themselves is glorifying terrorism and so on…

Says the geezer who thinks 9/11 and 7/7 were justified

For Muslims who speak outside the Mosque and try to make awareness about the situation of the Ummah worldwide and who call for the Shari’ah, the Walthamstow police seek ASBO’s and do all they can to get statements of support from ‘leaders’ in the Muslim community to create division and hatred between Muslims. But when it comes to large numbers of English racists intent on throwing as many insults as they can towards Islam, that’s called freedom of speech. When Muslims distribute leaflets about Islam in Walthamstow market the local police try to get statements and statistics from shop-keepers on how it affects their business to try to put a stop to it but when it comes to racist youths who will probably get drunk and then march through the heart of a Muslim area and when many Muslims have already objected and are closing down their shops in case they are met with bricks, that’s called the right to demonstrate.

Youve just explained to people why the EDL want to march in Walthamstow, as its clear from the above paragraph that your Jihadists are massively active in the area

Lets not fool ourselves, Muslims in the UK already know that they are treated as second class citizens, the stop and search laws, the glorification of terrorism laws, the proscription of ideological groups, the heavy handedness with which they are regularly treated are all testimony to this. However, unlike our forefathers who came to this country in the 1960’s and 1970’s largely looking for economic prosperity, the Muslim community is today second and third class citizens who are as British as any other person in the terms defined by the UK, they are also demographically the largest percentage when it comes to the youth and many have become used to police duplicity towards them and their being constantly suspected etc… add to that the concern of people coming into the heart of their area intent to stir up hatred towards them and previous examples of Muslim men and women being threatened and even beaten and abused, the examples of which are all widely available on the internet, then you have a situation that is extremely volatile.

He moans about his groups being banned, but at the same time he wants the EDL banned. Cant have it both ways Andy. Also admits that demographically they are in large numbers in the area, another reason we have to object. Mass immigration is destroying this countries identity. Thanks for confirming it.

Could it be that the Cameron regime actually wants to scare the Muslim community into submission so that they can continue with their foreign policy of occupation and murder unabated and with their domestic policy of oppression and injustice without resistance? It is not inconceivable that the EDL and the UK regime and police have very similar objectives but perhaps with differing methodologies.

He ACTUALLY thinks that the UK Government is in league with the EDL. Hes mental. We have suffered three years of them trying to smash us.

May Allah (SWT) protect all the Muslims this coming Saturday and hasten the time when we can replace the clear hypocrisy of man made law (like freedom and democracy) and its protagonists with the beauty and perfection of divine law i.e. Shari’ah.

See, he wants to replace man made law, at the same time as wanting it used to silence patriots, what a hypocrite. See you in Walthamstow…. Zoe xxx

Anjem Choudary

SYRIA-Bomb during funerals and decapitated entire family – Christians and Druze targeted By jihadists

SYRIA-Bomb during funerals and decapitated entire family – Christians and Druze targeted By jihadists

“…A terrorist attack hit yesterday, 28 August, faithful Christians and Druze in the district of innocent Jaramana, a suburb of Damascus. At 14 pm, a bomb aboard a car detonated in a crowd of faithful – families, seniors, women and children – who headed to the cemetery to proceed with the burial of two young. The latter died yesterday, August 27, also victims of a bomb. As crowds once celebrated the funeral, accompanied the body to the place of burial, a taxi exploded causing 12 deaths – other sources speak of a 27 – including 5 children and over 50 seriously injured. A Jaramana live about 600 000 people, almost all religious minorities. Y 250 000 live indeed Christians (Assyrian, Armenian, Chaldean, Melkite, Orthodox and other denominations) in addition to the Druze and some 120,000 Iraqi refugees who have fled to Syria in recent years.
As indicated Fides sources in Damascus, Christians are under pressure from jihadists armed groups in the suburbs of Jaramana (in the south-west of Damascus) and Zamalka (in the south-east cited). Today, Zamalka a family of Armenian Christians was found murdered, all members of the family have been horribly decapitated. The execution brings to mind the work of radical Islamic Salafi.
Such acts, which affect innocent people, have caused outrage and disorder within the Christian community. An official of the Latin Catholic community of Damascus, who asked to remain anonymous, told Fides: “This is terrorism. We do not know who is behind it. In all cases, there are groups that want to destroy Syria. Jihadist gangs began to terrorize. The fact is that Western Christians are too often portrayed as cronies or associates of repression, but it is not. Christians live with the Syrian people and want only peace. But this propaganda provides terrorist groups, infiltrated among the rebels, a pretext to attack us. “

H/T :

A prisoner in Syria is denied his prefered method of execution by bullets, and gets beheaded with a small knife. He was held captive by the ‘Free Syrian Army’ and is led out in the cool shade of a Ramadan night, the month of fasting.

He was held captive by the ‘Free Syrian Army’ and is led out in the cool shade of a Ramadan night, the month of fasting. This is a non-graphic edited version of the execution. I judged the full version to be too graphic for youtube. However, if you really must see it the link is This video is shown to document reality and is not for the value of the suffering of those involved. One person exhorts the performance of the ‘sunnah’, meaning he is requesting the beheading of the man to be executed. However, the sunnah (prophetic way, from which the name Sunni is derived) never used a small knife on a man. The sunnah was more like the Saudi method using a sharp sword. The man in the video dies in complete fear and terrible agony. Another man tried to interject and inform the rest that the prisoner requested to die by bullets. However, the beheading with a knife wins, and the cameraman laughs as the summary judgment is implemented by the road. The month of Ramadan is holy to Muslims and fasting is considered void if sins are committed, and a summary beheading by a knife is considered one of the worst sins (murder) by non-takfiri Sunni Islamic scholars. Much of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ ideologically belongs with the takfiri, radical and extremist religious groups.

Oh Thanks that’s explain it all..



The United Nations Defend Them.. “Free Syrian Army”

and no.. absolutely NO idea about The GENEVA CONVENTION !

C’mon Mr. Annan could have at least leave a few leaflets


Pig’s head at Cheltenham mosque: Simon Parkes jailed + Released Story

“Pig Resistance”

Pig’s head at Cheltenham mosque: Simon Parkes jailed

Posted: August 30, 2012 in  H/T : eastangliandivision

A former soldier who tied a pig’s head to the gates of a Cheltenham mosque has been jailed for four months.

