World At War

The goal of Islam is to make all of humanity submit to Sharia law

Jihad Is Our Path, Death for the Sake of Allah Is Our Aspiration

Islamic Khilafah Uprising

Do we want a world united under Islam?


The army of the Imam has risen. the Prophet (S.A.W) said that “if one cannot fight in the path of Allah by Physical means then he should do so by financing Jihad and if one cannot do that then he should pray for those that are fighting in the path of Allah.”

the brothers in khorasan are fighting to defend the lives and honour of their mothers and sisters. fighting to defend their country and above all, fighting to defend the religion of Islam

The prophet (S.A.W) said ” when you see black flags rising from khorasan go and join that army even if you have to crawl over ice for among them will be Al Mahdi”

Because of this many have tried to conquer Afghanistan and have failed. first the British during the imperialist years, then the Russians at the time of the soviet union and guess whose trying now.

Because Khorasan (Afghanistan) will be where the Mahdi will appear, it seems only rational that the servants of dajjal should occupy it first,

HOWEVER the prophet made it clear that an army would arise from here and would win this war. after this the Mahdi will appear and lead his forces to
march upon Jerusalem and while doing so he will LIBERATE every single country on the way, in a straight line said the prophet (S.A.W.)

Pray that Allah makes it easy for all our brothers who are fighting against oppression in world weather through physical means or material means.

Mohammed Morsi – “Our Capital Shall Be Jerusalem, Allah Willing”


He Just did give a good description of the Great Deceiver that will come to bring peace… THE WORLD PEACE…

That Will make Everybody to Follow or to be Enemy of The World … PEACE.


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