Simon Parkes, 45, from Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire, also sprayed racist graffiti during the attack in November 2010, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

Parkes, who had admitted racially aggravated criminal damage, said he was angry Muslim extremists had burnt poppies at a Remembrance Day service.

His actions were “blatantly designed to be insulting,” Judge Jamie Tabor said.

The judge told the former soldier: “You deliberately set out to not just insult another religion, but inflame and increase racial tension at a sensitive time.” :

Oh Yeah.. and burning Poppies ISNT ?! WHAT ABOUT THOSE FAMILIES OF SOLDIERS, DO THEY HAVE RIGHT OF RESPECT !!! In This SENSITIVE TIME ! They can go over and die.. but once they back better shut it.. lucky you are Sir Tabor Sir, that YOU can insult Soldiers like that and get away with it !

Parkes, who was wearing a mask when he went to the mosque, had written the word Allah on the pig’s head, the court heard.

‘Appalling criminal behaviour’ : Oh dear… Let’s look at it that way, He didn’t make any Cartoon did he ?…so we’re fine..

The court was told he had carried out the revenge attack on 13 November after Muslim extremists had set fire to poppies at a Remembrance Day service in London.

A spokesman from Cheltenham Mosque said: “This was a very shocking incident for the whole community, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.” :

Yes but, bolo, nobody did get arrested did they ? or it cost a fifty quid or so.. But Mr Parkes got Jailed..see how the community is shock now ?

The Masjidul Falah mosque in Cheltenham was targeted by Simon Parkes

Tim Waterhouse from Gloucestershire Police said: “I hope this sentence sends out a clear message that this sort of appalling criminal behaviour will not be tolerated. :

Behave yourself, criminal ? and you investigate whot ? .. Who killed the Pig ?

“Although this disturbing incident happened nearly two years ago, a painstaking and difficult inquiry has led to today’s sentencing.

“The message is clear that we will not stop in our determination to target criminals and keep people and our communities safe from harm.” :

Good We are safe now ! And can all go back to eat our Christmas Ham ! Praise The Lord !

Parkes, who served in the Falklands, Northern Ireland and Belize, also admitted a public order offence.

via BBC News – Pig’s head at Cheltenham mosque: Simon Parkes jailed.

H/T :

Parkes, Sir, To You..


“POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS”: Simon Parkes, of Bishop’s Cleeve, before his court appearance

Parkes, of Crown Close, Bishop’s Cleeve, admitted causing religiously aggravated criminal damage and causing religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress when he appeared before Cheltenham magistrates. The crime was committed on November 13, 2010.

Parkes, who had served in Northern Ireland before being demobbed in 1993, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, his solicitor Andrew Twomlow  said.

CCTV footage showed Parkes park a hired car in Granville Street before walking to the mosque with the pig’s head and spray paint.

Sharon Jomaal, prosecuting, said: “He left a severed pig’s head with Allah written along the side which was attached the front gate.” She said he also wrote a racist slur in red spray paint along the front of the mosque. Parkes later posted a picture of himself at the scene on Facebook.

Mr Twomlow, in mitigation, said Parkes had been struggling at the time. He said Parke’s mother was dying from cancer and he had problems after leaving the army.

“It seems he was never given treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder but it is clear he was suffering from it,” said Mr Twomlow. “He had a peripatetic lifestyle, mainly involving heavy drinking and a nomadic existence.

“During a remembrance service on November 11, 2010, a group of extremist Muslims burned poppies.

“It was that incident which triggered Mr Parkes. He had lost colleagues in the army and he felt personally humiliated and insulted by what was being done so decided to make a stand. He was not thinking straight at the time.”

He said Parkes had never been a member of any extreme organisations.  The only group he has ever belonged to is the Manchester United supporters’ group.

Parkes has now stopped drinking and has offered to write a letter of apology.

Magistrates committed the case to Crown Court for August 30. He was released on conditional bail.

: well At Last Some Senses !!!

Speaking after the case, ex-soldier Dave Martell, who now works with the Cheltenham branch of Royal British Legion, said: “The biggest challenge is for former service personnel who have suffered stress to recognise there is a problem. There must be a willingness for them to receive help for it to be successful.”  He added: “It is very difficult to guess somebody’s mental state and that is part of the problem. But there is help out there, and the Royal British Legion and the Combat Stress charity work hard to offer assistance to those that need it most.”


A War That Can’t Be Lost !!!‏



Open Season by Stuck Mojo

I speak peace when peace is spoken, But I speak war when your hate is provoking, The season is open 24-7-365, Man up yo time to ride, No need to hide behind slogans of deceit, Claiming that you’re a religion of peace, We just don’t believe you, We can clearly see through, The madness that you’re feeding your people, Jihad the cry of your unholy war, Using the willing, the weak and poor, From birth drowning in propaganda, rhetoric and slander, All we can say is damn ya
My forefathers fought and died for this here
I’m stronger than your war of fear
Are we clear?
If you step in my hood
It’s understood
It’s open season
I don’t need a faith that’s blind, Where death and hate bring me peace of mind, With views that are stuck deep in the seventh century, So much sand in your eyes to blind to see, The venom that you leaders preach, Is the path to your own destruction, Your own demise, You might say that I don’t understand but your disgust for me is what I realize, Surprise!
Your homicidal ways has got the whole world watching, Whole world scoping, So if you bring it to my home base, Best believe it, The season’s open

I see you, Hell yeah I see you, Motherfucker naw, I don’t wanna be you, If you come to my place, I’ll drop more than just some bass, Yo you’ll get a taste of a, Sick motherfucker from the Dirty, I ain’t worrying not a fucking bit, I’m telescoping like Hubble, Yo you in trouble, Yo on the double, I’m wild with mine, Bring that style with mine, Fuck with my family I’ll end your life, Just the way it is, Just the way it be, Do you understand? No matter if you’re woman or man, or child, My profile is crazy, That shit you do doesn’t amaze me, I’m ready to blaze thee
I don’t give a damn what god you claim, I’ve seen the innocent that you’ve slain, On my streets you’re just fair game, Like a pig walk to your slaughter, The heat here is so much hotter, And my views won’t teeter totter or fluctuate, Step to me you just met your fate, And I’ll annihilate, With the skill of a Shogun assassin, Slicing and dicing precise with a passion, In any shape form or fashion, Bring it to my home, Welcome to the danger zone, Cause your attitude’s the reason, The triggers keep squeezing, The hunt is on and it’s open season.

UPDATE: Despite what many have thought, this video is purely an indictment against radical, violent, expansionist Islamicists – NOT ALL MUSLIMS! For Pete’s sake, listen to the lyrics! Read Rich Ward’s (songwriter) own response here:

Be sure to check out for more info and to hear and download the entire new album for FREE!
Also, please be sure to check out “Obsession – Radical Islam’s War Against the West” at It is perhaps the most important film of our time.

Radical Islam Documentary  Obsession – Radical Islam’s War Against the West is a new documentary film that will challenge the way you look at the world.  The is the full version of Obsession the movie.

Almost 70 years ago, Europe found itself at war with one of the most sinister figures in modern history: Adolf Hitler. When the last bullet of World War II was fired, over 50 million people were dead, and countless countries were both physically and economically devastated. Hitlers bloody struggle sought to forge the world anew, in the crucible of Nazi values. How could such a disaster occur? How could the West have overlooked the evil staring it in the face, for so long, before standing forcefully against it?

Today, we find ourselves confronted by a new enemy, also engaged in a violent struggle to transform our world. As we sleep in the comfort of our homes, a new evil rises against us. A new menace is threatening, with all the means at its disposal, to bow Western Civilization under the yoke of its values. That enemy is Radical Islam.

Using images from Arab TV, rarely seen in the West, Obsession reveals an insider’s view’ of the hatred the Radicals are teaching, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination. With the help of experts, including first-hand accounts from a former PLO terrorist, a Nazi youth commander, and the daughter of a martyred guerilla leader, the film shows, clearly, that the threat of Radical Islam is real.

Islam is being hijacked by radical extremists, who actively seek to destroy the shared values we stand for. The world should be very concerned.

This is a documentary film about Radical Islamic terror.  A dangerous ideology, fuelled by religious hatred.  It’s important to remember, most Muslims are peaceful and do not support terror.  This is not a film about them.

Tarek Fatah reacts to Tariq Ramadan’s visit to Canada in the Toronto Sun

Espace détente, poésie, judaïsme et lutte contre la désinformation

ramadan 2012 canada_________________________________________________________ Tariq Ramadan : le charme extérieur, la pourriture intérieure ; il est le parfait porte-parole en Occident du fléau islamiste. POURQUOI LES CANADIENS, TOUT COMME LES FRANCAIS ET LES SUISSES D’AILLEURS N”INTERDISENT -ILS PAS DE SEJOUR SUR LEUR SOL CE FRERE MUSULMAN DEGUISE, MENTEUR  PATENTE A LA LANGUE DE BOIS ? ____________________________________________________

English version HERE

Lors d’une conférence présentée à Montréal la veille des élections québécoises de septembre, Tariq Ramadan établira un parallèle entre le printemps arabe qui mena les Frères Musulmans au pouvoir dans plusieurs pays du Moyen-Orient et le mouvement de contestation des hausses des frais de scolarité survenu au Québec au printemps 2012 surnommé «printemps érable».

EDMONTON / 31 août – 2 septembre 2012
Proud Muslims Convention

Commanditaires : Islamic Relief Canada, un regroupement de mosquées d’Edmonton et CTV

MONTRÉAL / 3 septembre 2012
La démocratie à l’épreuve de la crise : du printemps arabe au…

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Why the Palestinians Chose to End Participation in Negotiations with Israel


Beyond the Cusp

When some from the more liberal end of the political spectrum put forth the claim the Prime Minister Netanyahu was the crux of the reason for why Israeli negotiations with the Palestinian authority broke down, they are correct in that claim but are dead wrong in their explanation and reasoning behind their claim. Their proposing that Prime Minister Netanyahu holding a hardline position of inflexibility and refusal to accept the preconditions and giving President Mahmoud Abbas any room to maneuver is why the negotiation process has broken down totally misses the facts. The truth is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has gone the extra mile towards facilitating fair and equal negotiation between Israel and the Palestinian authority. They omit the fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech at Bar Ilan University on June 14, 2009, stating his willingness to accept the concept of a two state solution even noting his…

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The Truth About the Refugees: Israel Palestinian Conflict





The Truth About the Refugees: Israel Palestinian Conflict 

Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the issue of refugees in the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The video explains the reason there are still refugees after more than six decades is because of  Arab leaders’ recalcitrance to accept their brethren and the United Nations which created a separate agency with unique principles and criteria. The video also highlights the issue of the Jewish refugees who were forced out of their homes in the Arab world, and were subsequently absorbed by the State of Israel.

On a h/t :

Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the West Bank 

Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The video explains where the terms “West Bank”, “occupied territories” and “67 Borders” originated and how they are incorrectly used and applied.

Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the Peace Process

Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The video explains that the reason there is no successful peace process is because of decades of Palestinian and Arab recalcitrance and the main reason for the conflict is not Israel’s presence in the West Bank, but successive Palestinian leaders resistance to Jewish sovereignty.

See Also


Walvic Update : Walthamstow September 1st 2012

Walvic Update : Walthamstow September 1st 2012


 Brixton, Stockwell, Vauxhall, Pimlico,  (RIP)





King’s Cross







“Place of Welcome” (not)

Walthamstow EDL Demo
September 1st 2012

“The police liasion is complete , and we are pleased to announce the details for the EDL National Demo in Walthamstow 01/09/12. For your safety , and to make the day a success please use the official muster point. The E17 area is likely to be “lively” , and there are plenty of local youths making threats. TRAVEL TOGETHER , STAY TOGETHER AND LEAVE TOGETHER !

Muster Point ….Kings Cross Stn. 1100hrs at Kings Cross Station , London, N1 9AP. We are being allowed to use three pubs. You will be met by stewards , and directed to the “refreshment areas”. Coaches will be directed to parking near the demo site. 1200hrs there will be a briefing for all Stewards outside one of the pubs tbc

1300hrs we will be escorted to Kings Cross Station to board trains to the March Point. Do not miss these trains , or you will miss the march and possibly the demo !! A steward will be in every pub , to make sure you leave in time to catch the trains. You may be required to buy a ticket..please make sure you have an extra £4.00 to do so.March Point..Blackhorse Rd Stn After we exit the trains (about 1330hrs) , we will form up for a 15 minute march to the demo point. Bring your flags , and singing voices. Please do not march with open containers of alcohol , or sing racist or inappropriate songs. As usual we will be followed by photographers , and the Police intelligence cameras will be present . Please follow any instructions from our stewards or the police !Demo Point…Waltham Forest Town Hall/Magistrates We have an enclosure (not a pen). You will not be allowed to leave the enclosure , until the demo is over. It`s a nice site , but has no facilities nearby…we have asked for toilets. Bring water and whatever supplies you need with you from Kings Cross.After the demo. At 1600hrs after the demo , a police escort will take us back to Blackhorse Rd Stn..coaches will be waiting. You will not be allowed to head off towards Walthamstow Central. We are advising everyone to leave the demo area after the demo ends. Have a great day , and stay safe !! ” (From the Casuals United Blog) and EDL Official…etc

In the meantime under the surface…

C’mon Jedi !

Cold War Kids – Royal Blue

Why would I make that face? oh, why would I?
Why would I test my faith? oh, why would I?
Oh, whoa, I see that Train cloud coming right for me

Why would I say my name? oh why would I?
When I'm so far away? oh why would I?
Oh whoaa I guess I've always been a bit of a fighter

From now on wear my love for you loose
From now on I am just passing through
From now on just my feeling is true
From now on call me Royal Blue

Why would I stick around? oh why would I?
Why would I get burned out? oh why would I?
Oh, whoa for me I'm always waiting in shadows
Oh, whoa for me I'm always looking for a way out

From now on with the sky as my roof
From now on let the risk lead me, too
From now on somewhere I never knew
From now on call me Royal Blue

guitar solo

Hey .. yeah yeah yeah yeah

From now on fly as high as I want
From now on I'll show my weak spot
From now on in all that I do
From now on call me Royal Blue

From now on wear my love for you loose
From now on I am just passing through
From now on just my feeling is true
From now on call me Royal Blue



Cause and Effect !

Cause and Effect !

Muslim Brotherhood Poster Child Huma Abedin – The Enemy Within?

Tarek Fatah and Ezra Levant discuss Huma Abedin and her alleged links to the Muslim Brotherhood.  As a former Personnel Security Specialist and Adjudicator with the Department of Defense, I would love to know why this women has access to Hillary Clinton and most probably our national security secrets.  I hope the next administration takes our national security seriously, unlike the Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer currently in office.

The Muslim Students’ Association Pledge of Allegiance:  “Allah is my lord; Islam is my life; the Koran is my guide; the Sunna is my practice; Jihad is my spirit; righteousness is my character; and paradise is my goal. For I enjoin what is right; I forbid what is wrong; I will fight against oppression; AND I WILL DIE TO ESTABLISH ISLAM.”  As a member, Huma Abedin surely recited this pledge!


Cause and Effect,

Steve Emerson, National Security Expert – Obama Refuses To Confront Radical Islam

What is the capital of Israel? Simple question

And the “magic” of the Brotherhood : (don’t take it lightly.. IT IS DARKNESS IN DISGUISE !)

It Is WHAT’ S GOING ON IN DC… and other places.. Who let that guy back in the USA ? Abedin !

But look at it who wouldn’t ? You kind of be ready to give the key.. the car ..everything! (NOT)

Tariq Ramadan, (Swiss Citizen) Grandson of Muslim Brotherhood Founder

“Paradise Lost” : The Murder of Coptic Christians

“Paradise Lost” : The  Murder of Coptic Christians

Paradise is our native country, and we in this world be as exiles and strangers. Richard Greenham (1535-1594)

The World Through Rose Colored Glasses (with video)

Posted on August 28, 2012 by

By Gadi Adelman:

The photo accompanying this article was taken in central Cairo on October 13,  2011. Nearly 3,000 Egyptian mourners gathered in honor of Coptic Christians who  were among 25 people murdered during a demonstration over an attack on a  church.

Those who don’t want to believe this is actually occurring in the 21 Century  won’t. No matter how many pictures or videos make it out some people just will  dismiss it all as Islamophobic lies.

I had no intention of covering this story this week, I’ve written about the  murder of Coptic Christians before as well as those being murdered in other  countries as well. Over two years ago in April 2010 my article “No  Big Deal, Just Some People in Africa, Right?” was about the murder of  Christians in Nigeria at the hands of Islamists.

This all started when someone posted a picture on my  Facebook page.

I read the denials of the stories, pictures and videos of the Crucifixions of  the Egyptian Coptic’s and decided to set the record straight.

One individual posted a comment under this picture on my Facebook page,

this isn’t in Egypt. stop telling lies about EGYPT. you jews will never  remove hatred from your hearts to EGYPT

The National Post reported that none of these stories were true either.  Author Jonathan Kay wrote an article  on August 22 that “Egypt’s “crucifixion” hoax becomes an instant Internet myth”.  He starts his article with,

Have you heard the one about how Christians are being nailed up on crucifixes  and left to die in front of the Egyptian presidential place?

It’s a story worth dissecting – not because it’s true (it isn’t), but because  it is a textbook example of how the Internet, once thought to be the perfect  medium of truth-seeking, has been co-opted by culture warriors as a weapon to  fire up the naïve masses with lies and urban legends.

“Fire up the naïve masses with lies and urban legends”, really? Well Mr. Kay  I suggest some light reading for you. It’s this year’s Annual Report from the  U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

The cover of the report shows a similar picture to the one I chose for my  story. You know the one, where “nearly 3,000 Egyptian mourners gathered in honor  of Coptic Christians who were among 25 people murdered during a demonstration  over an attack on a church.” I guess it was Photo-shopped.

But what is more interesting than the cover picture is who makes up this  agency and what the report  contains.

The website  U.S.  Commission on International Religious Freedom explains this on the ‘about’  page,

USCIRF is an independent, bipartisan U.S. federal government commission.  USCIRF Commissioners are appointed by the President and the leadership of both  political parties in the Senate and the House of Representatives. USCIRF’s  principal responsibilities are to review the facts and circumstances of  violations of religious freedom internationally and to make policy  recommendations to the President, the Secretary of State and Congress.

So let’s understand from the outset that those involved with this agency are  handpicked by the President and made up from both political parties. So for all  you naysayers out there argue with them, not me.

I saw this coming long before Hosni Mubarak was ousted. Back in February of  2011 while those in the Obama administration were saying that the Muslim  Brotherhood wouldn’t place a candidate in the Egyptian elections, I wrote in my article  “A Series of Unfortunate Re-Runs”,

The Muslim Brotherhood has been waiting for an opportunity like this for over  60 years and it is not something they are going to let slip by. Since the fall  of the Ottoman Empire in 1924 and the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood only 4  years later in 1928 there has never been an opportunity such as this for a  return of a Caliphate and you can bet your life the Brotherhood is working  harder than any other group or government to see that this happens.

So now that the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohamed Morsi has become the  President of Egypt is it really any surprise that we see Coptic Christians being  murdered for no other reason than they are Christian?

It appears to be no surprise to those that wrote the annual  report from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom either.  The report is 331 pages and from start to finish this report is a “who’s who” of  Islamic countries.

The second paragraph of page one starts off with Egypt,

In Egypt, an epicenter of the Arab Spring, hope turned to dismay, as human  rights conditions, particularly religious freedom abuses, worsened dramatically  under military rule.   Authorities continued to prosecute and sentence  citizens charged with blasphemy and allowed official media to incite violence  against religious minority members, while failing to protect them or to convict  responsible parties.  Law enforcement and the courts fostered a climate of  impunity in the face of repeated attacks against Coptic Christians and their  churches.  Rather than defending these minorities, military and security  forces turned their guns on them, using live ammunition against Coptic  Christians and other demonstrators, killing dozens and wounding hundreds in  Maspero Square.

Page two continues with just a few instances,

To be sure, religious freedom abuses harm members of religious majorities and  minorities alike.  But make no mistake:  across much of the world,  persons associated with religious minority communities often are harmed the  most.  Even when violations do not include or encourage violence, intricate  webs of discriminatory rules, regulations, and edicts can impose tremendous  burdens on these communities and their adherents, making it difficult for them  to function and grow from one generation to the next, potentially threatening  their existence.  For example, while an electoral democracy, Turkey fails  to legally recognize religious minority communities, such as the Alevis, the  Greek, Armenian, and Syriac Orthodox Churches, the Roman Catholic and Protestant  Churches, and the Jewish community.  Furthermore, Turkish officials meddle  in these communities‘ internal government and education and limit their worship  rights.

But as I stated earlier it is a “who’s who” of Islamic countries. The report  explains those countries that are of particular concern,

The first section highlights countries which USCIRF recommends that the State  Department designate as countries of particular concern (CPCs) under IRFA  (International Religious Freedom Act) for particularly severe violations of  religious freedom.

The countries that make up the “CPCs” are listed on page 4,

For the 2012 Annual Report, USCIRF recommends that the Secretary of State  designate the following 16 countries as CPCs: Burma, the Democratic People‘s  Republic of Korea (North Korea), Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan,  the People‘s Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey,  Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

Those countries that you would expect to see on this list are not mentioned  are because they are already listed as “CPCs”,

Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Laos, Russia, Somalia,  Venezuela

The report then writes a chapter for each country of concern, but for this  article I am concentrating on Egypt since that appears to be the source of these  “internet myths”.

On page 50 of the report are the agencies “Findings” in Egypt,

FINDINGS: Over the past year, the Egyptian transitional government continued  to engage in and tolerate systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of  freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief.

Serious problems of discrimination, intolerance, and other human rights  violations against members of religious minorities, as well as disfavored  Muslims, remain widespread in Egypt. Violence targeting Coptic Orthodox  Christians increased significantly during the reporting period.  The  transitional government has failed to protect religious minorities from violent  attacks at a time when minority communities have been increasingly  vulnerable.  This high level of violence and the failure to convict those  responsible continued to foster a climate of impunity, making further violence  more likely.  During the reporting period, military and security forces  used excessive force and live ammunition targeting Coptic Christian  demonstrators and places of worship resulting in dozens of deaths and hundreds  of injuries.  The government also continued to prosecute, convict, and  impose prison terms on Egyptian citizens charged with blasphemy.   Implementation of previous court rulings – related to granting official identity  documents to Baha‘is and changing religious affiliation on identity documents  for converts to Christianity – has seen some progress but continues to lag,  particularly for Baha‘is. In addition, the government has not responded  adequately to combat widespread and virulent anti-Semitism in the  government-controlled media.

Understanding that this report was published in February of this year a lot  more deaths have occurred during the last 6 months. As noted in the above  section of the report,

This high level of violence and the failure to convict those responsible  continued to foster a climate of impunity, making further violence more  likely.

Unfortunately they were correct. The report continues,

Religious freedom conditions have not improved in most areas and attacks  targeting religious minorities have continued.  In 2011, violent sectarian  attacks, targeting primarily Coptic Orthodox Christians, have resulted in nearly  100 deaths, surpassing the death toll of the previous 10 years combined.   During the transitional period, the lack of adequate security in the streets has  contributed to lawlessness in parts of the country, particularly in Upper  Egypt.

Read more at Family Security Matters

FamilySecurityMatters.orgContributing  Editor Gadi  Adelman  is a freelance writer and lecturer on the history of  terrorism and  counterterrorism. He grew up in Israel, studying terrorism and  Islam for 35  years after surviving a terrorist bomb in Jerusalem in which 7  children were  killed. Since returning to the U. S., Gadi teaches and lectures  to law  enforcement agencies as well as high schools and colleges. He can be  heard  every Thursday night at 8PM est. on his own radio show “America Akbar”  on Blog  Talk Radio.  He can be reached through his website

Watch this dramatic video showing the suffering of the Egyptian Copts posted by Walid Shoebat:


Does He ?

..Be My Brothers and Sisters Keeper .. ????!!!!

Which Brothers ..Brother ?

Because he sound not only like a “newbie” but also with a very different “grow up” then a Christian one.. forgot the word “love” but :

he speak of Duty !

he speak of Code of Behaviour !

he speak of Bargain ! you do this and you get that !

he speak of being in a Building, but nothing of Being !

This is not Christianity This is Recipe !

So Obama Administration helped the current Government in Egypt… and in Egypt..

The Brothers and Sisters ARE WELL Kept and Taking Care Of !

EDL – Walthamstow – We’re Coming Down the Road

EDL – Walthamstow – We’re Coming Down the Road

Walthamstow, London, on 1st September 2012.


Who’s Station ? : My Station !

Walthamstow !

From BrixTown! WALVIC RIZE AGAIN ! even if walking stick needed

Wil Come Stove and Can’t make it

But with heart will poor it

Nor a com nor a muz

On my Queen’s way Shall prevail

Nor their voices as a buzz

Even if it meant the last hail

Wil Come Stove and Can’t make it

But You, be there, isn’t


Unofficial Anthem of England – Jerusalem

EDL we’re coming down the road!

EDL – Walthamstow – We’re Coming Down the Road

English Defence League Call to Arms

British Patriotic Songs – The British Grenadiers.

The English Defence League have officially stated that they intend to carry out a peaceful demonstration in Walthamstow, London, on 1st September 2012.

On Saturday 30th July 2011 around a hundred Muslim protesters were escorted by the police on an officially agreed march from Leyton to Walthamstow in London.

You will note from the video that they were allowed to display inflammatory messages on their placards and that many of the protesters were also allowed to wear full-face coverings.

Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

No copyright infringement intended.

EDL – Walthamstow – London calling

Watch The Young Ones


Walvic People side EDL

 “Taking Our Line Back”

 Show That the  Green’s  alive and kicking

Make a Stand : Stand Your UnderGround !

Wrote by Paul Weller Song Preformed By The Jam

Hide and seek – The Young Ones – BBC

The Emma West Affair (2) We love you, Emma West! We Love you Still !

The Emma West Affair (2) We love you, Emma West! We Love you Still!

English Mother Thrown into Prison For ‘Racist Remarks’

– Children Alone for Christmas

(February 15th, 2012) Important note:  Honoring the wishes of the Croyden Crown Court Magistrates, who have requested cessation of comments on the internet while Mrs. West’s trail is pending, this Emma West video will be unavailable until the conclusion of Mrs. West’s improper speech trial, scheduled for the 11th of June, 2012. At the conclusion of the trial, the video will be made public, again.

Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome?  While passenger on London public transportation, remarks of Emma West were recorded without her knowledge. The video went viral on You Tube. Ms. West was subsequently arrested and jailed. Ten days later, after pleading not guilty, Ms. West was freed on bail pending court appearance.
Video puts remarks in context  of frustration felt by traditional British citizens, law enforcement, and guest workers, created by the actions of a minority.

campaign to help Emma West led to over 2,000 complaints, either to the Home Secretary, Social Services or the Justice Secretary.

After waiting for months to discover her fate, Emma West has not learned it today.
The trial has been put back until July, and will take place at Croydon Crown Court on July 16.  The delay is to allow for new psychiatric reports to be prepared.

Croydon to Wimbledon tram rant trial moved to July

9:59am Monday 11th June 2012 in Local news By Hannah Williamson

The woman was filmed racially abusing tram passengers

The trial of a woman accused of racially abusing tram passengers has been moved to July.

Emma West, of New Addington, was due to stand trial today charged with two racially aggravated public order offences, one with intent to cause fear or provocation of violence.

The 34-year-old was arrested after a video allegedly showing her racially abusing fellow passengers on board a Croydon to Wimbledon tram, appeared online last November.

On Friday, the trial was put back until July to allow for new psychiatric reports to be written.

Emma West has her trial delayed yet again

Posted on July 27, 2012by Robert Henderson

The trial of Emma West on two racially aggravated public order offences has been put back to 5 September to allow further medical reports (  Her trial was meant to take place on 17th July but a request for a further adjournment was granted on 13 July.

I have been unable to discover whether the prosecution or the defence asked for the further adjournment, but whichever it is  the delay is extraordinary . Ms West pleaded Not Guilty on 17 February and her trial was originally scheduled for 11 June (

The 11 June date was missed when the first adjournment was granted because of  a wish  for extra medical reports. That was surprising enough ,  because there had been four months between Ms West’s plea of Not Guilty and the request for the adjournment, ample time to get any medical reports.  If the 5 September date is kept six months will have passed since the Not Guilty plea.

The further delay suggests the authorities  or her own lawyers are trying to wear Emma West down by extending the wait so that she will eventually plead guilty out of fear or exhaustion. The authorities are always  terrified of a full trial on such charges  because it reveals the naked repression of the British elite  and  gives a public voice for dissent from the politically correct narrative of multiculturalism. As for the defence,  English lawyers  these days  are  almost always loth to put up any defence which challenges such  charges on the grounds of the right to free expression or offers a justification for dissent from the politically correct narrative.

The only other reason for such a delay I can think of is that the authorities hope to force her to plead guilty by preparing social service reports which say she is not a fit mother and these take rather a long time to acquire . If so, they could get the reports and then either give her a choice of  keeping her children by pleading guilty (and  by admitting her crime proving she is a fit mother who will not hand on racist attitudes because she has “seen the pc light”)  or continue to plead Not  Guilty and lose  her children.

There has been very little on the web about this further delay and the only media report I could find is the Croydon Advertiser one quoted in the opening paragraph.

Taken From :

The tram woman is called Emma West – a modern Boudicca, defending her country and people against the invading hordes. Free her! (Taken from Islam VS Europe)
Anyone living through such a stress, such a unknown..  Just thinking of her kids, and the future of this whole family..
make me think “they” just want her to crack down and plead guilty !
My personal point is  : LEAVE EMMA WEST BACK TO HER LIFE !

The Emma West Affair (1) We love you, Emma West!

The Emma West Affair

It is a long time I like to talk about Emma !

And always something come along.. and here is a bit the same (got the boys in blue for tea)

Britain First campaign free Emma West 02 Dec 2011

A 34-year-old British woman has multiple racist outburst on a Croydon-to-Wimbledon Tramlink.

Emma West, of New Addington in Croydon, is has been charged with a racially-aggravated public order offence.

She was arrested on Monday and is due to appear before Croydon Magistrates’  Court later on Tuesday.

The clip, filmed on the Croydon to Wimbledon Tramlink, shows a woman with a toddler sitting on her lap swearing and abusing passengers.

She tells one: “You are not British,” and “go back to where you came from.”


A woman (Emma West) arrested after shouting racial abuse on tram – London (BBC1 London coverage)

More to come.. just on hold…

Emma West Update 1 – Arrested after shouting racial abuse on tram

Emma West Update 2 – Arrested after shouting racial abuse on tram

Emma West Update 3 – Arrested after shouting racial abuse on tram

Britain First 30 Nov  2011

Britain First say: Release Emma West Immediately

                        Written by Paul Golding – Britain First         
 Everyone has watched in amazement as the drama of the young, white, English mother, Emma West – now dubbed by the press as the ‘Racist Tram Lady’ – has unfolded into major media frenzy of ‘Brit bashing’.

What she said on that tram was harsh, coarse and very unladylike, no doubt about that, but what abuse had she been subjected to before the camera phone was switched on?

She should never have been flung in prison for mouthing off!

How many rioters have been released on bail recently?

How many murders, burglars and violent criminals have been released on early parole recently?

How many foreign criminals (including paedophiles and sex attackers) have been released recently because we can’t deport them?

We must also remember that Emma West is an English woman who recently watched her area, Croydon, being burned and looted by ethnic gangs a few months ago.

Is it any wonder she now resents those from the same ethnic background who caused so much destruction, pain and hardship to her area?

Many people in Croydon have been deeply disturbed by the riots and hundreds have received Post-Traumatic-Stress counselling – has Emma?

Locking this feisty English working class mother up in jail only reinforces the suspicion that if you are British, and working class, then you are a second class citizen in your own country.

This kind of frustration exhibits itself all over our country on a daily basis by native British people who are fed up of watching their country being colonised, bled dry and destroyed by people we never asked to come here in the first place.

The ‘multicultural experiment’ is not fair on anyone and needs careful addressing, not draconian penalties imposed on the victims who, after years of suffering, finally snap.

Emma West is a British VICTIM of the political elite’s forced mass immigration/colonisation policy.

Is it any surprise that some of our people simply will not take it anymore?

The political elite should take note: many long-suffering Brits don’t act like Emma but many are seething with resentment and while the elite can easily squash one poor English women’s act of desperation, they may struggle to deal with a nation of inflamed patriots who will do far more than spout a few choice words on a tram!

Locking up a mother in prison without bail because of something she said (and that no one, except the Transport Police, complained about, after seeing the video on You-Tube) brings shame on our nation, especially when we treat all manner of other criminals (including violent criminals) with kid gloves.

It also shows that being British, white, poor and female makes you an easy target for the PC fanatics. Well I say: NO MORE!

We want YOU to complain directly to the Home Secretary, right NOW!

We demand her immediate release from prison and an assurance of her personal safety while she remains in custody.

Lock up the rioters who destroyed Croydon, or the bankers who have destroyed our economy, or the politicians who have flooded this country with foreigners, not English working class mothers!

Please go here to read details of how to make your complaint – where you may also read previous messages already sent to the Home Secretary.

Paul Golding Campaigns Coordinator – Britain First

London Tram Lady 2011 – Emma West of New Addington in Croydon – CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!!

The Emma West Affair (2)

We love you, Emma West!

John Cleese being interviewed in Australia. “London is no longer an English city,” he says.

‘Woman on a tram’ to spend
Christmas behind bars ‘for her own protection’ after court views video of
alleged racist rant By Gavin Allen
UPDATED:07:43 GMT, 7 December 2011

A woman accused of launching a vile racist  rant on a tram is to spend Christmas behind bars after she was remanded in  custody for her own safety.

Magistrates took the decision to refuse Emma  West’s bail application after they heard she had received death threats and that  her address had been circulated on social networking sites Facebook and  Twitter.

There were outbursts from supporters of Miss  West, who shouted ‘treason’ as she was denied bail at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

Racist rant: Police took Emma West into custody after a video (pictured) appeared on the internet showing a woman apparently abusing tram passengers
Racist rant: Police took Emma West into custody after a  video (pictured) appeared on the internet showing a woman apparently abusing  tram passengers

Miss West, a 34-year-old mother from  New  Addington, appeared before JPs charged with a racially aggravated  public order  offence in connection with a video that was heavily  circulated on  YouTube.

The former dental assistant bowed her head  and sobbed as three magistrates watched the footage, which has now been seen  more than 11 million times online.

When Miss West was arrested her  partner told  police that had been a number of death threats made against her, Eka Ike,  prosecuting, told the court.

Magistrates chairman Ian McNeal said  during  the hearing: ‘We are told that your address has been widely  circulated on  Facebook and Twitter and there has been numerous death  threats.

‘This case has attracted a high  degree of  public interest as evidence today. For these reasons we are  remanding you in  custody for your own protection.’

Miss West’s supporters shouted ‘treason’ and ‘we love you Emma, be strong’ as she was led to the cells.

The video is believed to have been filmed aboard a tram travelling between Croydon and Wimbledon
The video is believed to have been filmed aboard a tram  travelling between Croydon and Wimbledon

Earlier, after the foul-mouthed video was  played to the packed court, the court clerk asked West how she wanted to  plead.

‘Not guilty,’ she said.

Wearing a blue blouse and a black cardigan,  she wiped tears from her face during the hearing.

For most of the time the video was  played,  around two minutes and 20 seconds, she was doubled over, out of  sight from the  public gallery.

Friends and family gathered to give her  support.

The hearing had been adjourned until 2pm to  give time for West to prepare reasons for her not guilty plea.

When she returned to the court room,  her  earlier plea of not guilty was rescinded due to an administrative  error. Court  records were amended to show she has not yet indicated a  plea.

West was arrested on Monday last week for her own safety after the footage was posted on YouTube on Sunday by  LadyK89 and  viewed more than 10,000 times.

She had been remanded in custody after he  first appearance at Croydon Magistrates’ Court last Tuesday.

Miss West has elected to have her  case dealt  with at the crown court. She will next appear at the same court on January 3 via  a video link.

Read more:

Breaking News ~Dec. 15th, 2011.

After her shabby and unjust imprisonment, Emma

West was released from HMP Bronzefield Prison by The

Honourable Judge Warwick McKinnon in a closed hearing

at Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday morning and was

released on bail. She’ll now be home for Christmas. Next is

to get her two children back after they were snatched from

her by the local New Addington Social Services while

Emma West languished as a UK political prisoner at

the vile hands of the Croydon Magistrates.

Dec. 15th, 2011.

~ Past Update ~

Emma West Was Again Unjustly Remanded In Custody

Until After Christmas When She’ll Appear Again Only Via

Video Link From Her UK Jail. What An Absolute Outrage!!


‘Woman on a tram’ to spend Christmas behind bars ‘for her

own protection’ after court views video of alleged racist rant.

A woman accused of launching a vile racist rant on a tram is

to spend Christmas behind bars after she was remanded in

custody for her own safety. Magistrates took the decision to

refuse Emma West’s bail application after they heard she had

received death threats and that her address had been circulated

on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. There were

outbursts from supporters of Miss West, who shouted ‘treason’

as she was denied bail at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

(February 15th, 2012) Important note:  Honoring the wishes of the Croyden Crown Court Magistrates, who have requested cessation of comments on the internet while Mrs. West’s trail is pending, this Emma West video will be unavailable until the conclusion of Mrs. West’s improper speech trial, scheduled for the 11th of June, 2012. At the conclusion of the trial, the video will be made public, again.

Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome?  While passenger on London public transportation, remarks of Emma West were recorded without her knowledge. The video went viral on You Tube. Ms. West was subsequently arrested and jailed. Ten days later, after pleading not guilty, Ms. West was freed on bail pending court appearance.
Video puts remarks in context  of frustration felt by traditional British citizens, law enforcement, and guest workers, created by the actions of a minority.


francaisdefrance merci.
Suisses avec Passports…mais SANS CROIX BLANCHE ! (c’est Suisse ça?): Tariq et Hani RAMADAN, sont les petits fils du fondateur des FRERES MUSULMANS : HASSAN EL BANNA

Francaisdefrance's Blog

Quand on vous dit  que l’islam  cherche à conquérir lemonde entier,   y compris par la guerre….

EN FRANCE NOUS RECEVONS LES FRERES RAMADAN ( TARIQ  et  HANI)      qui circulent chez nous , en totale liberté,  vont et viennent dans les mosquées de France,  les médias,  et les  rassemblements  (UOIF)   et  aussi   comme en 12/2011   avec HOURIA  BOUTELDJA,  incitant les  enfants d’immigrés  à se “REVOLTER  CONTRE LA FRANCE ET LES FRANCAIS”  –  

Tariq  et HANI RAMADAN    étaient aussi invités   DANS LE PALAIS MUNICIPAL  de Mme AUBRY à LILLE, dans le cadre des 4ème Rencontres annuelles des musulmans du Nord, co-organisées par l’UOIF et la Ligue islamique du nord, (06/02/2010)


Tariq    et Hani   RAMADAN,  sont les petits fils du  fondateur  des FRERES MUSULMANS :  HASSAN  EL BANNA


Le Projet totalitaire des Frères musulmans expliqué par le numéro deux de la Confrérie

Khairat el-Shater est le…

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No A Shi’i-Sunni Wahhabi etc can’t be toghether, How we been fooled since 1979

Morsi Visits the Mullahs

(and it is not the first time, and yes The Muslim Brotherhood been in contact EVEN before 1979 !)

“There are No Frontiers In Islam but Allah”   :   King Faisal   1906 – 1975 

(if you can catch that one, you may have a touch down!)

Morsi Visits the Mullahs

Egypt’s new president Mohamed Morsi is in Tehran this week for the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). Since taking office on June 30, Morsi has had a busy itinerary. He visited Saudi Arabia last month, is due in China next week, and on September 23 will be in Washington on President Obama’s invitation.

Morsi also found time, one day before taking office, to vow to secure the release of “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian currently serving a life sentence at a North Carolina facility for masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center bombings.

Within Iran, Morsi is encountering some interesting landmarks. Israeli commentator Smadar Peri points out that on Sunday his convoy passed through Tehran’s Islambouli Square—named after Khalid Islambouli, who assassinated one of Morsi’s predecessors as Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat, in October 1981. Islambouli was a member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which some sources identify as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood—that is, Morsi’s organization.

There has, indeed, been bad blood between Egypt and Iran since those days. Relations were broken off in 1980, a year after Ayatollah Khomeini’s Shiite revolutionaries took power in Iran. It didn’t help matters when Iran hailed Islambouli (executed in Egypt in 1982) as a martyr. Morsi’s visit to Iran this week is the first by an Egyptian president since 1979.

It’s also reported that Morsi will be among NAM heads of state to be hosted this week at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant. This at a time when Iran is racing ahead in its nuclear weapons program, denying the International Atomic Energy Agency access to its nuclear sites, and intensifying its genocidal rhetoric against Israel and vows to destroy it.

Does all this indicate a rapprochement between Shiite-Islamist Iran and Sunni, newly Islamist Egypt? Another Israeli analyst, Dore Gold, a former ambassador to the UN, notes that there are serious obstacles to such a reconciliation.

They include particularly the fact that in Syria, Iran is helping Bashar Assad’s Shiite-offshoot Alawite regime fight largely Sunni rebels—including a presence on the ground of Iranian Revolutionary Guards actively killing Sunnis. The Sunnis, for their part, are backed by the Sunni Arab countries Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Seemingly, then, Egypt and Iran are on opposite sides of the bitter, bloody sectarian conflicts now being waged in Syria and elsewhere in the region, which have both Persian vs. Arab and Shiite vs. Sunni dimensions.

As Gold points out, there is also a history of mutual ideological admiration between Egyptian and Iranian Islamists. But as of Friday, the day Gold’s article was published, there were still reports that—given the obstacles—Morsi might not make the trip to Tehran at all.

We know now that he did, sectarian strife and all. Indeed, this week an Iranian official told Iran’s Fars News Agency that Iran and Egypt could cooperate in the nuclear sphere and “Iran is ready to transfer its know-how and experience to Egypt.”

All this comes at a time when Israel is increasingly concerned about Egyptian military activity in Sinai. Reports say Egypt is still consulting and coordinating with Israel—as per the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty—as Egypt cracks down on Salafi terrorists in the peninsula. In an ominous move, though, Egypt has already deployed tanks into northern Sinai without Israeli approval.

Ominous but not surprising, since Morsi—in keeping with the fundamental anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic tenets of Muslim Brotherhood ideology—has let it be known that he sees the peace treaty as something to erode rather than maintain.

It’s too early to speak of Egypt and Iran making friends. Israel, though, has to watch signs of such a process closely. For now the Washington-bound Morsi, still dependent on U.S. aid, is not likely to embrace the mullahs too openly and passionately. Jerusalem, though, does not have illusions about his ultimate ideological commitments and direction. Whether the Obama administration can see through Morsi’s behavior is a different question, not warranting much optimism.

PS : You know Magic Tricks ? You attention somewhere, when somewhere else you do the REAL happening ?!

Muslim Brotherhood in the White House ??? It is just…. a kind of Magic !

There is no shia sunni in ISLAM

Mohamed Morsi-The Koran is our constitution -The Prophet Muhammad is our leader Jihad is our path

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